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Why do you still use your Windows phone?

It's clear that at this point: the only people left using Windows phones are crazy people. I'm a crazy person, and I'm happy to admit that. I absolutely love my Lumia 950 and HP Elite x3, and after using an iPhone 7 for a whole month, I couldn't wait to get back to my beloved Windows phone. But that got me wondering, why do you guys use Windows phone?

I think if I'm asking you guys, I should also explain why I still use Windows phone too. I guess my reasoning extends back to that I like being in Microsoft's ecosystem, however good or bad their software or services may be. I've been a Windows phone fan ever since Windows Mobile 6.5 with the HTC HD2, through Windows Phone 7 with the HTC 7 Mozart, Windows Phone 8 with the Lumia 925 and Windows 10 Mobile with my Lumia 950.

The platform's setbacks, bugs and lack of hardware hasn't ever been an issue for me. Heck, even the lack of apps isn't something I generally care about. I don't use many apps, with Microsoft Edge being sufficient enough for my eBay, Amazon, PayPal and banking needs. Everything else I do on a phone has an app available on Windows phone. Twitter, ReddPlanet for Reddit, myTube for YouTube, Huetro for Hue, Instagram, WhatsApp, Slack, and whatever else.

Admittedly, a few of those apps are third-party apps, but that doesn't mean much to me. In fact, more often than not, the third-party apps are better than their first-party alternatives. That's a fact for the likes of YouTube, with myTube having much more functionality over the official YouTube apps on iOS and Android.

Then there's the Start Screen, which in my opinion is still the best "home screen" experience on any mobile platform right now. I really dislike Android launchers, and the iOS launcher isn't fun at all. I like being able to customize my Start Screen in any way I like, coming up with a different design almost every time. I'm really in love with my current Start Screen, with the layout, colours and tiles looking perfect.

I'm not trying to sugar-coat Windows 10 Mobile, because I know it sucks for most people. But for me, it's everything I want and need from a mobile platform. I know the platform is now more aimed at Enterprise markets rather than consumers, but that doesn't really mean anything to me. At most, it means future hardware will be less consumer-friendly, but apart from that I still get to use my favorite mobile platform without it being "dead" as so many seem to think.

But that's just me, I want to know: why do YOU still choose to use Windows phone? Are you like me, wanting to be apart of Microsoft's ecosystem? Do you like the platform? Or are you someone who foolishly bought into the platform and now can't get out until your phone contract is up? I'll be reading your comments!

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  • Si, every single day. The Store has the apps I use most frequently and I really like the interface on W10M (dark theme especially).
  • Yes, I can't live without dark theme lol! I tried the light theme for a day and almost had a headache. No way I'm using any phone OS without a dark theme.
  • I use light on a better resolution of 950xl
    Dark on 640xl
  • It's almost the opposite for me. White text on black does that retina burning thing for me. I'll look away and see lines everywhere. To each their own, I suppose!
  • I love my Lumia 810 with Win10!
  • You have W10M on your 810?  I love my 810 - such an underated classic.  How does it perform?  I didn't think the 810 could run W10M - but it is working out for you?
  • W10M on S4+ is decent. Not a speed demon, but it works ok.
  • I use it on all my devices, Desktops, Laptops an Lumia 950. I love it.
  • That's exactly how I feel, plus, the OS is really quick
  • After 20 + years using Nokia phones and then windows phones, I have given up and gone to an Android Galaxy S7. It was a sad day, there were fewer and fewer Apps that worked on a windows phone. The clincher was that the keyboard did not respond to touches. Frequently the wrong letters appeared. It was like the matrix for touching the windows had slipped and many keys did not respond to touch. This cannot be a hardware problem, but I go no joy with any support. The Android phone is not perfect and I am still having Calendar Sync problems, but at least I can now get apps that work like Uber, Waze and my bank app. So it is goodbye Lumia John  
  • @ John GWS
    I experienced some of the same issues you listed.
    It was an extremely sad day for me, too. My eyes were moist.
  • I don't think we have those problems anymore. The keyboard is neater than ever. And there are plenty of apps to get work done.
  • The keyboard on my Lumia 640 is crap with crazy mis-types that drives me crazy. The KB on my 950XL on the other hand is perfect. Depends on the device really.
  • That sounds more like a digitizer issue than OS. I had similar issues with my device, so after troubleshooting it and doing all the usual (& unusual) tests, I finally took it back to the Microsoft Store and they determined it was the digitizer and replaced the phone free of charge. It was less than a year after I purchased it, so they used the manufacturer warranty to replace it and not my Microsoft Assurance (gotta love Microsoft Assurance, best priced insurance that is not a scam). I also confirmed it by testing for similar keyboard issues on multiple other Windows Phone devices I ad at the time (my wife's, and my two kids) all had my older models ... 4 different Lumia models in all ... and all were fine). I've never really heard about keyboard issues since Windows Phone 7 first came out.
  • I beew usuing windows mobiles for years now and I could never change not even to an I phone and costs are no concern for me either
  • I was once a Microsoft loyalist starting all the way back with the Zune in 2006, when I was in High School. I switch over to android and  google ecosystem in May 2016 (about 10 yrs). The problem with Microsoft is that they try so hard to attract new customers by playing catch-up, that their loyalist are now jumping ship. There are so many MS products that  I have been burned on over the years that I final wised up. I will list a few: Zune 60gb (the brick from the 80s), Zune HD (was supposed to rival the iPod touch with games and apps), WP7 (just got 7.8), WP8 (my Lumia 920 never officially updated to W10, just windows insider aka beta), Surface (RT is the future of windows but not receiving windows 10), Surface 2 (RT is the future of windows but not receiving windows 10), MS Band (I went through 3 bc the band kept breaking), and MS Band 2 (I went through 2 bc the band kept breaking). And that’s only like 75% of all consumer hardware they produced in the last decade. Lol. Didn't get the red ring of death for X360 but I heard about it and they also abandoned Kinect for X1.   Microsoft treats their loyalist like beta testers in order to obtain new customers. You don't go from under 10% to under 1% market share in 5 years because you are not obtaining customers. It's because your loyalist are jumping ship. Even continuum is only supported on like 3 phones and has less functionality than a Chromebook. Superbook ( pretty much signed the death certificate on continuum. Chromebook even has more functional and relevant android apps than apps in the MS store. And they have been pushing the Windows Store for years    All the MS apps are on android or are web based apps but their services aren't the greatest either. Onedrive on desktop and Metro is straight trash bc it keeps crashing on my Surface 3 (an MS product). Forced me to switch to google drive. Google hangouts is way more reliable than Skype and its web based (not even an app). I still use the Office desktop apps for work but the web apps are good enough for personal use. Google Docs app pretty much caught up to Office for the average user. Although I have a Chromebook, I still have a desktop that I remote into whenever needed but that has become less and less.    Morale of the story:  M$ stop treating your loyalist like beta testers for the next product and maybe they wouldn't be jumping ship.   Excuse the long post. I'm not trolling just bored at work and figured I share my experiences. And sorry @Dev954 for replying to your post. This was not directed towards you.
  • Just to pose a bit of a contrast ... I "feel" the same way about Google that you do about MS. Not a lot of logic here. But I'm afraid that they will become, or already are, the next big monopoly in personal tech. So I try to send my business elsewhere. And regarding current MS products, I find that I prefer the Windows Mobile UI over iOS. I'm not that familiar with Android so I can't make the same claim there. Because I'm not a big social media user, Win Mobile fits my needs. I really (really!) like Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 and Lenovo laptop. I also have had a good experience with OneDrive, OneNote, and Outlook on my PCs and my wife's iPhone. So I guess you and I are just blind men touching a different part of the elephant! Cheers. Chris
  • I, like you, am not a Google fan. I have had a Gmail account for decades, but it just doesn't integrate into Outlook as far as calendars go as staying within the Microsoft ecosystem. I wonder if a difference is that I come from a corporate user background, raised on desktops, Outlook, Word, and scheduling meetings with people via my Outlook calendar. Windows is comfortable, familiar, and integrates well between devices. Maybe younger people or non-corporate people are used to cobbling disparate systems together and don't mind the way it works. I don't know. I just know when I get an invite from a google or Apple calendar, it doesn't blend into my Windows world as smoothly as from another O365 user.
  • Simply put, the OS.
  • Yes, but a touch of lunacy is also required :) Until some other OS comes up with a replacement for the live tiles I'll try to stay with Windows Mobile. The tiles are sometimes buggy, but for the apps I use most I love being able to glance at the start screen and see all sorts of information. Fortunately for me most of the apps which are missing from the ecosystem are not that big of a deal.
  • What if Microsoft skinned Android with the same UI than Windows Mobile 10, would you move to Android?  After all, every single Microsoft app that has built for Windows 10 Mobile, it also exists on Android.  I'm more cared about the app ecosystem, I love Microsoft as a software company but mobile developers code for iOS and Android, period.  That's why I think Microsoft can make a skin that mimics Windows 10 Mobile and attract more users into Microsoft products, as an example, users in Android that use Microsoft apps can be candidates for subscribing to Office 365, Groove, Xbox Live and other cloud services that also exist outside the smartphone world. Just my 2 cents.
  • I would if Microsoft don't come out with anything. And if it works like Windows Phone
  • You can already do that. After going back and forth, I somewhat tentively jumped from a 950 XL to an LG G5 and immediately added the Launcher10 err launcher. It's pretty damn close to Windows 10 Mobile UI and even has live tiles, so you basically get all the apps and killer UI. I've installed ever MS app I had on my Lumia, inc. Cortana. So far I love it. I'll keep my eye out for the rumored Surface Phone though. :-)
  • I've tried several Windows Phone launchers including Launcher10. It simply looks fake to me. The tiles don't actually rotate in 3D, resizing and resizing tiles is horrible also. I'd rather just use the real deal.
  • Have you tried the Arrow launcher (developed in the Microsoft garage)? It doesn't pretend to be W10, but with vertical scrolling and more intelligent use of left and right scrolling and with a little customisation does a great job of bringing your most useful information to the top level, which is where Live Tiles on W10 (when they're working) scored so well. I don't play games on my phone or use a lot of apps, but all the same Android does offer richer useful functionality than W10P these days, and an infinitely better choice of hardware. I still miss elements of the UI, but I have a better phone experience overall.  
  • Not anymore.  They screwed up that launcher with the last release. Now its just another Android Launcher and is crap.
  • I was using Action 3 launcher but moved to Arrow and I really like it. It isn't power hungry. MS are spending their efforts on apps for Android and IOS and I gave up on my 640XL a year ago.
  • SquareHome2 is the best one, it actually has the same spacing as Windows Mobile. I have also tried others and they seem cheesy or fake. Still SquareHome isn't perfect. It's just the closest I have found that didn't have tons of ads or look cheesy.
  • i did that for awhile but it was junky and you really have to get creative with the tiles/widgets and spacing. its not as easy as it is with w10m. so yes it mostly works but android as an os itself gets very choppy clunky and slow after a few months of use i noticed
  • I think it is more than the skin. The Outlook app on ios and android is horrible next to the Windows Mobile. Groove is more tonight than it's android sibling, skype is more responsive than on android
  • Cortana is better on Windows mobile too. Its the lack of support though from just about every quarter including Microsofts own studios that is the problem. I am afraid I gave up on WM this week as a result of so many companiues dropping support for WM and have switched to the dark side and now use Launcher 10.
  • I would say that Cortana on Android and iOS is downright ugly. Just look at their screenshots in the Google Play / App Store. Here's hoping that the Windows 10 version of Cortana won't go south in terms of design.
  • outlook is miles better on both Android and IOS. Cortana was great on wp8.1 On wm10 is a mediocre crap!
  • Well, since Cortana still don't work in Swedish (while Siri does since way back), Cortana is _not_ something to hold me back from switching...
  • I use android with SquareHome2 skin for the whole Windows Phone live tile thing. Best of both worlds.
  • I tried this launcher after you mentioned it. I like it. I have made it my default and it does feel like wp but with added widgets best of both worlds.
  • For me, yes I think i would jump to Android, but only IF Microsoft made a complete overhaul of it and i could completely wipe Google from the device.
  • To remove Google?  That would be absolutely everything pretty much.
  • There is a Windows Phone skin for Android. I'm using it right now
  • This would be a great solution, but it would never be a windows OS, everything would still be different under the bonnet
  • I agree.  I have a Galaxy S7 Edge, in addition to my Windows phones, and I also installed Launcher 10.   It makes the S7 almost...almost as easy and nice to use as a real Windows phone.  I still switch my sim back to my 950 periodically, though.  As far as I am concerned, Windows still gives the best experience on a phone.  There are only a couple of apps I use that I can't get on Windows, but I would rather have the Windows experience than the apps.
  • This article pretty much summed up all the reasons I still use Windows phone :)
  • Same here. I love that my phone connects to everything.
  • For me as well. The start screen, the twitter app with translate button, my 3rd party Tumblr app, dark theme, my precious Asphalt 8 save that doesn't work with the android version, the storage settings, the 4 seconds shutter speed in Camera if they make it work again.
    Considering I will have to give the L735 to my mom, I will at least have the 5.5 FHD screen and the 3GB of RAM, along with the Helio P10 chipset to make up for the other inconveniences. I wish we had cheaper midranges like this one on Windows
  • Same for me. My family mostly use iPhone & ipad, but for me they appear to be mostly inferior products. For kiddies.
  • Same here, except for the part about being stuck in a contract.
  • Yes, I still use my Lumia Windows Phone and I love it! The image and the sound are the best! When thid one become old I will buy another windows phone! Well, if I can afford it.
  • And how are you going to get a new Windows phone now there are no phones in the market. I have not seen one Windows phone in a shop here in Asia for over 4 months.
  • Same for me too. I had a Lumia 830 and now a 950XL. Great phones, great OS, best experience especially being on Windows ecosystem. I previously had an Android and hope I will never have to go back. And I don't buy Apple's philosophy.
  • I like the Microsoft ecosystem and prefer Windows 10 Mobile to iOS or Android. I've had a Windows phone since the htc HD2, but I fell in love when Windows Phone 7 launched and switched to the htc Trophy as soon as it came out back in 2011. The lack of apps never bothered me, especially now that we're moving into what appears to be a post app world. That said, I am about to switch to an iPhone because despite how much I love it, Windows 10 Mobile is simply too buggy (even on the Lumia 950), performs too poorly, and lacks the features I need from full Windows 10. If they ever start making phones that run full Windows 10 on ARM with continuum I'll come back in a heartbeat.
  • Buggy? My 950XL & ELITE X3 works just fine and no bugs.
  • Then you seem to be in the minority. I've had 6 Windows phones over the last 6 years and every iteration of Windows Phone/Mobile has become less and less stable. The Lumia 950 has even more bugs than my Lumia 640, and that wasn't even supposed to run Windows 10 Mobile. I'm not denying it's a great phone, but the OS is crippling it.
  • Were you on the Insider Preview?  If yes, then there's your answer.  My 950 was pretty darn stable, unfortunately my hands weren't.  I dropped it 3 weeks back and broke the screen.
  • I was on insider previews until I got the 950, and I specifically avoided installing any insider builds on it because I was fed up with bugs, but even my fast ring 640 had less bugs than my consumer build 950.
  • Get out !! We dont like you here ...😁😁
  • I used to have a 950 replaced for the XL is heaps much better
  • I hear you. I've just purchased 950 XL. It was on special and I already have Nexus 5X as work phone, so didn't see a point of having another Android... iPhones, nothing against them, beside that I think they are overpriced. It actually behaves nice - I've expected a bit better battery life, but OK - however, BT is buggy as. I have been using Jabra Tour for my car BT, and it works fine with my old Lumia 920, recent Lumia 830, and Nexus 5X. With Lumia 950 XL, it pairs well initially and works great once I make it work... but I often have to cycle BT "switch" in phone's settings, as turning Jabra on pairs it with any other phone I have/had, but not with 950 XL. It is almost as if BT in phone freezes/switches off, even if settings are showing that it is turned on. Speaking of which, it also doesn't always connect to my FitBit. Again, every other phone/laptop/tablet do, so I cannot even suspect FitBit. There is something wobbly in BT solution for this phone. Could be BT radio, firmware, Win 10 drivers... any or all above... even design flaw... and it seems to be going on for many since the day one. At some point I might try factory reset and redo everything from scratch... but I'm not holding my breath, after all I've read around. It looks like MS has never completely sorted BT issues on both 950 phones. Back to original question. I like Microsoft ecosystem, I use Windows desktop, laptop, tablet... is my default personal email provider, and I also use OneDrive. I also love photography, one of my major hobbies, and while I always have decent camera on me when I plan to shoot, it is good to have as good camera on the phone as possible, because opportunities happen unplanned, too. In addition, I'm very light on apps, even on my Android phone, only basics. Txt, Email, browser, maps, FB, Skype, Viber, weather. A few more, all available on Win Phone and all still reasonably decent. And I love platform, tiles, whole philosophy behind it - I think that basics, foundations are really better than iOS or Android. Sadly, this is probably going to be my last Win Phone. MS is very quiet about Win Phone future, and I've read somewhere that 950 phones have been pulled from some of Microsoft European stores... could be they are quietly shutting them down.
  • BT was recently hugely improved in Slow ring.  However, that said, my headsets, Motorola and most often Plantronics, as well as both Toyota's (Camry and RAV4) paired with my Icon perfectly.  I know Jabra is top notch.  I'm simply trying to highlight that many headsets and cars are pairing up well with Win Mobile.
