Lumia 830

Hey, over at iMore you'll read about this new phone called the iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus). Whatever, we're all about that Lumia. So we're going to give away a Lumia 830 and a Lumia 735. Two of the newest Windows Phones. So new they're not even out yet, but they're coming later this month and we want to give them to you!

We recently gave away the HTC One (M8) for Windows. That contest was super popular and gathered over 13330 entries! Wowza!

So let's do another giveaway. Though instead of leaving a comment, we're going to switch things up a bit and use out Rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter is the little widget you see below in IE. Not seeing it? That's because you're in the app and should hop over to Internet Explorer to see and enter. You get 11 entries for this contest and you can earn them in a few ways. Leave a comment, follow WPCentral on social or follow your favorite writers on Twitter. It's an easy way to enter and gives you 10 extra chances to win! Make sure you use the same email address for Rafflecopter as you use on Mobile Nations. It'll make it a little easier for us to verify your entries as legit.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! And yes, this is open to everyone on planet Earth!

P.S. Widget not working? You can also try following this link to enter - This is the link to click

Sound off with any questions. We'll answer them here as they come up. One that we've seen so far: When do you send the handsets? The contest goes until 9/17 and we'll announce the winners shortly after. But we'll ship the handsets as soon as they become available. According to Microsoft that's sometime this month.

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