Windows 10 and Pocket Minecraft players will soon be able to use pistons, ride pigs and more

Mojang plans to release updates to the Windows 10 and Pocket versions of Minecraft soon that will enable players to use pistons in their sandbox worlds.

Xbox Wire stated:

Pistons have been a top-requested feature from the Minecraft community for a while, and we are excited to bring both standard and sticky pistons to players soon, which will enable you to build even more complex buildings and contraptions within the Pocket and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft, such as draw bridges and trap doors, to name a few.

Mojang has posted a change log of what will be included in the update. Among the new additions will be observer blocks, which will detect changes in neighboring blocks. There will also be pig riding, husk zombies in the desert and more.

Download the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta ($9.99)

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition from the Windows Store ($6.99)

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John Callaham