  • Thanks for the tip. I have another BT sitting around, though it is one of those on-ear thingies which I'm not as fond of... but if it works, fine. Sure, I would be really surprised if not a single one BT works as advertised - they would not release phones with such a shortfall, good old Microsoft... what is a bit troubling is that I have seen something like this from MS already. Dock for Surface Pro 4 is very selective about monitors that will work with it. Many models from different brands will flicker or not detect at all. But with that, at least, a simple solution in form of cheap active DisplayPort adapter is available. Still, it looks as if MS's testing department is a bit too relaxed. If my spare BT also fools around, I'll give insider a go. 
  • ​OK, thanks for the tip. I have spare BT I was planning to try (though it cannot connect to 2 phones simultaneously) but if it works, fine. I don't need BT often for my personal phone. If that doesn't work, I'll try Insider.
  • Too bad the hub-centric philosophy has been long cut, starting with Windows Phone 8.1. Now, it is like a lost child in terms of philosophy; it is no longer a hub-centric platform, and it is very weak as an app-centric platform.
  • I know what you are saying, but I still prefer Windows to Android. Tiles, Cortana offering to read txt messages over BT as they arive, maps for whole countries downloaded and available offline... little and not so little things like that. I'm always light on apps - even on my work Android phone - so I'm lucky that Windows apps shortage doesn't really hurt me; all I use is available and behaving nice. Besides BT, presently.
  • I've got the similair BT problem. But on my tablet vs it's keyboard... On my 930 it works as expected though...
  • My only windows phone has been the 640 series. It has been super stable. I haven't hardly noticed the problems everyone else talks about except for the constant webpage reloading issue that baffles me hasn't been fixed yet. I'm on the slow ring. I love the interface to the point I don't even use my Asus transformer anymore unless I absolutely have to. (chromecast) You reminded me of my favorite feature of windows phone, and specifically, the 640.    Price.       My 2 year old broke my wife's screen. New screen = $36.00. New phone t-mobile prepaid at walmart = $29.99. For less than a new screen I could get a backup handset, backup case, and backup battery. Seeing the demise of the 640 I bought another just in case. So now I have two backup batteries and one more screen in case we break another one. (sturdy for sure, we should have broken more screens the way we treat phones.) I've since upgraded to the 640XL for the camera and I really can't see what else I need in a phone. Paid $89.00 on Ebay. To me, everything else is just first thirty days features aside from windows hello. Cool when you buy it. Never used after a few weeks. I'm sure my 640XL will hold me over into Windows next attempt at phones. Just not sure i can stomach the price where I expect i'll have to pay $200.00+ for a phone.
  • I just "upgraded" to a new (but outdated) non-LTE 640XL on ebay for $79  just to see if I liked the bigger screen. I really like the screen size and while mobile, the traffic data and internet radio data works fine. All other times I'm on wifi anyway. At this point I wish I would have got the LTE version. But uneccessary frugality won the day. I went backwards from the 5 inch 650.
  • Damn brotha! I must be because I have absolutely no issues.
  • You have to shut the phone off once a day or at least every two days and restart it. Just like any phone. Or get off the insider program. Once I did my L730 and L650 work fine .
  • Absolutely agree. The more updates my L950 gets, the more buggy and unstable Microsoft makes it.
  • Hanley, I bought an unlocked L950 for $260 through Amazon and have been getting the insider fast builds. This is my daily driver and I can honestly recommend the OS because of it's stability.
  • Which ring are you on?  I have the same phone, and I'm starting to chomp at the bit for the Creators Update...
  • I'm not sure that he's the minority.  I run Windows 10 on my Icon and it is as stable and as quick as 8.1 was.  Battery is fine (I get a full day with average usage).  
  • Same for my Icon.  I'm using slow ring insider, but it's quite fast and battery is great
  • My friend just recently updated his 930 to w10m, and he was amazed how much smoother it is to use
  • My 950 is amazing! Smooth as a baby's bottom. No problems here whatsoever! This is my second 950, due to the fact that i had screen burn, but other than that its been great!
  • I also have a Lumina 950 that is stable. Mine is in W10M Release Preview ring. While not as bug free as my old iPhone 4, it's now more stable than my last Android phone and good enough to be my daily driver. What source do you have for concluding that we're in the minority? Note that bad batteries have turned out to be a major cause of problems for many Lumina 950 users now that W10M is much more stable.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by the Lumia 640 wasn't even supposed to run Windows 10 Mobile, because that model did indeed make the cut.
  • I also have a Microsoft Lumia 950XL and a Nokia Lumia 1520 and both work great! I love the OS.
  • My Lumia 1520 runs better than my 950 especially the camera I love both though I just wish att had offered the xl and I run fast insider with less problems than most androids. My only complaint is my 950 will trip sometimes when I take too many photos too soon and save to my sd card which is about 4 yrs old now.
  • I wish I could say the same my At@T L1520 has been unstable on fast ring or even slow ring. Apps will force close, battery drains fast, when the phone gets around to 25 percent it will shut. The screen jitters and I have to turn screen of the on to get it working right. That's the only problems I have at this moment.
  • I don't experience bugs very often on my 950 XL, just the phone occasionally restarts itself for no reason, sometimes while I'm not even using it. It's much less often now though.
  • I've got a L735. No issues here.
  • I love my Lumia 735 a lot, though I broke my Qi enabled battery cover and currently using a bland 730 one. Its quite an amazing phone. Win 10 runs like Bolt on it , 4G is super fast. I just wish that it was as sleek as my other love, the Lumia 720 ! I had to revert to Win 8.1 on my Lumia 720 coz win 10 was way too slow and hence excruciating to use.
  • My. Lumia 735 has been rock solid, never missed a beat. Love the smooth UI. All in all it just works.
  • What is it about full windows on a phone that appeals to you?
  • Certificate based encryption, ability to run full Microsoft Office in continuum, better network settings, folder (not just individual file) syncing to local storage, more support developer, the list is basically endless. The Onedrive syncing of entire folders is huge for me. I need to be able to access about 30 GB of documents at any given time and my office is a Faraday cage, so offline storage is the only way to access them.
  • And a phone with windows would be your ideal solution? Instead of a laptop or other device I mean. I don't see the usefulness of it so I'm interested in why other people seem so enthused for it.
  • I already have a Surface and a but the promise of having a phone that I can just drop into a dock or rest on a wireless charger while wirelessly connected to a desktop set up would still be much preferred. In short I don't want a desktop, a laptop, and a phone. I want a phone that can be everything. Except for a gaming machine obviously, I have a desktop at home for that.
  • I'm with you on this.
    If they can make continuum support output to two monitors, I'll be heaven!
  • I use mine also for geocaching. Haven't seen any laptops, nor Surface with GPS (yet...)...
  • Can I make a sugestion? Download the Microsoft recovery tool and make easily a clean installation of WP or WM in your phone. Impressively fast, bugless and smooth running.
  • I have, 4 times. Sometimes it had fewer bugs, sometimes more. It makes no sense. It's not even on an insider build.
  • I agree with you still to buggy on my L950 too. Edge not displaying text properly, spell suggestions in some programs not working, copy&past most of the time not working properly, What´s new in People app not working. I was very happy with my L1020 and Windows mobile 8.5 until Skype stopped working. If things will not improve in the near future I see my self forced to move over to Android.
  • This article is not complete without a link to this legendary forum thread:  
  • Please continue supporting the platform.
  • +1 crazy guy
  • +950XL
  • My first smart phone was dell venue pro, love the smoothness and windows is. I have 1020 now got the past 2 yrs. love the camera, hate that there aren't apps available anymore, have an Apple iPhone but still haven't switched, I'm partial to my Nokia Lumia
  • I wish I was using my Lumia 950. But somebody stole it and now I'm stuck with my spare Android 🙃 even though the OnePlus 3 is a great phone I would be MUCH happier running Windows 10 Mobile on it
  • Lies, you'd be much happier using both😉
  • I'd look on E-Bay.  There are lots of good deals on all storts of brand new Windows Phones.
  • He might even find his phone there.
  • Live tiles. Pretty much the Start screen. It makes so much more sense to me psychologically than the Grid of Icons. IOS is deeply off putting in this regard. The closest I've found so far that strikes a chord with me is, incidentally, Microsoft's Arrow launcher on Android. If i had to, I'd switch to Android with Arrow. But I'm borderline angsty over giving up my wonderful, dynamic live tiles. 😁
  • Good on ya pal 😁👍
  • Dynamic? Live Tiles are randomly flashing bits of information with no interactivity, limited customization and certainly are not dynamic. They are all the same! Live Tiles and the rigid UI is what caused Windows phones to fail. Every product that has been based on them has failed! Even Windows 8 was widely hated because of that UI. So much so, Microsoft skipped a whole version number just to distance itself from it!
  • Windows phones use to have 45% market share until they started screwing up everything. They were way too quick to abandon their hardware.  Zune was way better than ipod and people were screaming for year for them to make zune into the windows phone OS and they screwed that up.
  • What an out right lie. Microsoft skipped a version number so things would get the slightest bit confused with Windows 95/98. I will just assume most everything else bleached has to say is a lie too.
  • Because I'm a glutton for punishment hahaha also, not a fan of the other two options....but the constant updates for W10 that fixes things and breaks others at the same time is getting really annoying. Don't want to jump ship but...
  • As a developer myself, I can't put up with the inconsistencies of the overall experience anymore -- not after almost a year and a half. I'm to the point where I want something that works. Devs keep bailing on supporting their own apps, and bugs that have existed since day one never get fixed. I hope Microsoft gets it together. Just burnt out on waiting for it to happen. The start menu alone isn't enough to keep me invested any longer 😢
  • As a developer as well, i don't release my apps until i feel they're ready. I also use my own apps everyday, so i have to put up with whatever issues (if any) that my users would have to deal with. Big companies don't give a flying crap and i assume their devs don't do this. If they did.... We'd have a lot less issues and much more polished apps in our store.   The only app i've abandoned is one that i was developing for a non-profit. My point of contact didn't/doens't have the courtesy to reply to emails or phone calls. Might i add that i was doing free work for them, so.....   Love the platform, love the ecosystem, blah blah blah. I'm still sticking around.   I'm also on the verge of writing an SDK this summer for a company in NY because they "can't find the time" to make one for Windows.
  • Are you on the Insider Preview?  I don't understand why people complain about bugs when they're on alpha/beta software.
  • I'm not complaining that bugs exist, I'm complaining that the same bugs exist and the overall consistency of the experience has not improved. They struggle to get basic stability and functionality to work right -- to this day my Bluetooth headphones still cut out and disconnect randomly, and no, it's not the three pairs of headphones I've purchased hoping to resolve the issue -- what hope do i ever have of new features and functionality to work correctly? Heck GATT has been in the works for well over a year, and still no word on Fitbit being able to beta test the feature. At some point i have to call my irrational hope what it is. Insanity. So i hope to keep my 950, keep providing feedback, and hope that making a quality mobile experience will someday be a priority to Microsoft. Until then I'm moving on and am done waiting around.
  • This. Can't get a consistent BT audio stream out of it, whilst the iOS and Android devices work just fine.
  • i stream over bluetooth all the time. admittedly bluetooth had been a disaster for me on the insider program, but that was awhile ago, so i'm hoping its gotten better. but my bluetooth has been fine. are you sure you don't just have a faulty bluetooth chip or something?
  • Possibly, but MS never attempted to admit fault or offer to fix/replace my device, which lead me to believe it's a design flaw with the 950 or a low priory issue with the OS's Bluetooth stack. Haven't gone back to my 1520 to compare.
  • BT is much better on very recent/latest fast ring build on my 950xl. Best phone I've ever used. I've been on most phone versions since the begining.
  • Sorry but I'm not seeing this on my L730 or L650. My wife uses her Bluetooth speaker all the time with her L650 and has no problem. If she did I would hear about, believe me.
  • I wasn't on the Preview but SMS messaging regularly crashed requiring a reboot and about twice a day I'd find the phone had decided a perfectly valid WiFi connection wasn't on the Internet and started using my mobile data, which is metered. It was those bugs, over the entire time I was on WM10, that finally drove me to Android. 950xl, 950 and Elite x3 all showed the same issues. For over a year. Not acceptable.
  • Yeah SMS is crazy, I wish Skype in it would have worked out
  • SMS has never crashed on me.  I only send a moderate amount of texts, but it has never crashed and recovery has restored any lost messages when I had to wipe the device.  I know that doesn't fix you having a problem, but something about your device is not like mine for sure. (Icon)
  • Maybe you should have just did a hard reset of the phone and stop watching pornos on it.
  • I did a hard reset, also used the Windows Device Tool, no good. It's buggy. Or were you too busy watching pornos to notice?
  • Could be since my wife is 7 months pregnant but my L650 ain't bugging out.
  • My brand new 650 had this issue. No need for the snide comment.
  • Well bought my wife and I have a L650 and neither of us have had any problems. I have a L730 too and it works just fine.
  • Same here third party apps work wonders usually better than 1st party unless 1st bans it. That's my biggest gripe is that its not that windows phone os won't handle it its that's devs are lazy and in google and ios pockets they ignore us. I love my home screen just one glance I see any and everything. Speed was always top on my list and ecosystem is great I can go to my surface and pick up where I left off. I'm not an app gamer so I don't care about that. I got a surface and Xbox one. Blue stacks helps me if I just wanna test an app. Cortana is my love and integration with third party apps has been waaay more advanced even since day 1 Cortana can DO more for u than other assistants. Hey dj, was one of the first to help me recognize how great that feature can be.
  • I remember Hey Dj!  That was one of the first apps that I purchased after a trial.
  • The way it combines a minimal look with customization, along with so much personality, I really can't see myself ever saying good bye to the platform altogether. It's still my most idealistic phone aesthetic, inside and out. iOS with no customization is hard, Android is very varied. I use them too though, but it's so nice to look at my Windows Phone. My only gripe is the lack of smaller phones with nice battery life. That's the only thing that stops me from using my 950 (battery life more so than size) full time.  If there was a smaller phone with good battery life, I would be okay with putting my other phones down. 
  • What are you on about ?? There are soo many Lumia phones of all sizes !
  • When was the last 5 inch Lumia released running with Windows 10 mobile?...and has good battery life?
  • I think lumia 550 is good enough...
  • Dat UI Tho!!! For real though, I will not give my privacy to Google and I will not pay the for the privlidge of Apple.
  • I simply prefer a information first OS over an app based, plus simply put I trust Microsoft over Google for data security and I don't like Apple's our way or no way.  I use my phone as a business tool, so apps are relatively meaningless to me but I like the integration of desktop/mobile for notifications and others like Cortana. Simply put Win 10 mobile just gets out of the way for day-to-day use, which Android and iOS don't. Plus Win 10 mobile works surprisingly well on a Lumia 930 which I use as a daily driver.
  • You must not be doing much business travel.
  • my phone is awesome on travel. what's the problem with windows 10 mobile on travel? continuum works wonders on travel. i can have a pc-like experience without having to pack a laptop. sometimes i'll have my surface with me and never even have to take it out.
  • You check in to your flight, choose your seat, have your boarding pass added to your phone's wallet, get updated for delays, use inflight entertainment, buy train tickets, open your hotel room door with your phone? No-  this experience all needs to be pieced together with edge, Cortana, PDF files, shortcuts, pinned items, oneDrive folders, etc. It is completely seamless on iOS and android. Much less friction.  In fact, this is the only use case ( plus Bluetooth reliability) that has me on alternative platforms.
  • what one app does all of that on ios or android?
    Edit: "edge, Cortana, PDF files, shortcuts, pinned items, oneDrive folders, etc." - your duplicated steps to make it sound like more. Edge handles PDFs. Shortcuts & pinned items? They're different? Moreover, even if those things are that seamless, its far from a hassle without *any* phone, let alone saying, "you must not be doing much business travel." you're probably saving a handful of minutes every trip. Seems like somebody likes to exaggerate.
  •  It isn't "one app." It is a series of apps that have been improved over time (still evolving!), leveraging the mobile platform paradigms (notifications, wallets, NFC, location services, etc).  In many cases, apps work with one another and are even aware of activities happening within the platform. It's what a mature mobile ecosystem looks like. In other words, exactly the opposite of W10M in line with the original vision of Windows Phone.
  • nothing you said still means its apparently such a travesty to travel with windows 10 mobile. someone likes to hear themselves speak i think. "leveraging the mobile platform paradigms"? plus, who creates two windows central accounts? or did you change your name in the middle of this?
  • Very specific problem here... The airline I usually travel on (Qantas) has never updated their app. Boarding passes always fail, their mobile website struggles on edge for some reason and my ff details never update. Means I'm still relegated to paper boarding passes or screenshots.
  • That's basically the whole story here. W10M is basically email and a browser in your pocket. The apps are a wasteland, and  travel and other use cases that are rife with inefficiency have massively improved experiences with mobile apps. That's where W10M falls apart.
  • yup, absolute wasteland. everyone that's still using it is obviously just sitting on their thumbs using only email and a browser. i get that the app gap exists for people. but that doesn't mean it exists for everyone. "durr, it doesn't have the few apps i use, OH EM GEE its a wasteland!!"  seriously. that's you. that's what you sound like. /s i've never had any problems traveling. the inefficiencies you speak of are imagined. ugh, i gotta open my door with a card? goodness gracious me, how ever will i survive. so yeah, maybe your experience is better, but if you can't handle life if you someone hands you a card for your hotel room, i think you have other problems you need to work on instead of worrying about which mobile OS is better. if you like something better than Windows 10 Mobile, that's your perogative. But to tell people that they obviously don't know what they're doing? that makes you an *******.
