Chime in: Will Windows Mixed Reality become Xbox's next killer feature?

When the Xbox One X was first unveiled under its early "Project Scorpio" codename, Microsoft established several key pillars at the heart of the console experience. While 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are main selling points for its release, virtual reality (VR), a feature first discussed as a part of its unveiling, appears to have disappeared off the radar.

With this silence, VR doesn't look to be a feature of the Xbox One X anytime soon. However, following the launch of Microsoft's first full-fledged VR platform, Windows Mixed Reality, its place in the company's gaming strategy is clear. Microsoft might not be looking to commit to delivering high fidelity console VR right now but looks to be a likely addition to the Xbox One X in the years ahead.

Windows Mixed Reality and Xbox recently resurfaced on the Windows Central forums, after one of our readers managed to get hands-on with a retail demo. Microsoft is remaining relatively tight-lipped on Mixed Reality's place in the Xbox brand, choosing to focus on PC experiences for the time being.

So today i went into PC world in the UK and got to try the Lenovo mixed reality headset. First impressions were great. I had only tried PSVR before and instantly noticed the resolution was so much clearer. No blur whatsoever. And the detail in the visuals was immense. Half way through the space demo I asked the Rep for MS cheekily are they bringing this to Xbox One X next year? His reply was...

Richard Loveridge

But we want to hear your thoughts on Mixed Reality and Xbox One X. Do you think virtual reality will soon make its way to the console? If so, do you think this will be the next major feature for the brand? Make sure to drop in the forum thread and share your ideas with our community!

Matt Brown

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