What's the best selling Windows Phone in France (unofficially)?

No official numbers exist for what WP7 device sells the best in France, but website Monsmartphone.net has done a bit of calculation based on their visitors' preferences. (Our French is a bit rusty, but according to Google Translate, evidently users can customize their homepage to the site--cool idea).

Taking a sample of 1,268 users, which is statistically large, the choices of which smartphone has the most users becomes quite evident. Let's see what they have:

  • Samsung Omnia 7 = 40% of users
  • HTC (Mozart, HD7, Trophy combined) = 44%
  • LG Optimus 7 = 16%

Of course, what is interesting is how one Samsung phone (Omnia 7) can nearly match three from HTC in user share at the site. Heck, even the LG holds it own against the HD7 (16% vs 13%).

Looks like Samsung is playing for keeps in the market though and taking names too.

Source: Monsmartphone; Thanks, Arnaud D., for the link!

Rob Alvarado
  • Can't wait to get my hands on my Optimus 7 to be honest, I just wish it would've been this week, now it looks like I have to wait till sometime next week.
  • Unless all three HTC phones are offered in every market by every carrier, you have to treat them collectively. Sure, a percentage of users will choose a phone based on a specific feature but at least an equal number will choose based on brand. So HTC made the investment to offer three unique phone models and they are outselling the competition, plain and simple, based on this unscientific sampling.