  • I was just on a Southwest flight. Their in flight experience is strictly through their mobile app. Same for American and United. Tell me again how you would do this with a Windows mobile device? Oh that's right, you prefer paper. Old-school. A magazine. 
  • um, i just watch movies on my surface or read a book on my kindle voyage? why would i watch something on a phone? Edit: umm, according to southwest flight's you can also control the inflight experience with a windows or osx laptop... sooooo, i'd be fine with my surface. i'd prefer that experience over a small phone anyway, even if i did have an android device.
  • What? I use Southwest's mobile app on my 950 all the time.
  • use Tripit Pro!
  • My business is travelling, I spend most of my time in a car getting to and from clients for contracts. So yes, it's ideal when Cortana can read out text messages or answer the voice with a voice command.
  • Yes Windows 10 Mobile gets things done.
  • Highly agreed
  • Information first?! If you want information on your homescreen, it is hard to beat fully functional widgets. Gimped widgets ("Live Tiles") don't come close. You can't scroll through your messages or emails, can't access them directly, no music controls or any interactivitiy at all. They really are a poor choice if you want an information packed home screen. Why you need that when notifications more than cover it, is what I really don't understand.
  • Because notifications just don't work when you're travelling at 70mph down the road. I can glance at the screen and decide if it's important enough to pull over. Music controls are built into Bluetooth, ICE and/or inline cord.
  • There are bunch of ways to easily see notifications without touching the phone. Live Tiles are probably the worst solution in that case!
  • You're making assumptions of how I work and what I do. I used a Samsung S6 last year for 4 weeks and it was the worst phone I used, even after extensive configuration (without rooting it) and testing. There was too many minor niggles a few major gotchas that I just couldn't live with. At the end of the day the 930 has a better battery life under Win 10 mobile and is more secure. The only other phone that I'd trust with security is the iPhone and that's feature castrated to lock you into Apple's Eco-System.
  • My Lumia 950 does everything I need it to do and I prefer the Microsoft ecosystem.  I will stay Windows Mobile for as long as it works. I will never use an iPhone and would rather not deal with anything Android.
  • Me too!
    ​I have had several PocketPCs, HTC7, Lumia 520, 635 Dual-Sim, 640 (great phone!), and now a 950XL I bought two weeks ago.
    ​As a developer, I have tried Android, but they simply make development too difficult compared with Windows Phone, likewise iPhone.
    ​I have developed several Windows Phone apps, some for sale and some for my own use, and (in relative terms) it is a breeze compared with Android and iOS. As a user, the Windows user experience is streets ahead of the other two major players. It was clearly brought to fruition by designers, not by nerds!
  • My first smartphone was nokia Lumia 520.Now using Lumia 730,long live windows mobile and windows central
  • The start screen mainly. It's hands down the best most intelligent UI on a phone.
  • I came for Nokia, stayed for OS, persevered for hatred of google and apple offerings, waited for Surface Phone...
  • Pretty much same here
  • Don't you mean, "waiting for Surface Phone..."?
  • I wrote it all as past tense 😁 but yes, I'm definitely still waiting
  • Same here, man same here...
  • Im not a trend follower.
  • I am using Android, I really like Windows Mobile but things like maps, phone call, sms, unlocking the screen should work flawlessly and was not the case with my 950s. Let alone app of phone company, public transports and bank missing. So I switched, but cannot wait the day Microsoft will give me a reason to come back.
  • Stay with crapdroid !
  • I absolutely hate apple and android phones! Ask CIA how many Windows phone they got into!
  • I absolutely hate apple and android phones! Ask CIA how many Windows phone they got into! I'm glad someone else also noticed that...  
  • just love the tiles and the way windows mobile works
  • I use it because of what use to be the best OS UI out there. But the non stop instability of Windows 10 Mobile is starting to wear me down. Couple that with how slow they are to fix issues, plus some huge issues that have now been here for two years, and it is becoming extremely trying.
  • Just curious, what is the huge issue that have been around for two years?
  • Yeah me too, what huge issues?
  • No problem. There a re a bunch, but I'll name a few. •The keyboard will not work if I am in a landscape orienated app and I get a text. If I pull the notification bar down, select to replay to that text, no keyboard will show up. I have to completely kill the app. •Often, it is impossible to wake my 950 XL •the camera seems fine 90% of the time, but I often get where the camera will flash and execute the shutter noise. I'll hold the phone down to look at the photo, and it will be of my feet because the actual photo was taken two seconds later. •Saved pictures, screenshots, and taken photos sometimes dont show up in the photo app for as long as half an hour. •After about 60-90 the phone always becomes sluggish and can only be fixed with a hard reset
    •The flow keyboard is flawless in portrait mode. In landscape mode, the accuracy is horribly off There are so many more issues, but id like to add that these all occur on both my 1520,my 950XL and my friends 950XL (as well as my 950XL having being returned once to 'supposably' deal with the inevitable sluggishness that occurs over time). Dont get me wrong. The concept of Windows 10 Mobile is great. Windows 10 runs like a beats on my Surface Book. But as I have heard so many other people say, if they required the builders of Windows 10 Mobile to use a Windows 10 Mobile phone as their daily user, they would notice all of these small hiccups and take care of them. Its obvious that they dont use these Phones or things like not being able to use the notification center to reply to a text when you are in a landscape app would have been fixed a year ago.
  • Wow you do have it bad, the only problem I ever encounter is the slow to wake maybe a couple of times a month, a restart fixes it.    
  • One reason: Productivity NO need to open many apps, just a glance at the start screen and I know from whom I have received an email, the last update on Instagram, the last article in WSJ or WC (yup, you guys). The ability to pin profiles from Twitter, Whatsapp, OneNote really speed things up. I honestly can't move from my comfy 830 that really flyes with W10M
  • Microsoft Ecosystem
    Live Tiles
    Zeiss Lens and Pureview tech
    Groove Music
    Insider Program 
  • 1. No ads. 2. UI. 3. Start screen. 4. OS. 5. Eco system.
  •   Completely agree. The ecosystem is so seamless, especially with OneDrive. The live tiles are so much more informative than anything Apple or Android can offer. I bought a 950XL for Continuum (AGONIZED for that or the HP ELite X3), but have yet to try it. I have absolutely no issues with the camera. To tell the truth, I liked Zune over Groove initially, but the updates have made it a better experience. And the Insider Program has kept it up to date, with a bare minimum of bugs - so far, the experience has been very good. I started with Windows Phone at the get-go, and I think the Enterprise/Productivity slant is what will make Windows for Mobile stand out. Also, I can't wait to pull out my Westworld-like Surface Phone and watch the iPhone users eyes bug out... :P
  • you summed it up perfectly!  but missed 1 important fact... SECURITY should be #6 I can download and install app/game and not worry about security like on sh!tdroid      I just got a sh!tdroid phone and I am shocked and annoyed at all the ads and crapware that comes with all these apps! let alone they want access to my contacts,  emails and camera and gps and mic ect ect  
  • You're right, the Closed Source(ness) of Windows 10 as a whole.
  • I'm a fan. Love the UI. Lack of apps? I got what I need. And I love it when the photo's are better or that I can modify a PowerPoint file.....
  • In all fairness, the latest Galaxy/Iphones have caught up in camera tech.  And Office is available on both platforms.  The UI is indeed much better on Windows though.
  • Office is a Microsoft product so be grateful !
  • I am fully on board with MS products.  I am a .Net developer and think they have a great ... start with the WPM.  I would love it if they would be able to get the reality of "Nokia Morph​" and that would make people flock to WPM.  I had a iPhone 3Gs back in the day and yes, IMHO Apple has one product sold in 100 different form factors.  If we could go back in time, say late 1999, I would ***** slap the people at Microsoft who created the Compact PC and the Tablet PCs I used and say "WTF"  Get some marketing.  Nearly 8 years before the iPhone and a decade before tablets.  Damn.     
  • Ain't it though. Time travel.... Hmmmmm
  • I use it for 2 main reason. Xbox app and Office.
  • I simply fell in love with it the first time it was demonstrated. Still loving it and my 950 XL.
  • I hate iPhone and anything Google so here I am. Give me an alternative and I would consider it, but I do like my 1020. Wireless charging, glance, double tap to wake, and the killer camera.
  • Blackberry BB10 and Window Phone are the most secure mobile telephone platforms out there. In reality most people use 20 or fewer apps on a daily basis unless you really need to find a Starbucks in Mongolia. As long as those 20 or so apps work really well, then the rest of the app ecosystem is just window dressing. That is why you can hold onto a Windows Phone for a long time or a Blackberry too. They are also great bargains on Ebay by virtue of being unpopular.
  • I don't even use 10 apps on a daily basis.
  • You don't need an app to find Starbucks. Just ask Cortana. And I've been to Mongolia, there are no Starbucks there.
  • 20 apps? Most people dont use more than 5-7 apps everyday.
  • Why do I use a Windows phone? Simple. It does the necessary basics, phone, email, text, calendar, like all smart phones do. The rest, well, it's just fun. I like being part of the insider community. I like getting the updates. I like when cool new features are added. It's just fun for me to watch the OS develop. I'm sure iOS and Android are more polished. My wife was a long time iPhone user and most recently switched to Android, so I have some experience with both. Yes, they are more polished bit they are boring. I don't like boring. For me, windows is fun.
  • There are somethings that my Lumia 950 hands down just does better and more efficient than my iPhone 7. In all honesty I can't not use Windows Phone.
  • My first phone with Windows OS was the Motorola MPX-200, then an i-Mate K-Jam, HTC TyTn II, HTC Surrond, Nokia 920, Nokia 1020, and now the Microsoft 950XL. Why should I abandon a plataform that I like so much, the main benefits as still there. Instead of cable sync we now have over the air. I just wish there was more commitment from companies with UWP apps. But this is not a problem for the mobile side only.
  • Wow, you went waaaaay back.  My first Windows phone was an HTC Dash.
  • Nicely stated. I do want to call out for all of it's short cummings the web treats w10m like a desktop os giving you access to things iOS often can not access in the business space and instead requires an app. Additionally I like the app list because a lot of times I remember the name of an app and not where it is so the apps lis. Lastly Cortana is much better than siri and does things google assistant still can not do and having her and the apps across Xbox,phone and pc lower the learning curve for new features. An example would be android settings,chrome, chrome book or apple preferences on osx vs iOS, tvOs etc. Vs on pc,Xbox and phone. And for apps or Cortana that connection between the devices becomes more evident. I'm actually of the mind that ten mobile be it in its current form, windows on arm or something else entirely is the end game. So I'm in it for the ride. And if hp and others keep supplying devices then I'll keep buying them. And one day when Ms is ready....they will make a Surface "like" commitment to the mobile form factor. But not before Windows is ready...and not make the Lumia 950 mistake again. Sorry this is badly edited. I used Cortana in the car.
  • Nicely stated. I do want to call out for all of it's short cummings the web treats w10m like a desktop os giving you access to things iOS often can not access in the business space and instead requires an app. Additionally I like the app list because a lot of times I remember the name of an app and not where it is so the apps lis. Lastly Cortana is much better than siri and does things google assistant still can not do and having her and the apps across Xbox,phone and pc lower the learning curve for new features. An example would be android settings,chrome, chrome book or apple preferences on osx vs iOS, tvOs etc. Vs on pc,Xbox and phone. And for apps or Cortana that connection between the devices becomes more evident. I'm actually of the mind that ten mobile be it in its current form, windows on arm or something else entirely is the end game. So I'm in it for the ride. And if hp and others keep supplying devices then I'll keep buying them. And one day when Ms is ready....they will make a Surface "like" commitment to the mobile form factor. But not before Windows is ready...and not make the Lumia 950 mistake again. Sorry this is badly edited. I used Cortana in the car.
  • I like to suffer? Or, it still meets my limited needs and gets me through the day. It sucks when the things you want to succeed fail, but that's the way things go sometimes. I've had my 920 since March 2013, but I think I will be jumping ship soon, or rather, getting on a ship at all.
  • You're still rocking the 920?????  Wow man, that's some commitment there.  That thing was a brick.  I've had two other phones since my 920.  I think you'll find upgrading to a new W10M device will make you wonder why you waited so long.  
  • I still have my March 2013 Lumia 720, though my daily driver now is the Lumia 735. I also own a Lumia 830.
  • Oh, the 830 was a beauty.  Never had one, but wanted one.  That was way back when the carriers actually put windows phones front and center.
  • I've been using the 830 for close to a year now, really great well-rounded phone with just two weaknesses in my opinion; weak front cam and mediocre chipset. It is really cheap in Asia now at about 150 USD and is quite the bang for the buck at that price.
  • $150 will buy you a really great one these days. The L830 can't compete.
  • Firstly I love being a Windows Insider. Secondly, it has all the apps I need and use. Finally soomth OS and I love it. (I used iOS9 and Android 6.0)
  • I have to admit that a big reason is that I can't afford to just go out and buy a new phone, when what I have works fine. But my son recently had to switch, because his school uses a couple apps that don't exist on the Windows platform. After helping him set up his Android, though, it's helped me realize Windows' strengths, at least in features we've come to depend on in our family. Two off the top of my head. We use our Live (or or whatever the official designation is) calendars and share them with each other, and the Calendar app manages them effortlessly. But getting the Droid's calendar app connected to his Microsoft account wasn't entirely intuitive (had to use the Exchange ActiveSync account type, and had to copy the server address from my Windows Phone's settings), and the shared calendars aren't even showing up. Then we ran into an issue with storage. Windows has the easy feature of telling it to use an SD card for apps and storage, but we couldn't find an easy switch in Android. We did find the option to move an app after it's been installed, but only a few of his apps even allowed that -- and, of course, it was for some of the big space-hungry apps that Android didn't show the "move" option.. (After some googling, I guess you can have it format and use the SD card as an extension of internal storage? But then it's impossible to remove or replace the card without completely resetting the phone?) He likes being able to play Pokémon Go, but he does miss his Windows Phone already.
  • Also wanted to call out the car OS Audi showed off. I'm sure it too is a version of mobile since it's NVidia powered.
  • I have a Lumia 640 as my daily driver and another as a backup in case it breaks. Got each for $30. I love the UI and don't use many apps. The signal and voice quality at my apartment are better than the Android phones I have had in the past. I appreciate the look of Windows 10 Mobile and the organization of Settings. Once in a while I would like to play with an app I have seen talked about and is not available on WinPhone, but the apps I have seem to be the ones I actually need.
  • It does what I want it to and I love developing for it much more than iOS or Android.
  • I love my Lumia 950XL with Windows Phone phone has more potential than IOS n android.. Only thing lack of some good apps
  • I stay with Windows Mobile because I like the start screen with live tile. I tried an Android phone for a weekend and came back to my Lumia 640.
  • I echo pretty much everything you said in the article. I'm never too far away from a desktop or tablet, so I'm not an obseffsive phone person and have yet to find that one app I simply can't live without. I've only switched to W10M from WP8.1 within the past few months, but like the overall integration with all devices. And that start screen.... <3
  • Love having all my devices within the same ecosystem and Microsoft's preferably. Love the ease of the OS and the simplicity of management from one device to another. Live tiles and Cortana, nuff said. I don't use many apps so that is not too much of an issue although I would like banking apps and a new Onstar app.  Don't like the restrictiveness of iOS and just plain do not like anything Google as I have divested myself entirely from them.
  • +1, 950XL, buggy a little, running fast ring, but prefered to iOS even like this. Droid is out of question for me, by now I just simply don't like it. And I just love the OS, plus having the same platform on all my devices is best.
  • You might want to consider switching to the production version.  Less buggy.  It was cool when we were all on 8 and excited to see what 10 would bring but I don't see the point now.
  • I have a 950 XL too, but have not had any buggy issues at all
  • Android is to cartoonish and settings everywhere. iOS is to static and is almost the same since launch. I will definitely keep going with Windows OS on my phone!😎
  • I am a CEO of a Health IT Outsourcing Company.  Windows Mobile is the only "Enterprise Ready" mobile OS, thus the reason I use it.
  • Ditto
  • Because I believe in Microsoft's philosophy and ethics. Also, because of live tiles, general design and security.
  • For reasons I don't understand yet
  • Hmm, I guess I'm one of those crazy people after all. What I liked about Win10Mobile is also the Start Screen and the "uniqueness" of the OS itself. Also, I loved the fact that I can readily access Office files from my phone and work from there when I don't have my laptop. I do have some gripes about the OS but I'm sure that I won't ditch my Lumia 950 XL in the near future (unless, there's a new Win10M device that's at least non-enterprise-centric)
  • I wouuld switch my L950 to a mid-range device < 4,7". Lumia 820 for me is still the best mobile device ever made (might even outrank the Nokia 3310).
  • It started with Windows Mobile 6.0 on a HTC p3400i. And I still love the OS. But i think its time i get practical and get myself an android phone as my 2nd device. Tired of letting Microsoft change my preferences.
  • I just love Microsoft. With everything you love, you have to accept the good and the bad.
  • I like the start screen, the whole UI is smooth and intuitive. I have used all mobile OS offerings over the last 10+ years and I am happiest with W10M. I also see the future in what Microsoft is trying to accomplish overall and I think it's definitely the best future to invest in.
