WhatsApp for Windows Phone brings back text statuses with latest update

A fresh update is now available for WhatsApp for Windows Phone, heralding the return of text statuses that WhatsApp promised just last week. The update itself is relatively minor otherwise, but it does contain a slight tweak to the settings menu as well.

WhatsApp Text Status Settings

For a bit of history, when WhatsApp recently introduced its new Snapchat-like Status feature, it had the unfortunate effect of replacing the app's previous text status. After a bit of backlash from users, WhatsApp has added text statuses back — albeit in a slightly different spot. Now, you can set a status or away message by heading to the "Profile" portion of the settings menu and editing the "About" option.

On top of the return of text statuses, the settings menu has also been tweaked slightly. What was once labeled "About" in the main settings menu is now known as "Help." The same information — the FAQ, support information, and version number — are still there, just under a different heading.

If version numbers are of interest, this update moves the app up from version 2.17.88 to 2.17.114. If you're an avid WhatsApp user, you should be able to grab this update from the Windows Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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