W10m LivesSource: Marvel Studios via @ThomasThomasLai

Windows Phone was the greatest mobile platform that ever existed, we all know that. Apparently, Marvel Studios also knows, placing a classic Nokia slap bang in the middle of the new Black Widow movie!

Black Widow is an agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D., who supports the Marvel universe superheroes in their exploits against the various intergalactic enemies threatening earth. The Black Widow movie follows the events of Civil War. Without spoiling the movie, she uses a Nokia Lumia to trick some pursuers into thinking they found her. She then subsequently tosses the Windows Phone off a boat, clearly knowing all about Nokia phone's superior ability to withstand damage. I think. Maybe.

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It's somewhat hilarious to see a Nokia Lumia in a modern movie. Typically phones that feature in movies are the result of a paid product placement, although I can't imagine Nokia or Microsoft would've paid for this one.

W10m Black WidowSource: Marvel Studios via @MrDojoJo

Maybe the director is simply a huge fan of the good ol' days of superior mobile phone operating systems. Perhaps the director even reads Windows Central, and may even see this post. If she does, I would hope that she continues placing Windows phones in future movies, so we can educate the masses on the superiority of Windows Phone and all that encompasses it. Or maybe I just drank too much on Friday night, maybe.

The last time I wrote about a Lumia product placement was for Microsoft and Remedy's game Quantum Break, so this is somewhat nostalgic for me. Microsoft often places Surface devices into movies as part of sponsorship deals, although I'm not sure we ever saw the Surface Duo break cover. Perhaps Microsoft is waiting to fully nail the experience before ramping up the marketing with that one. Maybe we'll see the Surface Duo 2 in the next big Marvel movie instead.

You can catch Black Widow in movie theatres or on Disney+, which is also available on Windows 10 and Windows 11!

Thanks to @thomasthomaslai for the tip!

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