  • I'm still on Windows Phone because I really like the OS. I really like the fluidity of the UI. I really like the comparatively simple settings. And I really like the customization. I like using Edge on both the phone and PC. It's fast. And I've never cared for add-ons and extensions. That being said... I got the Lumia 950 in Jan. of 2016 on AT&T with a 2-year contract. This will be my last Windows Phone. I plan on getting an Android next year. I don't care for social apps because I'm not very social but I do want the latest updates to IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I do want Snapchat. I know we've got good official apps on WP but they're still not as up-to-date as on iOS or Android. They take a while to get updated, especially Twitter who seems to update their WP app once a year. I still plan on staying in the Microsoft ecosystem. They do have apps on Android. The main ones I use are Groove Music, OneDrive, and OneNote. If anything, I expect to miss the customization on WP. I understand Android is EXTREMELY customizable but it won't look as clean as WP. If Windows Mobile is going to be for enterprise, then I am ready to switch OSes, but not ecosystems.
  • I go all the way back to PocketPC 2002.  And have used every version since then.  I even had multiple Zunes.  IOS is uninspired and Android is kind of a mess.  Why switch now?
  • Yes me too, way back to 2002. I waited forever with my HTC 8X for another flagship HTC to appear but it never did. Then I waited forever for the HP Elite X3 to become available on contract, finally gave up in January and got a Lumia 950 on a 2 year contract. Frustratingly the HP is now available on contract with Carphone Warehouse! I may end up with 2 phones 🙂. Absolutely love everything about the OS. No plans to ever have a Google or Apple related phone, riddled with ads and kids' game apps. I'm an adult use my phone for business and relaxation. Love the customisable live tiles and the integration with MS Office.  My wonderful phone has everything I need and I regularly convert colleagues.
  • I have a Zune too
  • Three reasons for me: 1. I use continuum extensively, about 6 hours a day so its a massive part of my work/productivity suite. 2. Heavily invested in Microsoft hardware and the windows ecosystem 3. Waiting for that elusive, mega powerful, foldable screen, category defining surface phone:)
  • If I'm being honest, the only reason I still use it is nostalgia and pining for something that never was. In fact, if I didn't have other devices to use (in my role as a developer I have a number of them), I'd probably be long gone. I was hopeful about W10M, but with W10 on ARM I guess the plug will be pulled - I'm not even sure if we'll make it to RS 3 and by then it'll be painfully obvous that the only thing to do is put W10M out of its misery.
  • I prefer the good ol' 8.1 actually. The 830 does everything I need it to do and looks great too. Wish they just put out better flagships and apps instead of revamping the software.
  • I had to give up my 950xl because my bank's app is not available. But I keep using it with a second line just to keep the business separated from the personal. Office 365 is easier and better on the WP than the android or Apple for me. It was even so on the 550 I used for 2 months but that 950 camera keeps amazing me, especially the zoom :)
  • Should have just changed bank, lol. Tangerine's app works flawlessly on Luma 950XL. CIBC and TD also have apps for Windows Phone, although they do not offer photo-cheque deposit (but Tangerine does). 
  • I use it because of the Live Tiles, how the OS looks, and everything just seamlessly works with everything I use
  • My 1020 is still my daily driver, although battery life is degrading now, so I may have no choice but to switch to the 950 use strictly for testing out the garbage coming out on W10M.  Absolutley nothing tops the beauty and solid build of the 1020, as far as I'm concerned. Every other smartphone looks alike. And the camera on the 1020 is still IMHO the best, especially adding the fact that I have the camera shell, too.  WP8.1 and the original Metro apps are far better and more attractive than the W10M stuff but, as was mentioned, it's sad that nothing is being updated on it.  As for W10M, as horrible as it is in every way in comparison to WP8.1, it's better than Apple or Android.  I've never experienced the app gap.  I don't smother my devices with a ton of apps and, as statistics apparently show, I tend to use websites more than apps anyway--which can be pinned to Start.  Since I live in a small border town I have no need for things like Uber or coordinating with mass transit (and, quite frankly, I'll drive my Camaro SS rather than ever take a bus).  One thing I will miss dearly when I finally have to lay my 1020 to rest is the HERE suite of apps, which easily trashes any competition.  Local Scout, City Lens, etc., all excellent.  I tried out Continuum and don't find it useful at all.  I always have my Surface Pro 3 (and looking hopeful for a Surface Pro 5, if Microsoft doesn't ruin that like they do everything else), so using Continuum is laughable.  But, W10M is truly at this point the lesser of three evils.  I despise both Apple and Google as companies so passionately that I'd rather go back to a feature flip phone and tether my SP3 to it.
  • I find it interesting that after all these years, the 1020 still has one of the best if not the best cell phone cameras around.  I now know how spoiled I was when I had to replace my 950 with an Idol 4S.  Don't get me wrong, the Idol 4S is a nice phone.  But there's just no comparison.
  • I had a 1020 but I much prefer the camera on the 950 XL.  The picture quality is equally as good, but it's so much faster.  The 1020 was just agonizingly slow to take pictures.
  • Same here. My 950 mostly gets better photos than my 1020. Obviously the zoom capability on the 1020 was nice though.
  • True, the zoom was good but I can't say that I miss it at all.
  • Good article. I have been with windows mobile since the beginning. Big fan of 10. I recently purchased Samsung j5 and am not happy with interface however the apps are good. I was happy with my Lumia but needed a dual SIM option. I hope that microsoft revamp their hardware (surfacevphone perhaps) e options and that UWP delivers the app ecosystem very soon. As i write this I feel like i am cheating on my Wife!
  • I have a Lumia 950 XL and it has a dual-sim, so there was no need to leave Lumia because of needing a dual-SIM option. I thought the 640 (not sure) was also dual sim?
  • My Nokia 640XL is my 3rd or 4th windows phone. I bought it (ATT) 8/15. I love it. EXCEPT that ATT will not update to windows 10. I just (today) received my Pixel. I'm sorry to say good by to my windows phone but it just doesn't allow me the apps that I would like to use at this point. I'm sorry to put it aside.
  • All is said! And i love being an insider, windows mobile is fresh
  • I use a Windows Phone because it meshes so seamlessly with Office 365.  
  • Yes, i love OS and productivity, live tile is amazing and fast UI with all the information in Glance. i have sunc my PC and Phone and love the situation.
  • The start screen. The interface is better.
    I tried android a few years ago and it sucked.
    I have an iPad, but don't like Apples iOS interface, or their corporate culture/ego.
  • The article starts on the false premise based on a flawed assumption of how many USERS there are. The stat quotes is for a quarterly SALES number. Using that number, I'm not a user of any OS, as I didn't buy ANY phones last quarter. Why do I stick with Win10m? Partly habit as I've always had a smartphone running Microsoft software. I even had Pocket PC devices before they had phones in them. Part of it is that I like being on the journey. Regardless of the bumper sticker depth "dead" analysis, it is clear that something is happening and I feel like it is going to be extraordinary. I'm also prepared to be let down. The question is a good one and lately, I've been second guessing my continued use
  • .1% would be around 2.5 million devices on Windows 10 Mobile assuming there are 2.5 billion smartphones in the wild. That might be a little bit low, but probably not far off. W10M hasn't been available for that long and sales have been small since it was released. Microsoft also didn't make it easy to update to W10M which limits the number of devices that were updated from WP8. Anyways, at the current sales rate, it won't be long before it drops well below 0.1% in use.
  • I know. You post bit of conjecture all the time, yet have no data to support it.  The ecosystem is not limited to Windows 10, just as a big chunk of the overall smartphone ecosystem is not exclusively running the latest version of any OS.  There are plenty of people clinging to their 1020 and 1520 devices and haven't been counted in quarterly sales data in YEARS.  I get that you take bits of data and use them to constantly bash Windows, but it's based on bias more than any known fact.  
  • WP8 doesn't count. Microsoft rebooted and these devices are not compatible with UWP. They are totally irrelevant.
  • To you.  I also remembering you thinking that UWP itself is irrelevant.  The devices count to the people who use those devices. My 1020 still counts. The number of phones running a Windows OS is the topic.  Again, you take whatever curated bits of data you can to further your mission to bash, and denying the existence of Win8.1 devices does that for you. The reality is quite different. Is Windows on desktop less relevant because it is being overstated with Win7, Win8x and maybe even earlier versions? No. 
  • Windows Phone 8.1 devices are totally irrelevent if they are not running Windows 10 Mobile. WP8 was totally abandoned. Microsoft doesn't update it, does support it with new apps and it doesn't count as a UWP device. A developer looking at supporting UWP doesn't count anything but Windows 10. WP8 is just as relevent to UWP as Symbian is. The number of WP8 devices is pointless. It is not growing and they will all be gone in a year or two. And yes, Windows 10 not growing even as fast as Windows 7 does make it less relevent. Microsoft needs UWP to be a success or they are going to continue to struggle in future. Windows 7 being so popular hurts that push. Microsoft really should make UWP backwards compatible with older versions of Windows.
  • To you.
  • Me and UWP developers. No biggie.
  • You pretty much summed it up for me too.  But...the damned phone just WORKS.  Wife's iPhone and subsequent Androids...uh, not so much. 
  •  I really like the interface on W10M (dark theme especially).
  • I love the OS, I love the UI, I love the Home Screen, I love the design language. I thought I was going to move to Android late last year but after less than a month, my Lumia 950 XL became my primary phone again. I love how the built-in email can have all of my emails in one uniform fashion. Looks good at it. I love the camera. I do still keep my Android phone just mainly to accompany my kids in Pokemon hunt. Give me my Surface phone!!!
  • I've met windows 8.1 with very clean stable and fast ui, win 10 is great it became more friendly still great design concepts but it so luggy. I was about to switch to my iPhone but "bind mi bend" 3rd party app makes me stay. Edge so slow.... Slowest browser ever      
  • I've been a MS user since day one (I'll be 80 in August) basically because Bill allowed us to choose other vendors to use with his OS, where Steve said, it's all mine or hit the road. So, in another sense, choose a democratic process or a dictatorial system. Guess which I choose. My 950 is a great phone and have no need for hundreds of thousands of apps. How many can you use? The Store has all I need...and lest you "young ones" :) dismiss me as an old foggie, I've been in and around the tech world since the begtinning. If the leaks are true about a Surface hybrid computer/phone, that promises to be an exciting offer.
  •   Nice to hear similar story to mine.
  • The os fits me the best. In android I can't find anything, it just feels chaotic to me. And iOS is too rigid and too limited in using third party stuff. Also, both os es are pretty boring. Windows mobile looks a lot nicer and is matches my logic more, in the past there used to be more unique qualities that made me like the OS, but MS has killed or neglected most of those.
  • Yeah me too. I found it hard to find things I needed on Android.
  • I have impressed few of my friends with an iPhone and android users by showing them the great customized live tiles on Windows phone and how i use it for daily activities, they were pretty much impressed. Maybe I could get convince them further to buy one😝 Windows 10 on Phone is working pretty good for me. Being a great fan of Windows Phones always.
  • I bough a wp as my first smartphone, because I really preferred the UI over Android/iOS. Yelly Bean just looked ugly, overcrammed and unserious with its childish font, in my personal opinion. I also personally dislike Google, and iPhones were too expensive for me for just 'having an iPhone' over other phones. Honestly, the 'supporting the underdog feeling' of buying a Windows Phone may also have contributed to my decision. wp8.1 was so close to being the third option OS for everybody, but unfortunately w10m at launch made too many steps back. Don't get me wrong, I really like some parts of it, as well as some really cool Universal Apps out there. But to have success, w10m would have had to be in the state it will be maybe 2019 at launch, minus the upgrade debacle MS performed. I fought for wp8.1, but I do not recommend buying a Windows Phone any more. So why am I still hanging on?
    - I really like the design and functionality of my Lumia 950xl hardware wise, no matter what the majority says about it
    - I keep waiting in hope that w10m will get really good one day, when we truly get the 'one windows' philosophy we got promised so long ago, plus all the small things that are missing
    - I do like the UI best, still
    - I don't really see any alternative
  • I just love it for its user friendly character. Kudos to Start Screen tiles and the way user is allowed to customise, for pc like experience, and mostly for no nonsense apps and what else I am a user since desktop 3.11, windows 520 and now 550 with windows 10, edge is a real edge over to get my jobs done, my banking any growing to update my profile. What else I need and all the needs can be achieved. It's camera, video and music apps entertain me more than sufficiently. And most importantly the FREEDOM it allows me. Well done and love it
  • PureView + Zeiss = Lumia. Live Tiles + Cortana = Windows Phone. That's all
  • Despite the annoying things like Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps becoming increasingly slower, videos randomly taking forever to play unless I restart the offending application several times and word flow somehow getting worse at its job, I stick with Windows Phone because it's the only mobile OS that handles Exchange contacts, email and calendar in a usable and fully synchronous way, which I need to run my business. Also, the One Drive synchronization of my Excel and One Note is also necessary for my day to day operations.
  • It's all I've ever known.  I started with the HP Jornada in 1999, and moved into Windows Mobile right after.  Every few years I would get the next Windows Phone.  I also use all PCs.  Used the old power macs in the mid 90s.  I'm not interested in iPhone or Android.  C'mon Microsoft.  Get your act together with mobile.  Really?  0.1%?  Why?.  I like my Lumia 950XL.  Hope they keep going and the next Windows Phone is available when this one is kaput.  Please don't force me to switch to Android or Apple.  It's a whole new world I am unfamiliar with.
  • I enjoy the Microsoft ecosystem.. between Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Desktop, and my Xbox One.. it's really easy to share stuff between them.   I had an Android (Note 2) before, and I liked Google's ecosystem, but it wasn't quite there yet. When I switched to the Lumia 1520, I never looked back. I've been tempted (Note 7, before the clusterfire) to switch, but so far my Lumia 950 XL has been doing OK.    I occasionally bemoan the lack of certain apps (New app for Ghost Recon Wildlands is Android/iOS only!), but for the most part the phone does what I need it to do, when I need it to do it. You can do almost everything in a web browser these days, so the "need" for apps is not as dire as it once was. Games and specialty stuff are the main places we're suffering.    Looking forward to what comes next.. tempted to get the x3, but too much $$$ right now.
  • Save your money for the Surface Phone maybe it's gonna be announced at the October event...
  • It sounds more like 2019 now.
  • Because I have been a non-stop user of Windows Mobile since the very first release ever back in 2002/2003, my old Hitachi G1000. Before then I used an iPaq 5555 with the PCMCIA backpack for a Verizon data card haha! I also did allot of years developing for it back in the days when everything was custom ROMs and .cab files in the heyday of XDA. I think that peaked just prior to the first release of Windows Phone 7.
  • For me I stick with it for a multitude of reasons. For one I'm a Sys Admin who works almost exclusively with Microsoft software. As much as I'd love to have all the apps available for the iPhone or Android that could make my life a bit easier the idea of giving up security for Android or control to Apple doesn't work for me. So security is a big part for me. The rest is similar to the writers thoughts. It works, it's beautiful, I like my 950 a lot, and I honestly trust Microsoft more than Google or Apple. 
  • Because I know it is effective. Application simpy created an debugged once at Windows can as simply by run at Windows Phone and Xbox as smooth and robust application. That is how applications should be made now. Microsoft made long path for this to humans.
  • Continuum and security
  • Just switched to andriod on a free HTC 10.......convoluted bullshit!!!!   It is amazing how crap can with out :(  
  • 1. Start screen. 2. Continuum in theory but I never actually use it in practice. Yet. CShell and leaving a monitor connected to my Elite x3 dock may get me using it instead of reaching for a laptop in some situations. 3. Microsoft ecosystem which I'm in for everything else both at home (Windows 10, Xbox) and work (Windows 10, Office365 including SharePoint).  4 and probably ultimately the most important. Windows is both open and security/privacy-conscious. Android gives the former, iOS the latter, but I think I would be constantly worried/annoyed having one without the other.
  • Productivity mainly, data security and connection to the Microsoft ecosystem, e.g. Office 365 services.
  • People still using Windows Phone (all three of them) do it because either :
    1 - they don't really need a smartphone and are contempt with a smarta*se phone (not dumb but not smart either) : 2 - they're blind fanboys that keep repeating to themselves WP isn't dead when it's already rotting; 3 - They're just plain stubborn. Kinda like those people who insist in going down with the ship.
  • You forgot are not fascist.
  • Uh?
  • Poor little troll.
  • I don't like Apple, I don't like Google. I like the Windows 10 ecosystem and OS. My two Lumia 930s are still running like champs and have gone through several misadventures and have never faltered nor cracked. I was also given a Google Pixel Plus which I dislike with a passion. Too large, flimsy and I don't like Android. I don't care about "apps" that generally give me half the functionality that sitting down for a few minutes and multitask at a desktop allow me to do. All I need for work is supported anyway in terms of the Microsoft productivity suite.
  • Well said. :)
  • I have been on Windows mobile since Samsung Blackjack 1 came out. Being an IT guy I have to keep up with ios and android just enough to install exchange email for employees and that's sometimes difficult. In my family we have 4 950's and an I6 for my daughter. She has a full laptop to work off of but my 2 sons and wife use continuum for all there school work and such. They love the fact it goes everywhere with a display adapter. My oldest uses it in multiple classes for presentation. Hands down Win10 even with all the bugs in fast ring by far exceeds the evolution of other os's out there. For work and business its the only way for truely productive people. Ask my wife and kids and you get the playful side answer of nothing compares. It is a complete eco system that you can touch anything at anytime and anywhere.
