WhatsApp will drop support for Windows Phone 8.0 in December

If you're a WhatsApp user still on Windows Phone 8.0, you may want to start thinking about an upgrade. WhatsApp has announced that it will end support for Windows Phone 8.0 on December 31, 2017 (via Neowin).

Windows Phone 8.0 isn't the only platform that is losing support from WhatsApp at the end of the year; BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S40 are included as well. WhatsApp simply states that you won't be able to use the app after December 31, but it does caution that "some features may stop functioning at any time" because these apps are no longer being actively developed.

This move is likely to affect only a very small group of people, not least because Windows Phone 8.0 is no longer even supported by Microsoft. Fortunately, the app will continue to be supported on Windows 10 Mobile for some time, and Windows Phone 8.1 continues to enjoy support as well.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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