Windows 10 Fall Update reportedly set for November as cumulative patch

Windows 10 users who are not on the Windows Insider program can reportedly look forward to downloading the first major, non-bug fixing update for the OS sometime in November. That's when the update, which has been reported on previously as "Threshold 2" is currently scheduled for release.

The report comes from noted Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott, via his unnamed sources at Microsoft. He states that the official name for the update will be the rather dull sounding Windows 10 Fall Update. He adds it will be released as a cumulative patch, rather than as a full build of Windows 10. Users will be able to download and install the update if they have the RTM version of Windows 10 without having to waste time downloading all the other cumlative updates that have been released after Windows 10 launched on July 29.

Likewise, if you still have a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC, you can wait to upgrade to Windows 10 in November to get the Fall update, according to Thurrott. He adds

"If you have been following along with the Windows Insider updates to Windows 10 since RTM, there won't be too many surprises here. But the Windows 10 Fall Update does include a number of changes, including an improved Media Creation Tool, new locales and other new features for Cortana, and various Edge improvements (but not add-ons, sorry)."

Microsoft is also rumored to launch a major new update for Windows 10, under the code name "Redstone", sometime in the summer of 2016.


John Callaham