  • I've been using a Windows phone since purchasing a Lumia 920 when they first came out (5-6 years ago?). I eventually sold that model because it felt too heavy in my pocket and purchased a Lumia 830, which I love! I keep using the phone because it works well! The battery is fantastic and the phone does everything I want a phone to do, including taking great pictures. The navigation programs were crummy for a while during the transition from Nokia to MS, but I am generally happy with the way Maps functions now. The other great this is, the Lumia 830 was (and is) an extremely affordable phone, especially compared to iPhones and Galaxy phones!!!
  • I was taken by storm when I got my first phone with windows os on it. It was way back and it was the ability to use internet on a phone that was similar looking to a PC that really got my attention. I have always loved the idea of having a portable computer that could do pretty much the things I did on my regular PC. And it is still that wish that keeps me going. I really never liked the "mobile" version of windows. It wasn't something that felt like core Microsoft , for me it was simply another take on the ios in its own format. I am one of those how always loved the physical qwerty keyboards and now for the first time in many years I see products that actually reassembles my vision that I kept true. Microsoft is for me the company that delivers the best ability to do things. Its not restrained and you are truly able to pretty much whatever you want. That's why I am still all on board not giving up on my vision!
  • I have access to an Android (Samsung) phone and compared to my Windows 650 phone the 650 is so much nicer to use, to admire as the tiles are so arrangeable while the andoid circles are simply boring. I also am not a great apps user and use only those that came with the phone but use these to their full potential. Battery life could always be better but I have never run out. I compare my phone with my friend's android Blackberry and my daughter's blackberry and my son-in-law's Apple and still the little 650 offers the nicest presentation. Though I look forward in seeing the Surface phone, I do wish MS would reconsider and keep the Lumina phones around for the next few years. Once someone has held them personalized them they will never want an alternative.
  • it's got all the apps I need and use. Used with a Microsoft account, OneDrive, office 365, OneNote, outlook all work so well and sync very well with my pc. Having a windows phone is like carrying a pc in your pocket. The photo app automatically uploads all my photos and videos safely to OneDrive. I organize my whole life and financial affairs using my windows 10 mobile, couldn't manage without it. I use an hp elite x3 which is very fast, smoothie and fluid.
  • You are my twin.. I feel the same way and thanks for articuting my comments for me. Have a great weekend. R/ JT
  • I use windows phone because of its simplicity... UI / just basic... im not a big apps guy so that makes no difference to me as long as we have the essentials ...i also get chiveos on the xbox live enabled games
  • I use Windows Phone because the user interface is elegant and it has all of the apps and functionality that I need.  And I am brand loyal and doing whatever I can to help the brand succeed.  I don't like arrogant Apple corporation.  Android is not secure.  Windows Phone rocks!
  • I have been a Windows fan from windows phone 7. My wife is not the sharpest when comes to electronics and she loves it , thats all that matters the price of the Windows phone are great. I would hate Microsoft if they ever dropped the phone OS. I had and Android phone once and came to realize Google is to obtrusive.
  • I use my Windows Phone everyday. I have Lumia 950XL and a Lumia 640XL as a backup. The ecosystem is the main reason. I have a Surface Pro 4 for travel a Surface Studio for home all running Fast ring Insider Preview. I personally hate all things Apple and Google just always seemed underdeveloped (like a dumb smartphone) That being said I have a Google Pixel XL at home on WiFi only that I use to make mobile check deposits. I also do "fun" things like rooting and running dual/triple boot environments of different flavors of Android. Surface Phone FTW!
  • Windows 10 Mobile isn't without its flaws. The apps or lack thereof are one. Phone selection is another (good luck getting a good W10M device if you're on Verizon). But then every OS has its flaws. Using iOS makes me feel like the whole thing is cluttered. The whole thing feels like a desktop where the user saves everything to the desktop. Yes, there's search for when you can't find the app you need, but that feels supplementary, not primary. Android feels like a Fisher Price toy with bright colors and sounds. And then the fragmentation! It's gotten better in core Android, but you have half a dozen companies that have made their own Android version. So, like everything, it comes to trade-offs. What am I willing to give up to get? I'm not willing to give up a clean and informative UI for Pokemon Go or any app missing from Windows. I'm not willing to trade the business capabilities of the OS and the across the OEM spectrum unity for a better phone selection. On top of this, I'm largely in the Microsoft ecosystem. I have an Xbox One. I have an O365 subscription. I'm a Zune carry-over using Groove. I use Windows on all of my PCs. OneDrive is my cloud service. When it comes to Microsoft tools and services, more often than not, Windows 10 Mobile is the best mobile OS for them. And then there's the general rule I have with technology: Don't look at what's in the now. Look at what could be. Technology changes so fast now and I don't want to bounce from OS to OS for what's hot at the moment. While Continuum is a bit of a gimmick now, it, along with Windows on ARM, has the potential to be something great that no other company in the market can match. Will it ever achieve that? Don't know. But the potential is there and that's exciting. Even being as unbiased as possible, what am I losing if I stick around for now? The Mario runner game? If the potential doesn't pan out and W10M dies, I move to something else. But I don't feel a need to abandon ship yet.
  • I love my 930, a strong and deep relationship, with an empty pockets😀
  • I came for the UI. Staying because of Universal Apps and Continuum. Windows 10 being unified across all form factors means I have a full fledged computer in my pocket at all times. The Surface Phone should be the culmination of this as phone specs reach those of decent PCs. I have Android and Apple phones, and when I go to use them it is immediately apparent how abrasive they are to use. While Windows Mobile has gotten more buggy, there still doesn't seem to be any competition for an OS I want to use routinely.
  • I used a Handspring Visor Prism for a few years; loved the stylus and handwriting recognition. It was genuinely a personal data assistant.  I felt the same way about my HTC Kaiser/AT&T Tilt/8925. Used it 4 years!  Ran a couple different custom ROMs.  The slideout keyboard was great for me. I like to keep notes on the run, and I used it as a mobile PC.  So why do I use Windows Phone?   On an HTC One M8, of all devices?  It still has native MS Office apps. I use Word, Excel and OneNote a lot. OneNote syncs to my Mac which is another benefit.  I'm not that worked up about having 16 million apps to choose from. Like the author, I use Edge, Groove, Office, phone and text. Weather too.  The other stuff is really just frosting on the cake to me.  Live Tiles really set this OS apart. They give me a quick view of my calendar, weather, tests, and news headlines if I'm interested.  To be honest, it would not bother me if MS quit worrying so much about feeding the media happy consumer market and focus more on a functional data assistant platform that has phone abilities. But, the money isn't really in that market I suppose.
  • wow...didn't know windows mobile was able to all that since late 90's
  • Lumia 520! my secondary device since I changed daily driver -> MSFT L550. Onenote, Twitter with stars, miCoach still I deal with & good to use.  
  • I find myself asking this question every day lately... I have been with Windows Mobile since the original Samsung BlackJack with windows mobile 6... When Windows Phone 7 came out, i loved the interface and how they integrated as much information possible into a few "Hubs". I loved never having to open an App to keep up with social media, and was one biggest things i showed people when showing off the phone... I have never really had an issue with the "App Gap", almost everything i want or need is accounted for.. but I'm not someone who likes 50 apps that each have a very specific point, such as banking apps.. i would rather just use the bank websites then multiple apps..  But my biggest issue is how Windows Mobile 10 hardly resembles what they originally made and what i loved about Windows Phone other then the Live Tiles. i have to open an app to access almost anything (typically a crappy, extreemely slow app.. facebook I'm looking at you) instead of just going into contacts and seeing all their linked status updates in one spot. Over the last couple years, Microsoft has removed all of my favorite features and things that made Windows unique.. Kids corner was amazing, being able to give the kids my phone without fear of random text messages going out or accidentally deleted apps/people, now i wont even let my daughter touch my phone beause she can get into too much.. Family Room was such a great way to share things and have a group chat in one place.. People Hub was my favorite when it had actual information in it from facebook, twiter and others... the integrated messaging with facebook chat built in to the main messaging app, and no skype preview is not a suitable replacement... i could keep going, but to answer the question the only reason i am still using windows mobile because i still like the OS (or whats left of it) a lot better then android or iOS. I dont know how much longer i will stick with it at this point, but hopefully something will change and make the OS great again.
  • I'm backing you all the way with Kids Corner. It's the best feature ever!
  • Yeah, the kids are always disappointed now when i don't let them play on my phone anymore.
  • My children have all been given second hand Nokia Lumias (930, 820). Cheap as chips, and very robust.
  • My first smart phone was the Lumia 800. I initially got a windows phone due to a recommendation from my brother who owned a windows HTC phone. After three years with my 800 I upgraded to a Luma 830. I've been stubbornly holding onto it ever since. I love the OS, The live tile interface, Cortana, office apps, groove music,easy connection to my one drive and my microsoft band have left me unwilling to leave it behind. I don't really use apps all that much so i've never really been bothered by an "app gap" The only thing I really miss is not having a dedicated app from my bank for things like check deposits. I imagine that getting my hands on a newer windows phone is going to be difficult here in the middle of nowhere Canada so I'll probably have to bite the bullet and get an unsubsidized phone directly from Microsoft. 
  • My phone journey began like all with the Nokia Symbian system. Then the iPhone and android and moved to Windows in August with 950XL dual sim. Been an amazing experience. Love the interface. Doesn't hang up at all. Very stable OS and continuation of W10 I use on my Dell Venue 7140. This is for me and don't see moving from Windows!
  • Because I feel it's a much more logical and user friendly OS. And it's everything I need, nothing less.
  • Still use and love my 950 XL. I use it with mozo leather housing and wireless charging. Windows 10 mobile continues to be clean and reliable. Core functions such as calling, messaging, camera, still on par with today's tech. I really enjoy music enhancement ability when connected via headphone jack; combined with beats headphones, music is a joy for me. Third party apps aren't really a thing for me except for Spotify which is available. I am sticking with Windows mobile 10 and anxious to see what microsoft have under their sleeve later this year 👽🖖🏻
  • I have
  • Despite the lack of support currently displayed by some major app and game vendors, I will continue to use Windows Phone for as long as it's around. I love the flexibility of the Start menu, being able to pin and size just about anything I want to the Start is a HUGE​ benefit. And Live Tiles? Sure there's still some bugs with it, but I like being able to see information without opening the app unless I feel it's necessary. With the release of Universal Windows Platform, it's so much easier to accomplish things with all my devices because they all share information seamlessly. And sending text messages from the desktop via Skype Preview is HUGE (damn, I sound like Trump). I type over 90 wpm and sending text messages at that speed is so much more convenient than tapping on any phone. Android and iPhone (aka idiotPhone, worm phone, etc.)? Please. If I wanted an old Windows 3.11 for Workgroups interface, I'd set up a virtual machine on my Windows desktop. I have a decades old hatred for everything Apple and I will never use an Apple product willingly unless there is absolutely no way to avoid it. I used to have an Android years ago, but after switching to Windows Phone, I didn't look back.
  • Simply put, I like being different than everyone else, even if it comes with a price (missing out on most trending apps). I have been in love with Windows since Metro design inception. The fact that Microsoft was the first company to really push a Universal App Platform made my heart grown even fonder. In my opinion, the UI has struggled a little since the UWP, mainly for mobile. However, I believe that Microsoft will deliver a great phone, or what shall be known as Surface, a really personal computer that can go with you anywhere. Features that I love most: Start Screen, most importantly the live tiles App Hubs (kind of lost when Windows 10) Windows Hello Skype Preview for across device SMS Camera on 950XL and 1520 Groove Music (I really wish it had the Zune UI though) Edge Browser Cortana Loved, now missed Microsoft Band MSN Health & Fitness (Mainly the food tracker) Bing Vision (Search text, QR code, and barcodes from camera)
  • I chose windows 8.1 in 2015, when I bought my first smartphone..Lumia 730..absolutely loved the screen quality, and the camera..and 1GB RAM with 1.2GHz quad core processor was more than enough for windows 8.1 to run butter smooth, and without crashes or lags..I still use the phone..but Windows 10 requires more resources, as far as I can understand..and I am slowly getting frustrated using it..but, I still hate Android because no matter what, a year of use makes it laggy and unuseable..I do like iOS, but can't "waste" that much of a fortune on a phone..and, the only other OS that I liked is going to be deprived of support from it's manufacturer..BB10..
    I won't say I am with windows coz it is the best..(I feel iOS is better than the others..though it is a closed OS) but, windows isn't causing me too much trouble either..after about 2 years, my Lumia 730 still runs great..better than my bf's Moto G2..though I feel performance on win8.1 was better..but app support seems to get better in future..though I still doubt that will ever improve..
    So, though I don't really enjoy using Windows, but I really love certain the live tiles..I just hope windows improves..and they focus on mobile section..coz I ain't got money to get another phone..and in my budget, windows is the only platform that works properly..for long years..
  • Oh, and, my battery life was really great initially..but maybe it's win 10..or maybe It's 2 years of use..the battery life has become worse..
  • Again I hd the same problem. Reset the phone, get off the insider program. Your battery life will come back.
  • I have a L730 too and after I moved to the insider program and Windows 10 Mobile I had some problems but after resetting the phone and getting off the insider program the L730 works great on Windows 10 Mobile. I would advise to download apps only on the phone and use the SD card for photos and videos or just get a faster SD card.
  • I just love windows Phone. Mai 2012 se windows phone use kar raha hu.
  • My first smartphone was an Audiovox PPC6600, since then I had an LG e900h with Windows 7, a Lumia 625 with W8, updated to 8.1 and insider previewed to W10. Sadly broke the screen and had to buy a Lumia 830 with W8.1 updated to W10. Wouldn't use anything else because of both the OS, and the fact that all my settings works with my Iconia W3 Tablet, computer and phone.
  • I'm still on Windows Phone, but if nothing groundbreaking comes along in 2017, I will be moving on to something else. The lack of apps its starting to hit me finally. I miss MyFitnessPal and I'm struggling with trying to setup any kind of home automation without Android or iOS. Insteon technicaly makes Windows apps, but has dropped Cortana support and serveral of their devices either dont work at all with the Windows app or have limited functionality. I have a Garmin watch now, and bluetooth connectivity to the watch on Windows is unreliable. Works perfectly on Android. But, I still prefer Windows as a phone OS because of:
    Live tiles
    Dark Theme
    ​I prefer mail and People to other other built in options on iOS and Android.
    ​Maps - the ability to download a state.
    Stability - yes, with its quirks, its still more stable than Android on my HTC m9. I get application crashes almost daily. Sharing an image from Chrome to a text recipient crashes every single time. ​While its of no use to me now, I like the promise of what Continuum could one day be.       
  • For me I still simply want something a little different. I chop and change phones and OS a lot (every 3 months on average) and on iOS or Android I tend to get a little bored as everything works too well. Yes that sounds crazy I know but with Windows phones there's rarely a dull moment and because it's a bit buggy or needs workarounds here and there for apps or bugs etc it seems to keep me interested and stops it becoming boring. It still feels like a Beta platform in many ways and I like that personally. I also love the look of it, and especially on the Lumia range from my 1st Lumia 800 that drew me here in the 1st place then 920,925,1020,1320,1520, 435, 950 to the Lumia 950xl I'm using right now. It also feels like a tighter community here as there's less of us and we're all in the minority
  • Love the OS. Switched over late last year from android and can't go back. Even when I use arrow launcher its still not the same. I also came to realise I only use a phone for a couple of things and MS seems to offer the best solution to me. It's fluid and everything works together really well. Yes it crashes sometimes and I almost managed to brick the phone once but I think its still the best solution for me.
  • I love the windows ecosystem! My first windows mobile device was in 2005. The Windows Mobile is far superior to the iPhone or Android. The reason there is such a low market share is because Android and Apple are clearly better at marketing to consumers. Had Microsoft had a similar approach to consumers they would have a strong base out there still. What frustrates me the most, is Microsoft lack of communication to there faithful followers. Why won't they just tell us what's going on? More people would stay on the platform if they had some form of inspiration. I love my Lumia 950, but everyday I toy with the idea of switching to Android or iPhone. Simply because I feel as though I'm left in the dark.
  • I still love my windows phone. I keep using mine because of quality and reliability neither of which android offers.
  • Sorry... I need the apps. Or else there's nothing to put on my start screen. But I love the software. A lot of the really cool features got booted early on, but one thing I loved that not even Android can do without an app or rooting is giving individual apps separate notification sounds.
  • I still use Windows phone since my first WP Nokia's Lumia 800 , back in 2012. I still have hope in the platform. I'm anti apple. If it does come to an end, I would get one of those android Nokia phones or maybe a sony xperia.
