For those familiar with 4chan, wondering why there isn't a Windows Phone app is probably not too much of a mystery. For those not familiar with the site, lets just say 4chan is considered to the creepy basement of the internet, the source of almost all memes, the origins of 'Anonymous'  a "wretched hive of scum and villainy". [Seriously, don't go there on your work computer. Save it for home, late at night, when no one is around. Then get the cold-shower ready.]

Having said that, one developer at least attempted to get a 4chan app approved in the marketplace. The image below (you'll have to clock to zoom) shows the hilarious results--basically failing for three violations of "Adult Content/Nudity", one violation of "Violence" and another for "Excessive Profanity". Hurrah!

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Of course, as someone pointed out in comments on Reddit, even iOS has a 4chan app. That's interesting because they too have strict app submission requirements, so how do they get around it? Simple, the iOS app only shows the "safe" parts of 4chan (there really are safe areas, we swear) and the user has the option of manually adding the more saucy sections themselves.

That sounds like a good compromise to our soiled and depraved ears so maybe there is still hope for such an app, yes?

Source: Reddit