Why do you still use your Windows phone?

It's clear that at this point: the only people left using Windows phones are crazy people. I'm a crazy person, and I'm happy to admit that. I absolutely love my Lumia 950 and HP Elite x3, and after using an iPhone 7 for a whole month, I couldn't wait to get back to my beloved Windows phone. But that got me wondering, why do you guys use Windows phone?

I think if I'm asking you guys, I should also explain why I still use Windows phone too. I guess my reasoning extends back to that I like being in Microsoft's ecosystem, however good or bad their software or services may be. I've been a Windows phone fan ever since Windows Mobile 6.5 with the HTC HD2, through Windows Phone 7 with the HTC 7 Mozart, Windows Phone 8 with the Lumia 925 and Windows 10 Mobile with my Lumia 950.

The platform's setbacks, bugs and lack of hardware hasn't ever been an issue for me. Heck, even the lack of apps isn't something I generally care about. I don't use many apps, with Microsoft Edge being sufficient enough for my eBay, Amazon, PayPal and banking needs. Everything else I do on a phone has an app available on Windows phone. Twitter, ReddPlanet for Reddit, myTube for YouTube, Huetro for Hue, Instagram, WhatsApp, Slack, and whatever else.

Admittedly, a few of those apps are third-party apps, but that doesn't mean much to me. In fact, more often than not, the third-party apps are better than their first-party alternatives. That's a fact for the likes of YouTube, with myTube having much more functionality over the official YouTube apps on iOS and Android.

Then there's the Start Screen, which in my opinion is still the best "home screen" experience on any mobile platform right now. I really dislike Android launchers, and the iOS launcher isn't fun at all. I like being able to customize my Start Screen in any way I like, coming up with a different design almost every time. I'm really in love with my current Start Screen, with the layout, colours and tiles looking perfect.

I'm not trying to sugar-coat Windows 10 Mobile, because I know it sucks for most people. But for me, it's everything I want and need from a mobile platform. I know the platform is now more aimed at Enterprise markets rather than consumers, but that doesn't really mean anything to me. At most, it means future hardware will be less consumer-friendly, but apart from that I still get to use my favorite mobile platform without it being "dead" as so many seem to think.

But that's just me, I want to know: why do YOU still choose to use Windows phone? Are you like me, wanting to be apart of Microsoft's ecosystem? Do you like the platform? Or are you someone who foolishly bought into the platform and now can't get out until your phone contract is up? I'll be reading your comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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