  • I love the Windows 10 mobile interface on my Lumia 950XL. As you say, adjusting layout to your specific look and feel is perfect for me. I'm not at all keen on android, iOS look and feel what with their different coloured app icons. I've always liked the Flat UI interfaces on my 950Xl and also on my Windows 10 desktop.  I'm not particualry bothered about people's comments on the lack of apps, as I don't use many of them, plus as mentioned, interfaces such as those for Amazon can be obtained via their website and pinned to the start page. Some niggles still though: difficult to find help for things I'm still getting familiar with, but a forum helped me set email and messaging alerts to my start page. Setting this up was a bit awkward and I don't know how android and iOS compares, so still putting up with the learning curve I'm going through. The People / phone app doesn't show faces against names, whereas I could before when using Windows 8.1 As I've said, still working my way through it but the interfaces, start screen, lock screens are brilliant and much more nicer and cleaner than my friend's apple or android phones.Addiitonally, hate the continuous updates android phones seem to alerts people to. I've had a cheap android tablet in the past and the the updates were a constant pain.  Haven't tried 'Hello' facility yet, so that may be interesting :) So, people joke saying I must be the only one who uses windows mobile but I just love it and looking forward to possibly windows surface on mobile in the future?  I do like the HP elixte X3 but too expensive for me, so the Lumix 950XL is perfect for me.
  • Still great camera, still works, looks great in red mozo. Actually waiting for iphone 8 and sgs 8 to leave dying WP
  • Because I thought the reason WP8.1 was half assed and rushed out was because Windows 10 was going to be super polished, stable, and fluid.
    Instead it turns out W10M is an even worse, unfinished, inconsistent, unreliable, half baked pile of garbage that can't even maintain a stable connection with Microsoft's own wearable (literally Android without the app selection) and now I'm stuck with it until I pay it off and buy a different phone.
    Of course, I can pay it off now and let a poor family member have my Idol 4s but that's just not fair to them. Plus I'm waiting for a possible iPhone SE refresh.
  • I like the ecossystem of Office, built in right on defaul. No need to search or install any aditiona app. Like the UI. Much more pleasing than iOS or Android. I like the simplicity, yet it's sofisticated, not boring simplicity. Media player is another bonus. The Android i used didn't play any movie. By default, I can play all the most popular codecs without a glitch. It's different. And I like been different. But, like manny products from microsoft, iOS and Androids are now mimicing some Windows Phone features, like Glance, Live Tiles. They will say its revolutionary, but Lumia had those for ages. (on a sidenote, I really miss Glance on L730. Had it with an L620. Was awesome) The Windows Mobile keyboard. PERIOD. The android one just sucks.  In Nokia days, the Lumia Camera app was THE camera app, and I think it still holds a lot against the competition. Being a photographer, I can say it with some confidence. Still, the Lumia 730 I own is not all that bad, considering it's age. Just miss the RAW file, though... 
  • For me my windows phone is my world.
    I don't use much app and the ecosystem is awesome.
    No one can beat Microsoft in ecosystem, I have used android but was not able to resist windows os.
    So finally I had to change over, for me whatever apps I require it's there in the store
  • I would also request people not to leave the OS, as Microsoft Windows Phone will improve in the future.
  • I love the GUI.
  • Yes I do, and won't change to anything else. Simply put, it's a great OS. As W10 grows, the integration with windows and existing windows services makes everything even better.
  • I like mine as I'm a gamer it connects to everything. xbox1 , tablet and phone. I do my gaming with all 3. Well 4th. Also have a Lumia 635 512mb running Windows 10 . But my ativ s neo is my primary still running Windows 8.1. Love them all!
  • Agree that Zac pretty much outlined the reasons for me as well. I've had an Android (and used, but never owned and iPhone) and can't understand why so many people don't use one. I think that 95% (or higher) of the mobile phone users could live their entire life with a <$100 handset, running about 10 apps. I know so many people walking around with $$$ phones and they don't do much other than text, taking pictures, read mail, navigation, surfing the web, social media, and occasional games (in that order). Granted, if you are a social media wh0re, you may not find all supported on the WP platform, but for many the decision of what phone to buy is not based at all on logic, but in either status or listening to supposedly "learned" friends. I have same issue with Media Center - why is it so hard for someone else to design a UI as elegant and simple to use? (but that's another story)
  • The UI is so much better than iOS or Android. The integration with Windows 10, so I get notifications on my Surface from my phone (and can type txt replies). Cortana voice recognition is actually good, so I can deal with txt messages while driving. O365 integration. OneDrive integration, including ALL my massive .mp3 music collection playable via Groove (which is ok now). It deserves to be better marketed, but MS still don't understand consumer marketing at all well.
  • I've used a dual sim Lumia 950 since late 2015. I also have had a Windows Phone 8 phone, a Windows Mobile 6 phone, and then a couple of iPhones (3G ? , 4GS?) and a Note 3. Each OS has advantages and disadvantages. iPhones have by far the most polished apps, Androids have many but sometimes less polished apps. (E.g., iBridge Baron is super on the iPhone, but was bug ridden on Android the entire time I had the Note 3. iPhone has excellent dictionaries, e.g., English-Spanish; Android dictionaries are very poor -- even dictionaries on WM are far better. The Snapspeed photo editor from Google is far superior to anything I've seen on WM; I assume Snapspeed also exists for iPhone, but not for WM). I have issues with Apple/iPhone -- when I upgraded iOS on the 4GS, all the mp3 files I had purchased via iTunes were deleted. I was not able to figure out how to download them again, and iTunes refused to let me buy them a second time. In principle, I like the OS on Windows phones: there is a file system (similar to Android; iOS doesn't have this). I can delete apps I don't want on my phone in WM -- not on iPhone and not on Android (unless they have changed): on the Note 3, I could delete apps, but then every time there was an update, Android re-installed the app without asking me. On iOS, I understand that "deleting" the app just makes it invisible -- it is still lying there somewhere. Also, I like (in principle) the Office apps on WM -- it is easy to integrate mail client with Outlook, etc. -- this is very important. MS is sometimes doing things that are extremely frustrating. At some stage (this lasted perhaps 6 months) -- when the Lumia 950 went into "deep sleep" during the night, it totally hung up, and for several months I had to take out the battery every morning to be able to restart it. There are other examples. At some stage, accessing photos on the micro SD card from Facebook became much, much, much slower. Etc. I don't buy new phone very year or every six months. I may switch to another OS in the future -- more and more apps become available on iPhone and Android, but not on WM -- e.g., health center apps (for booking an appointment with my physician, etc., etc.). We'll see. Overall, I'm relatively satisfied, and I don't play games etc. But there are apps I miss.
  • Lol. I think it's safe to say that we're all predictably irrational when it comes to windows phone Lumia 950XL, Functionality (or the apparent lack thereof) aside, I just love my phone 'cause there is no better camera still.
  • Because I like it. No further explanation needed.
  • Hey Zac. 1. UWP (sync with my pc at its finest) 2. Apps (like People and Photos using OneDrive syncing) 3. Ongoing updates to the OS 4. I like Microsoft more than Apple and Google 5. The UI (start screen and dark theme) 6. I'm a crazy person And please fix your website, using Microsoft Edge, it takes the website more than 10 seconds to become usable. It freezes so much and it's just too heavy.
  • Don't need to install separate app for everything, most of them are in-built in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • That's pretty much me too.
  • I am sure any ardent fan of windows phone who is adamant to forsake this ecosystem if dig deeper into himself would discover at least a couple of terrible experienced he had with Android. Well, I am not an android hater but remember very distinctly how I was so thin on cash and decided to buy a smartphone for the love of technology. I researched a lot and fell into the horrible traps of the Samsung. Well my first phone was Grand Quattro- a horrible piece of machine. So bad was my experience that it became almost impossible at one point to attend the emergency call of my girlfriend in distress. The speaker volume was terrible and it was as sluggish as a stupid mule. I have already spent so much cash on quattro. Then on eBay I purchased an old Lumia 510 with a sigh knowing that it had an inferior camera in terms of megapixels, battery rating, processor and everything else than the Samsung set. And I would have no access to the apps (yes, i was an app junkie teen then)... But that little piece of 510 changed everything for me. It's pictures were astonishing, the OS fluid as honey, the browser so capable at dying 2.5G speed. The call quality, music everything was just amazing. And apps whatever ever present were rather pleasant.. I almost got a second life. Today I have lumia 1520 and 950 and I think I am better off in this sealed ecosystem than the free world of android. For me its the nostalgia and a capable hardware that matters. I am sad how the OS is going down every year. The edge browser now is far slow in loading a page on terrific 4G than lumia 510 on 2.5G. Something has changes for sure.. And for worse.. And I wish microsoft should not go any lower. I abhor Samsung and ridicule it whenever a friend of mine shows off his S7. I at once take a picture from my 950 and compared it with his.
    I am sure every crazy windows phone user of current time must have had the similar experience some where buried in his head, where modest windows phone transcended the performance of high end androids of those times..
  • Sorry... It's lumia 520 not 510...
  • For me, the core of the OS is a big part. It's clean, stable and genuine from the inner most part of It's code. Even if Android had a skin with live tiles, it would still Android at It's very core. And that to me, at least is a disease. I respect IOS for It's efficiency and speed, but it's not my style. That's why I still and will always us windows 10 mobile. And also, it looks damn awesome. Lol
  • The OS is why I stick with my Windows Phone. The other OS's just don't do it for me. Unfortunately, my Lumia 950's camera is now making a crazy sound when it tries to focus. Luckily I purchased the Microsoft Complete :)
  • Guess I'm 'Crazy' here too! I simply enjoy the User Experience on Windows 10 mobile, especially compared to IOS or Android. I have the Apps that I need and want on Windows 10 mobile and Windows 10 tablet. In terms of hardware, I have a Lumia 930 which is dated but with Windows 10 mobile it's just great! Long may it last!
  • I like the nice design language of the controls. Everything in Windows 10 mobile is good and feels decent and neat (apps, animations, starts screen, emoji's, overall OS), not cheesy like Android and iOS.
    I like to be a part of MS ecosystem. I like how MS is providing services to every platform. All my music is in OneDrive, I put all my notes in OneNote, my to-do's in Wunderlist (now Cheshire), etc.
    I like how the direction of MS is always towards a better and unified experience.
    Settings on w10m are the best (compared to other platforms, I feel nausea when I open Android settings).
    I like how OS is slowly improving, and the feedback system is extremely unique. I also use Android (lollipop) on my Nexus 7, but I find experience on my windows phone better. That said, I hope Pinterest and Linkedin bring their apps to w10.
    And I really hope MS focuses on the mobile side.
  • The problem is that with next to no hardware on the market, it's going nowhere. I have only recently left for Android after having Windows phones going all the way back the old Lumia 710. The interface is better on Windows phones and I do miss that, but the sheer number of useful apps on Android is amazing. It's all very well to say that you have an app for the things you need, and it is very likely true, but there are many many more apps to discover that you simply don't have access to in the Windows ecosystem. People on Windows phones don't miss them because they don't know about them, but that isn't the same thing as saying there's an app (1st or 3rd party) that does the job you need it to do, there is lots that's missing. With the market share where it is and no comittment from any of the big handset makers like Samsung and HTC, the share is just going to get smaller and smaller until theres nothing at all. HP are tyring, but they're never going to sell the virtualisation or Continuum features to average Joe, only business users (but even that isn't going great). On top of that, every time MS do come up with a nice idea, the other OS makers get wind of it and deliver it before MS themselves do. Don't even get me started on banking apps, there is almost none available for Windows phones in the UK, the only one I know of is Metro bank, which is actually an American bank. As an aside, it is possible to retain most of what you had on your Windows phone when moving to Android, I would especially reccommend Nine (way better than the official Outlook app). There are also launchers which look and work the same as Win10M if you're really missing Windows. Microsoft should never have called it "Windows", this immediately put a lot people off on day one, should have called it "Tiles" or "Metro" or something, anything other than Windows. I'm sure I'll take some flak for this post, but I was one of the biggest supporters of Windows phones, but sadly the time has come to move on. It really is dead and will only ever be revived if they come up with some kind of game changer at some point in the future, but that will still leave all existing users/phones in no-mans land with no upgrade path. I'm not really sure what the x86 compatibility will bring to anyone other than business users.
  • I agree with you on every point, and I do believe that it can be difficult for anyone to rely completely on a Windows phone. That's where my nexus tab comes in.
    My tasks are divided b/w both devices, but I personally like to have Windows as a 'Phone', and tab for browsing and watching movies.
    The other reason I get along with the low number of apps is my nature. I don't do social media, I hate mobile games (I have PC and PS3), and most of my hobbies depend on videos/books/physical activity. I'm planning that if MS ditches mobile in RS3, I'll switch to android as a main device. Mostly because there are no new wp devices (worldwide) and we still don't know MS's plan regarding mobile.
  • Because I trust only Windows Phone its dignity's of work are so good I love you Windows
  • Love the OS, Apps, and Hardware. All the Apps I like, Continuum, full customizable control, Cortana, tile updates, integrated Microsoft Office, One Drive, One Note, Xbox games and other cross platform games, Groove Music, and VR . Never leaving, why would I !!! Alcatel Idol 4S
  • I still use my Nokia Lumia Icon from over 3 years ago. I use a theme that's bright pink/magenta on black. I have thought about buying an Android phone, and I have looked into it extensively. I can't replicate my Start screen in any Android launchers (I don't use translucent tiles). Window's dark theme covers every app I use (except for Facebook of course), and the UI across the device and its apps is constant, so I don't get whiplash from switching around. Windows runs much better than Android. My phone can match some modern Android flagships, and it's 3 years old. The camera beats everything out there except for probably the Moto Z Force, Lumia 950XL, and Lumia 1020 (and likely some others, but those cameras are either just announced or on phones that aren't worth looking into anyways). The only apps I am missing out on are a full Discord app (Clamour isn't a great replacement) and one game. But then there are apps like MyTube, Mail, Groove, Photos, and some others that are better than their Android alternatives, so... Why would I spend $400 on a new Moto Z Force on Ebay when I could stay with my Lumia Icon, which is better-looking, also has AMOLED (don't really care about resolution), has better build quality, has a camera button, has fantastic camera software, has a better-ish camera, looks much better software-wise, is still fast enough, has a better settings layout, has enough (and sometimes better) apps, is Nokia-indestructable, has better integration with Microsoft services that I use like Cortana, and runs the same OS as my Surface and desktop? The only things I am missing out on are a fingerprint sensor/iris scanner, better battery life, some gestures, USB-C, and maybe a better camera. But I can get almost all those by upgrading to the Lumia 950XL or Elite X3, so...
  • Heads up - the 950XL is not going to be an upgrade to the Icon.  The 950XL feels very cheap - plastic buttons that are supposed to look like chrome/metal, etc.  Sooooooo miss my Icon but had to give it up when moving to AT&T.
  • I have the Z Play and just got a 735 today! So true what you say! I like w10 on the 735...I bought a Surface Pro 3 a month ago because I wanted that integration too! Hoping for a Surface phone!
  • Microsoft Movies and TV app. All of my shows and Movies going back to Zune. There's no app for the other platforms. I like to watch them on the go on my phone. Also the dozens of Xbox Live capable games available.
  • I absolutely adore the platform. I've been a long time Android user (since 2.1) and I've been flirting with Windows Phone since version 7.0. I'm mainly here for the constant updates and the way the OS looks is just amazing. I love the Live Tiles and the sleek design language that only seems to get better over time. Sure, Android has all the apps but I've never had as many issues as I had on Android (okay, WP8.1 was a mess as well whilst in preview). I still keep an Android phone around as a spare but I always come back to Windows Mobile and my x3.
  • Zac Bowden, I'm in the same boat with you. Started with Sony Ericsson Aspen with WM6.5, HTC HD7, L920 then L950. I personally love to be part of Microsoft's ecosystem, as side my gaming habits, the WM OS helps me get work done quickly with my research reports, I even did a presentation with continuum last friday and I just couldn't handle bow proud I was. Love the OS, apps not an issue for me, love my Xbox games and saves synching between PC and Mobile games. This is one mobile OS I have used since I switched from Symbian OS back in the days and will forever be part of it until Microsoft kills the OS or I die.
  • I keep asking myself the same question. I guess I'm jut not ready to let go completely. My first smartphone was a Lumia 530, then a 635, then a 640, then a Fierce XL, and now the Idol 4S. Somewhere in there Windows 10 Mobile came out for Insiders. That's when it became a community of crazy people trying to decide if we were on a sinking ship or being a part of "The next big thing". Most of us probably still have our doubts. For me, at this point, I'm along for the ride. After swearing I'd never use an Android, my "Daily Driver" is a Moto X Pure Edition. The Idol 4S keeps me up to date with what's going on with Windows. My version of Retrenchment. I guess I'm hoping for Microsoft to finally start putting emphasis on Mobile. Until then, "Just along for the ride"
  • Nah I don't fit in either of those I'm afraid. I just like it. iPhone 7plus, Galaxy s7 edge before that and they were great phones but I love my current 950xl just as much if not more in some ways. I don't have to be here just now....but I am
  • I bought a Lumia 640 because I wanted something to sync with my MS Office Outlook program for Tasks, Contacts, and appointments. I then upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 mobile, only to find out that I can't sync Tasks anymore. Microsoft is ignoring complaints about this issue. I think that I have my last windows phone.
  • I believe in Windows and Windows  Phone integration, also I believe in Cortana evolving in these 2 platforms. 
  • Because of the OS
  • Been a Windows phone user since the Dell Venue Pro, which replaced my Blackberry. Also owned a Nokia Lumia 1020 and now I own a nice large 950XL. It just works and the OS is intuitive, clean, and beautiful.
  • Your article pretty much sums it up for me to :) I love how it integrates with my ecosystem, and I dont think I could ever use a phone whit a different start screen ever. I simply love the customisability of the live tiles, and the fact that they display information.. I dont really care for apps either, shire it would be grate if there were all the aps from ios and android, but I honestly dont care :) + I feel the hardware is miles ahead of the competitors'. Why you say? In the time I have ovnrs my L950 my wife has killed 2 iPhone 6's and her current Samsung s7 edge is always akting like it has no coverage when im speeking to her, and I hardly hear her.
    The camera is better, the screen ia better, its faster, and I hate the cursed screen. Im always touching something im not aware of.....
  • I simply prefer the operation system over the other options although Android would be acceptable.  In Windows Mobile I like the single vertically scrolling home screen, and the alphabetized list of all apps. It's not perfect by any means.  Glitchy sometimes, and the auto-correct / swipe keyboard sucks balls, which is even more annoying given that 8.1 had the best keyboard ever, but iOS is a horrible operating system and I just don't want to support Google in any way, which is why I'd rather not use Android.  
  • Zac summed up most of it for me too.
    Let's not forget the potential of Continuum and UWP - through which Microsoft is, in my view, uniquely positioned to do some amazing things across Windows Mobile, PC, XBox, etc. I do prefer Windows Mobile to the competitors, but I'm excited to see how this potential evolves. It's not beyond possibility to see 0.1% mobile market share turn into 10+ over a relatively short time if Microsoft can leverage this potential effectively, which, I think, is the real goal.
  • I'm still using my Lumia 950xl along with my nexus 6p. I'm still in Love with the OS the fluidity, the live tiles, the crisp feel of going in and out of apps...... And I don't mind being the .01%....😀
  • I think it's a bit of crazy....Im at conferences and such and can never use the apps they provide or discuss, but I like the OS and think it's a far superior interface (and beautiful), and I like the Insider Build network. I feel also like a participant in something active and not a pacified consumer.
  • Been a Windows phone user since the Dell Venue Pro, which replaced my Blackberry. Also owned a Nokia Lumia 1020 and now I own a nice large 950XL. It just works and the OS is intuitive, clean, and beautiful.
  • Hi!  I'm also crazy!  I have a Lumia 950 (dual sim), and I love the phone!  I'm a Windows software developer (not mobile though).  I use my phone as a tool to help me get my work done, and help with everything else in life.  I'm finally getting into using Continuum more and more, and leaving my laptop behind more often.  My spouse has a Galaxy S7, and I really don't like that phone (or android for that matter).  I can never figure out where to find anything on it.  There have only been one or two cases where there was an app I wanted, but it wasn't available for my phone, so all in all, i'm very happy with what I have.  It has been really great when traveling outside the US, where I picked up an Italian sim card for a european trip, and a canadian sim card for another trip.
  • Sure, my Lumia 950 still does what it is supposed to do. 
    The camera is great and does a terrifc job.    If I were to buy / had to buy a new phone today 
    I would buy an Android phone.  Given the current narrative from Microsoft regarding Windows Phone / W10M 
    I see no reason to stick to Windows Phone other than already owning one.    Regarding Windows Phone / W10M / Windows-on-ARM 
    there's a whole lot of pie-in-the-sky at the moment.    Once all this smoke has cleared I might be to reconsider my decision-  If I don't hear anything explicit/concise and convincing from Microsoft 
    I'll remain in a go-Android default-mode.   So it's all up to Microsoft.    -   -    
  • The worst part is I agree with you. I love my phone and the OS and would love for it to work for my company. Though if there is any doubt of its future and it dropping updates or being unusable in a few years then having to train users on a whole new OS again... the OS is out then. Especially with little to no information on the matter from Microsoft to base my decisions on, it is making it harder and harder to go that route.
  • Stockholm syndrome.
  • The aesthetic. I can set up my home screen to present tons of quickly readable information and it still looks tidy. iOS and Android just look clumsy, old, and inefficient. The Microsoft ecosystem is also a perk, though not one that requires using a Windows phone anymore. I am a productivity user so I do quite well with what apps are available - I mostly use the standards: mail, calendar, edge, office, and messaging, with readit, tweetium, and the odd word and number games competing with my productivity from time to time. There's always room for improvement, but I've been very satisfied with my 950 and dread the day Windows phone may no longer be an option.
  • I miss my windows phone ☹️ It broke and I'm with Verizon so I don't have any options for a new one 😠 Stuck with an iPhone for now, so sad compared to the greatness of windows phone...
  • Just by seeing the Start screen I go crazy. This OS is damn gorgeous. I have the apps that I need now. I have recently moved back after 2 years on Android and I couldn't be more happy to be back.
  • Using Android implies use of Google services, am worried about privacy. Every time when I read my gmail and then use facebook the ads that fb shows are about the topics of my mail. I don't like iThings, too expensive, too weak. Windows -when use a Insider Preview- have some bugs, but if you use the normal releases works fine. I love the speed, the dark theme too, the integration with Onedrive, my camera. When I see new iDevices or Samshit devices I see my phone and think about the specifications related to the way the SO works and I don't want expend my money in another devices, I don't need it. 
  • 1) UI is better than others
    2) universal apps
    3) camera
    4) security
  • Doesn't break, doesn't slow down and having Windows in my pocket is very handy.
  • Dark Theme, start screen, has everything I need, and works well with my PC that I use frequently due to engineering.
  • Wanted to try something other than IOS/Iphone. Not a heavy App user so that was never an issue.Use windows/10 -MS apps all day long at work in the enterprise so I figured why not try Win10M. Office Apps work very well although some features like writing in Onenote are still abscent but exist on android/IOS is frustrating. Getting the Lumia 650 ($100) just prior to xmas gave me no excuses to experiment. I am on the slow ring and like others using Win10M it has some bumps. Sometimes its difficult to know if (Cel & WIFI) issues I am having are HW related or SW. But all in all Its been positive. Luv the OLED display and the visual optionality of the home screen. Using transparent tiles that makes my phone really stand out. iPhone really looked dated next to it. I proved to myself that this platform and the $100 phone works for me. Cheers. 
  • I bought a Nokia Lumia 800 for my wife. At the time I was using a Samsung galaxy and didn't like it very much but it was a birthday present because my Nokia 5800 got stolen. My wife really liked that Lumia 800, it was a nice phone. She still has it but it's broke. My Galaxy screen got broken so I got a Lumia 730 dual sim running Windows 8.1 and it felt so right just from the beginning. I could never get used to Android and could understand why they did things the way the did. Just wasn't comfortable for me. I liked how I could organize my start screen on the L730, with each phone number on each side top with sms and carrier apps. It's clean and easy to use. I never mix up phone numbers like I used to do on the Samsung. Then there's the live tiles. They are so convenient especial when you're in a meeting or talking with someone you don't have to rudely pick up your phone to know what a message is about while the person you are meeting with is talking so you can just glance at your screen and see if it important or not. Then there are the news tiles that let you quickly read the latest news and know if you want to open it or not. I love the photo app tile and that it keeps changing and the whole thing with live tile just makes the screen look more alive and engaging, inviting. I also use the color for my tiles and set a textured background wallpaper to give a slight texture to the tiles by using the transparency slider. Gives a nice little effect to a plain colored tile. Color is important for are mood and feelings. Photos on my start screen and fully transparent tiles just don't do it for me. I can set photos on my photo tile anyway, it's a color that will relax me. I too don't use much apps. I have uninstalled many after realizing i hardly every use the and if I need them I can just go to the store, my library and reinstall them. It's a phone and a communication device so I have Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, VK (the Russian Facebook). I also like how with contacts you can tie everything all together. Phone numbers, Skype, Viber, and even their VK post with "Timeline", great feature! Oh and all my friends on VK are in my people app, very nice indeed! I guess it would be the same for Facebook, I don't know because I don't use it. Then I guess it's just how the rest of the OS works. I think they took a little from Nokia but it was easy for me to use this system from the start. Android took a long time and never really got used to it.
  • 1) I honestly prefer the UI to iOS, by a mile. I could (almost) literally wake up in a cold sweat thinking about the prospect of switching to apples wall of many icons. It's busy, it's difficult to sort (yeah, slightly easier with folders) and newly installed apps hide quite well. When I use my wife's iOS products I find my self always using search to find apps because I have no hope of finding them otherwise. 2) Live tiles were always a good idea, they still are. 3) I actually find Android UI very reasnoble and I like the shareing mechinism best out of all platforms. But that said when I owned one I lived in constant dread that the device would, one day, suddenly stop working. And it usually did. Around the 1.5yr mark of ownership. These were moto devices, bulletproof construction. But the software it's self was it's fault. It just got caught up in its own muck. 4) Redstone gave me more reasons to love my Lumia Icon (which still works as well as the day it was unboxed, see point). I love that my phone app notifications are pushed to my laptop and work desktop, and that the notifications are actionable there. Sure I have more limited apps to action notification on, but I've blocked callers (through TrueCaller) on my desktop more than once. I also like the notifications from chat programs found only on my phone, like WhatsApp. And even for IM+ with my traditional chat providers, I'm still being pinged if I get a msg and my trillian is closed.   These are probably the biggest points. I realize that especially as a VZW subscriber I'm at a dead end and probably can't reansobly stay on WP much longer. But I have every intention of staying as long as I reasnobly can.
  • Live Tiles, I hate the icons that look old from Apple and Android.  It also has all the apps I need.  I don't need 200 fart apps like you get on the other app stores.  Integrates with my Office stuff.  I use OneDrive for storage and I have that connected.  I don't own any other apple products so not interested in that.  I have 950 XL and I will buy a surface phone when it comes out.  The phone also quality, everything is pwoerful enough, great photos, etc.  For me I feel like the apple products just look the same every year, people buy them just because, maybe status, maybe they dont know any better?  Google?  To me google is only useful for searching.  None of their other stuff has panned out.  The OS is cheap.  That is why it is so popular and available.  Great for them.  Not for me.  I do everything in Microsoft products.  O365, Azure, Office, Windows, Xbox, ... that's what fits me and makes me comfortable.    
  • I'm using my Windows Phone because I got one at my 14th birthday as a first smartphone. I have a talent to break any device I got, so I tried almost every OS existing out there, but nothing made me feel one with my phone. My first Lumia was a 1320 produced by Nokia, a pretty cool phone. I used it a long time, but finally the Sim slot was not any longer working. So I got a Galaxy S3 (not very nice, I thought), 2 Lumia 430 (battery was in both of them damaged and they were kinda old), iPhone 5s (wasn't mine, now I know I'm not an Apple-Fan), an Elephone p9000 (lived only
  • For 2 months till it hot a hard brick) and finally a Lumia 950xl. I was really afraid having a Lumia again, because I'm just loving the System. It's just the most cool one and perfect for me. Snapchat is missing, but that's fine, it is working on my old galaxy tab (of course with arrow launcher :p). So I got a windows phone because I feel connected to the system and it is just like made for me. I can't imagine having android or iOS again. And pls excuse if my english is not the best you ever heard, I'm just a german student and 16, so I'm not finished learning it yet;)
  • The honest answer: If the whole world dislikes, then I like it. The well accepted answer: ecosystem, start screen, camera, Windows Hello.
  • This article basically hits the nail on the head for me. I love the Microsoft ecosystem -- I like that my Windows Phone, Surface 3, and Xbox all "talk" to each other. Same apps that sync together seamlessly. I love WP's live tiles; it's far superior in my opinion than Apple's and Android's dull as doornails interface. WP has character and personality -- I can make it my own. The "app gap" is not a big issue for me. I do miss Snapchat sometimes, but Instagram stories is basically the same thing. The apps on WP that I use the most are stellar: Outlook, Calendar, Twitter, Xbox, Grover Pro, and Groove are all exactly what I want. My Lumia 950 does everything I need it to do. There's never a day I wish I had a different phone -- I only wish to have Microsoft's next phone, whatever that ends up being.    My only problem with WP is the existential dread: the question "Will it still be here tomorrow?" That's the one thing in the back of my mind that has made me question staying on the platform. But I love my setup with WP so much that I'll just go down with the ship if that's what happens. 
  • That is the same question that's constantly in the back of my mind too!
  • The OS is still the best Mobil experience for me. I'm loving my Idol 4S, and the go-to apps i use everyday are still there.
  • I've been on iOS for 3 mos. now & I hate it.  I have a top of the line 7 Plus (Jet Black), my wife moved to a 7 Plus as well.  Both of ours have had to have warranty repairs for stuck power buttons.  The Camera is just fine, not the best, but just fine.  The 2x lens is a, but eh...I'd rather have 1 good camera.  (I feel like my older Galaxy S6's camera was better.) Things I miss on the 950.  Windows Hello...double take to wake, double tap to turn off.  Not having to use iTunes just to move files around...I miss Bluetooth File Transfer.  I miss a proper 'back' button...and the consistent UI of WinPhone.  Android puts Apple to shame when it comes to UI consistency, and that's not saying much. Things I like on the iPhone.  Apps...even dumb stuff, like using Giphy to harass my daughter.  Sometimes, its the little things.  I needed to switch b/c the Anniversary Update killed Mobile Iron email syncing, and I'm an IT guy on call.  I need my work I switched.  I don't like this will be gone soon..but I also don't think I can come back to WP until I see what Win10 on the SD835 has in store.  In the meantime, planning on a move to Android where I'll pray for OS Updates. Keep up the fight guys!
  • I wouldn't use any ​other smartphone, if MS doesn't continue I'm back to a flip phone.  Truth is, I have been using Microsoft for many years and still think it is the superior OS.  I've had PCs, smartphones, pocket PC, old tablet (long before ipads were even a glimmer in apple's eye), and yes -- even a SPOT watch.  My wife has an android, and I can't stand that interface.  As far as apple goes -- the last one I used was a IIe.  Enough said?
  • Too invested in Windows ecosystem. Might switch to Android, unless Microsoft shocks us with the Surface phone.
  • I use windows phone because the amazing display, live tiles & camera which android & ios don't offer me! My lumia 540 always gives me good charging backup !i love the OS windows! Its unique though microsoft couldnt baked it well still unique in many ways! Moreover windows phone makes me feel that i am different than others! Whatever folks says windows phone is dead, it still alive in my hand I love my windows phone! Hope someday it will rise again! I can't explain why I am still loving it! But I love it
  • Just 💖 it.
  • After 7 years of windows phones and believeing in the platform all the way, I am sick of it and cannot wait until I can upgrade to Android, The only reason I remain is because I am stuck in contract! Until now, I realy did think windows phone could make it. I love the Ideas behind the platform and the UI is way above the rest (aside from some recent changes trying to align with IOS and Android). It was capable and while not always being able to match other phones, often had inovative features which they did not have! in the last few years, it feels like everything is collapsing and microsoft seems to activly be working to errode away what was once so great about the platform! Whatever Microsoft creates, windows phone always feels like an afterthought compared with IOS and Android and most of the time it does not even create an app for its own platform! week after week, the feature list seems to reduce (basicly anything the other platforms cant do, is now classed as unnessicary, despite providing the important differentiation from the other platforms). Developers have definitly noticed the trend and are leaving in droves, even banks are discontinuing support! if barclays leaves, im buying a new phone tomorrow! there are stories all the time of big name apps leaving windows phone and its very rare to hear of a new one joining. The phone itself is full of bugs. I switched off the insider program and wiped my phone several times but still find myself regularly waiting for spontanious resets or for the 5 second wake-up delay by screen often experiances. In my latest holiday in the mountins I found myself unable to record videos at temperatures of 0 Degrees without the phone restarting while my friends all laughed and got their phones out to record the videos instead. Drove me crazy! (i still would choose this rubbish lumia 950 to an iphone 7 but i dream every night about getting an S7!) I miss the good old Nokia days :( with them, it really felt like they believed in making windows phone great!
  • Ummm I don't know what you are doing with your phone, but mine is working perfectly. I had only stuck about one time per month so it's okay... Every smartphone got it's bug, samsung and apple are not better. The s7 of a friend of me isn't working, the display makes colourful flashes through using it. So bugs and mistakes are normal, that's why the makers are taking updates to the devices. Lumia 950 (xl) is by now quite stable, and there is no problem with using it. Maybe you got a hardware issue, don't know, but it's bot normal.
  • The Start Screen with live tiles and the simple and user friendly OS. I also like the week view in Outlook Calendar which is missing in the Outlook app in Android.That Windows 10 mobile gets regular monthly updates is another great feature. I have got used to Cortana.Though I use Android as my primary phone since most utility apps in my country are developed for Android phones I don't want to let go of my Windows 10 mobile.
  • My Lumia 1520 does everything I need it to do and does it well.  The only issue is not having access to a few apps for work, like WhenIWork, but that's not terribly limiting as long as I can access a webpage alternative.  Once the Slack beta app came out, it's been golden.
  • My kid for some reason put my iphone in the fishtank and it died. I went back to my Lumia Icon
  • Probably cause Im a bit crazy myself and can't stand doing as everyone else does.
    ​Then, first phone was a 3310, then a 7370 (for the color screen), then an express music (for well the music), then a 920 (because i wanted this one), then a 1020 (for the photo part), then a 950XL (for Win10, continuum, photo, screen size, and the fact that no one has my phone at home/friends'/work even if i converted people to windows phone). No problem with the app gap (use only one android app, on bluestacks : simpson tapped out, and quite no more actually), and such in love with the personnalization of the windows mobile, from 8 to 10.
    ​Really, mostly for the personnalization. None is comparable to Win 8/10 for that.
    ​And probably because i have a win 10 computer, a surface pro 3, so having a windows phone is 'quite' logical.
    ​And at the WP 8 times, I loved the app hub where you were able to send facebook messenger texts as sms. This was absolutely useful. Too bad it can't be done anymore.
    ​Ho, and no apple/android friends' smartphone i've tried have such a deep black screen for videos. Gorgeous.
  • I don't waiting for some magical event that might cause windows mobile to be popular then I will switch to it 😌
  • The reason I use Windows Phone as it's pretty straight forward in functioning and using.
  • The article hit many of the same points for me. The eco system. Camera/Onedrive/photo sync. Customizable Live tiles and start personalization. My investment of movies/shows and apps available on PC and Mobile.  I like the MS calendar. The week view is no doubt the best out of any device I have used. Even the Outlook app on my iphone 6s+ doesnt compare.  That said though, WM has gone backwards from the original 7 and 8 versions. I mean, damn do I miss the ME tile. And Groups created in the people hub were available in the messaging app to send quick group MMS. It no longer works like that anymore. While I understand the changes that had to be made it doesnt mean I still have to like it.  I'm not as gungho over WM as I use to be because of the slack off. I dont recommend it anymore to anyone but I do get comments when I pull out my Alcatel 4s. For years I was the cutting edge tech guy in my circle of family and friends and while I still get probed for advice, now I tell them stick to where they invested their money.    
  • For me it's all about VALUE. Or, maybe I'm just cheap! I use WP mostly for the carryover of other purchases. At least thats why i originally got into WP. Going back to when I very first started buying tv shows and movies on my Xbox 360, the idea of having what I've already paid for available on my laptop (and eventually my phone) was a no brainer to me. I'm using a Samsung Ativ SE which I upgraded to Windows 10 using the guide I found on this site, and it has been a GREAT phone. GPS doesn't seem to work real well anymore after the update and it sporadically shuts down from time to time, but I can deal. I think I also just enjoy not being very trendy. I drive a near 30 year old jeep Cherokee becuse I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything and literally shake my head when I see these new jeeps rolling around with led lights trimmed around the headlight bezels. I don't want the newest phone that's advertised - I want a phone that does what I need it to do. Just like my jeep!
  • I prefer my two years old Lumia 730 to any iOS or hangdroid phones ... I can't think to different os anymore. Windows is the sexiest
  • Man, I'm on it since 7.0. Lumia 800. I like the style, I love the live tiles, start screen, en the home screen. I'm from the Netherlands and my Lumia 950 is one of the last Windows Phone you can buy in my country☹. that makes me sad. But he can only hope for the surface phone to arrive when my 950 died
  • One and only reason: My Surface. It is perfect. And with my Lumia 950, I'm within the same ecosystem. App-gap does not really hit me too much, there is literally nothing I am missing right now. Well, I did: 3 apps in total. 9292 (for public transport) suddenly disappeared from the store but I managed to find it back again. Dutch public broadcasting only has some aged, basic apps, but recently a developer launched a very pretty UWP. And so was Dumpert, but also there is a beautiful UWP for. Heck, I even got it on my 55" screen of my HTPC now, eat that iOS and Android! Banking apps, messaging, regional news channel, it all still is there. The only party that is disappointing me now is, you already guessed it, Microsoft. With their stupid Yammer app, for instance.
  • I like Windows 10 Mobile a lot and actually stuck it out until this week. I was loving it thanks to its tight integration across the Microsoft ecosystem (PC, laptop, Surface, OneDrive, Office365, etc.), the awesome camera (Lumia 950 XL), the expandable memory (128 GB), and really good battery life. The biggest reason to stick around was its perfect integration with Exchange (I have 3 Office 365 accounts for different businesses). That said, I've had to abandon the platform because the Skype Preview app sucks as the primary messaging client (threads with multiple recipients are broken out into different threads based upon who is sending), some of the business apps I need aren't available for W10M, Cortana hasn't been as reliable or proactive as Google Now / Google Assistant, the native Maps/Navigation capability is still primitive, and there have been increasing issues with Bluetooth reliability and connectivity which all conspired to upset me enough to leave the platform. I've held out for as long as I could and argued against the switch to Android but I finally jumped in and took the plunge with a new-to-me 128GB Nexus 6P with the Nine email client which provides nearly as good an email and PIM experience as W10M. Is it perfect? No. But thus far, it has been more reliable and dependable than Google's EAS implementation into Gmail and that means a lot to me.
  • I'm still mostly satisfied with Windows phone, and often even enjoy it, but I admit its limitations and that it has lost the mobile OS war, and I'm planning to switch to Android in the summer.
  • I'm sticking to Windows Phones because I believe in having one device that does it all, hopefully one day it will come true and #continuum will go from strength to strength
  • I keep my Windows Phone for the same reason I got involved in the first place, for the same reason I picked up zunes, I love the interface! The rest doesn't mean as much to me honestly.
  • I like the UI, the home screen. :)
  • I don't know that I'm crazy but I did buy 3 650's,  for back-up,  when they last went on sale.
  • No, you're not crazy. The 650 is a very nicely designed phone. As thin as they get and the position of the speakers / microphone is as good as and phone can get. It leaves screen space as open as you can get. As far as RAM goes I don't see why anyone would need more than one GB? The 650 with 16 GB on the phone is enough for apps and 200GB for an SD card is more than enough for photos, videos, music. If I didn't have a 730 dual sim I would have bought two 650's for $300. You seem to have gotten a better deal.
  • I sold my L925 and got a L650 and think its a great phone all round.
  • I have loved Windows phone since I switched to a Verizon Lumia 928 in 2013. Coming from droids, it was shocking to see the innovation, intuitiveness, and integration with my other Windows/Microsoft devices. I have never looked back and take pleasure in preaching about my phone to iPhone users. I use my current 950 xl dual sim for home and byod use, and my coworkers were recently shocked when I did a major presentation to all of our employees using PowerPoint and Sway in continuum (wirelessly). Can't wait to see what comes next!
  • Simple. The OS.
  • Yes the OS is it.
  • I am a fan since the pocket pc. That was all that it is today except the phone part haha. Well not quite, but that thing made a lot of heads turn. I was starting my business and in that time having everything with me was something new and the touch screen added a lot of excitement. It was small, light and very handy. I had my emails with me, all contact information, prices and information about all my products and I had it really in my pocket. Back then (2001/2002) I already wondered why the touchscreen wasn't hot and taking the world by a storm. I was in love with that pocket pc thing. everything synced and working together and when I got home and put it in the cradle it automatically was up to date again.   After that I have spent forever to find that same feeling, that way of working, that streamlined working. I did not find it. I have had a lot of phones. First Android. I did grab a launcher in the first two days to make it my own. It looked great, but it was buggy. When windows 8 came out I changed my android phone to an exact replica of Windows. Everyone around me thought I had a Windows phone haha. A lot of trouble with my contacts. They doubled and things got mixed up and linked. I hated that. I missed the integration of programs and my contacts en email. That did not work as I wanted. I did a lot of things twice or send myself an email to get things done. I did buy a second android with a newer version and more memory, but that wouldn't help long. After only a few months I was back to restarting the thing over and over, resetting, installing everything again, using battery apps to shut things off.   The memory problems, the having to restart my phone once a day lead me to iPhone 5 eventually. That was cool. The most reliable and stable phone ever. Took a while to get used to really having one app active. Well I did not get used to it at all. I missed the personal touch, to be able to make it my own. It was stable, worked all the time but at a cost.  In no time my memory was full. A small looking app with only text in it and a blue stripe behind the title so nothing fancy, was 78 Mb memory. Then I read a few articles in that app and in a few days it grew to 575 Mb of memory and no way to get that down again. Yeah by deleting the app and installing it again or by pretending to buy a 4,3 Gb movie that would certainly not fit in the phone. Then the iPhone started deleting stuff to try to make enough room so they could sell me that movie ;-) All the Apple apps that could not be deleted too... hate it! No way of changing stuff except the background, hate it!   When I broke my screen for the second time I have waited till the Microsoft Lumia 950 came out. That was like coming home after years of traveling. Okay not the first weeks/months, but now it really is my most stable phone ever. It works all the time. I cannot remember having to restart the phone due to problems. Finally I have things streamlines again, always up to date. I can change the looks and feels. What? It does it by itself. I am changing my personal 'corporate' identity several times per year according to the season and the holidays. I was amazed when my computers started to change the theme out of themselves after I changed one. I have no idea how, but the last time my phone changed with it. So cool.   So I have a great screen, a huge amount of pixels and beautiful colours. I have the best camera I have ever had. I work fast and reliable, I have tons of options and all of this is still getting better. My phone is now better and faster than when it got out of the box. I have no need to change phones and I have the feeling it will work for another few years. There is no scratch on it and I have never owned a screen protector or case, because eh I hate it!   Okay I have been sending tweets to Microsoft a lot. There is a lot that really should be better. The quite hours break through list for example. I have tried 20 things to keep my dad and best friend in there, but within hours or days they still disappear. In 2017 that it a shame really. Somehow OO got into my phones dictionary and you will be amazed how many words are replaced by OO. Hate it! The fact you can't delete a word in your dictionary is so 1975. In my pocket phone I could. That's where my hate/love relationship with Microsoft started and they still maintain it very well. They are great of leaving perfect features out of new versions by the time you love it and can't do without it. They are also great in pushing things through your throat. The new start menu with the list of all apps that continuously screams and messes up my personal identity theme, while I don't use that list ever ánd having to click all the time for the things I need. Finally in the next update there will be a possibility to hide that. But then I have been irritated with it for a year or so. That's not a mobile problem, but there are so many of those small things. Hate it!   But now I have bought an android tablet to automate my home. I have a Broadlink RM2, I have some cam's and some other stuff that can't be used with a windows phone, because no one makes apps anymore. I do believe we are headed to a future where apps are not that important anymore, but now you just need them from time to time. And of course there is always a way around. But sometimes I just want to install something and be done with it. History repeats itself. When the ceo told that the Lumia 950 series would be the last Lumia’s I immediately said okay now this will be the death of Windows Phone as we know it, because really everyone will stop making apps now. At that turning point new apps were presented every day. One stupid thing to say. Well Nokia ended the same way. Hey, who was that person who said too much back then?   But this is getting a very long story. All in all I still love my 950, it does get better every day and I do believe in the future of MS's eco system. I would love to put on my heating, turn off the lights and check the camera's with a handy app without having to spend a lot on equipment, but that I'll have to do on my heavily personated Android tablet. Otherwise I would have bought a surface, but then nothing would have changed. All other stuff can be done with my Windows Phone.
  • 1) The way Cortana handles texts, navigation and searches via Bluetooth headset when I'm in the car, all built in to the OS. 2) The Lumia 950 camera. 3) Live Tiles and the beauty, usability and customisability of the Start Scren 4) City Art Search app (combined with CAS-Preview UWP app for random art cycling for Lock screen, and Start screen background). 5) Quiet Hours functionality. 6) Lumia 950's display quality. 7) Wordflow keyboard. 8) Removable battery. 9) Dual-SIM unlocked, purchased directly from Microsoft, so get updates in timely fashion. 10) The whole Feedback thing.
  • It's a killer OS. Ahead of the competition. It is what the world is becoming your computer your world in your pocket ... On a large screen with a keyboard and mouse oh and yeah soon run win32 apps. Talk about Eco System....
  • I think most of the other answers are complete bullshit. I have a love hate relationship with Microsoft.  I am the proud owner of a Lumia 950 XL.  On a daily basis I hate my phone for multiple reasons.  Performance issues.  Crashes.  MS Garage releasing apps to other phones.  Lack of apps is a big one now.  Every vendor and business that has an app always excludes the Windows varient.  But deep down I appreciate my blind following of their lackluster platform because I personally hate people that are glued to their phones. Microsoft made me hate phones.  I'm more social.  I carry conversations.  I'm interested in the person talking.  And I value speaking face to face.  My personality wouldn't have evolved into this with a captivating phone.  I would have been the next dumb **** that we all hate today. Plus everything I own is part of some Microsoft stack.  Apps I've purchased, music, car entertainment all flows through Microsoft.  I'm an original Zune owner. I hate Apple anything and I don't trust Google - I don't know what they are as a company.  My next phone is going to be a feature phone.  Where the battery life lasts over a week.  Apps are a distant memory of cluterred bullshit littered with ads.  And the reliability is 10/10 solid experience. Furthermore I feel like the next release to Windows 10 we were promised a big shift to Mobile.  Previewing the releases that has yet to be seen but I do expect to get ****** over yet again until next year where they under deliver and over promise to 1% all over again.  
  • Really dude
  • My wife was given a iPhone 5 for work and when she lost her job I bought her a Lumia 650. It took about two months and I bought one for myself. I got jealous very quickly, because the L650 while close to a L730 is a much better phone. Very thin and light, nice screen and the perfect size. I don't understand why some say Windows 10 Mobile is buggy? I and my wife have little problems with our phones. Nothing like what I had to go through with Android and my wife's work phone (iPhone 5) gave her problems all the time. I was on the insider program with my L730 but once I reset the phone and got off the insider program it works fine. I still use it. I like Windows 10 Mobile because I can make it mine and it works for me. I've had a few people tell me how nice my start screen is and they wish they could have live tiles too, mostly business people. It's a device to get things done and I find it does that very well. Long live Windows Phone!
  • I like the IU because it is very intuitive. I like the fact that I can customize the Start screen to a configuration that is most efficient for me. I love the live tiles because I can see things like news and weather conditions without having to open the app.  I have an Android tablet running Lollipop that just frustrates me to no end. I'm sticking to WP until the bitter end until someone turns out the lights and locks up.
  • I purchased a Lumia 950 and 950xl during Black Friday last fall. I find these phones great pieces of hardware. Their camera's are the best I have used at the moment and they do exactly what I need. I use youtube, netflix, alarm clock and phone. Youtube can be sketchy, but I can use Edge for youtube instead of an actual "youtube" app if I like.  Overall, the image quality is great and the phone is a beast!  My last phone was an HTC One M8, so I am used to good devices, such as this. Also, I prefer the fact that I can take out/replace the battery instead of working with a sealed unit.  It's too bad that Microsoft seems to be dumping the platform...the 950 and 950xl are no longer on the Canadian Microsoftstore. SEADRIVE
  • I started with Windows Mobile with Windows Phone 8 with the dream of a unified ecosystem. While that dream still isn't fully there, it still has me hooked. While that is what got me started, I've grown to love the start screen as well, live tiles to me just make sense. Now with the addition of Continuum and working in an IT department, I couldn't see using anything else. When I'm on the go at one of our 11 locations, I just hook my dock into a monitor then get my bluetooth keyboard going. That's normally all the power I need for while I'm out lately. I'm also hanging on for Skype Preview to get its act together, which I believe I would like to replace messaging with. I'm also loving the idea of HP's future into Windows Phone for my company. I'm tired of dealing with the nonsense of iTunes. When I can back everything a user needs up to their one drive for business, provision their phone from the server via active directory / group policy to make sure our policies are being upheld and then on top of all of it replace our laptops with just a phone and a dock... what isn't to love? Holds up security, reliability and affordability in one go. This next iteration of HP's phone will probably be the breaking point for us and when I push to switch over completely. Unify all of my users under that so there is no worrying about who has what system and be done with it for good! 
  • Also Productivity... I live in a Microsoft ecosystem... Integrated calendars - my work, home, and a shared one with my wife. OneNote Back always does what I expect (I wish everything worked that way) Start screen United App (I know they're on other phones) for boarding pass (If they take that away from Windows phone Microsoft might lose me) It seems with each release the integration between my desktop, Surface Pro 4, and my phone get better. Seems that almost all 0.1% are present and accounted for with comments :-)
  • Windows Phone 7 with Lumia 800 (in love) Windows Phone 8 with the Lumia 920 (+ in love) and Windows 10 Mobile with my Lumia 950 (- in love) Start screen all the way. The apps I need I have them. With the others I don't, simply use, edge. I hope good future for the platform.
  • Here's my response, and I hope it sheds some light into my advocation for the Windows phone platform: ​I started with Windows phone when I was a tech support agent at Verizon Wireless. The platform was the easiest to troubleshoot, understand, and work with at that time when WM 2003 and soon-to-be WM 5.0 was to be launched. It was the phone to have: Great software, excellent support (IMHO), quick resolution, and Microsoft's Activesync Exchange built-in for business users, all of which just went together. Plus, on the business development side, users were flocking to the platform and wanting more of it. The big one at the time was the Motorola Q and the Palm Treo 700w, all of which were loved by business users everywhere. ​Then, iPhone changed all of that because it focused on the consumer platform. I hate iPhone...and always will. It's too easy to use, too boring, too much like a kid's toy. And it's still that way today. It's the same with Android also, because it's incremental changes to services that still are, technically, the same, dull, boring sea of icons. Phones have not changed, and there needs to be a refresh for them. I've held onto a Windows phone even through the hard times of 6.5, 7.0 and that debauchery, Windows 7.x and then 8....flocking to Windows 10 Mobile. At this point, it's been engrained into everything I do, and Android and iPhone just do not come anywhere near what Windows phone can do. It supports my email out-of-the-box. My calendar. My contacts. My phone. My SMS. The basic needs of a smartphone user without all the hype of "oh, it's missing apps"! My response to these people are this: "Why do you need apps?" I have NEVER needed apps to do what I do, and that's why I love Windows phone! It works out of the box on its own, and yes, I install a few apps to enhance the functionality of it (Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, etc.)...but the main purpose of a smartphone is to keep information at your fingertips while s