Windows 10 Mobile appears in the new 'Black Widow' movie, proving that it's futuristic high-tech

W10m Black Widow
W10m Black Widow (Image credit: Marvel Studios via @MrDojoJo)

Source: Marvel Studios via @ThomasThomasLai (Image credit: Source: Marvel Studios via @ThomasThomasLai)

Windows Phone was the greatest mobile platform that ever existed, we all know that. Apparently, Marvel Studios also knows, placing a classic Nokia slap bang in the middle of the new Black Widow movie!

Black Widow is an agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D., who supports the Marvel universe superheroes in their exploits against the various intergalactic enemies threatening earth. The Black Widow movie follows the events of Civil War. Without spoiling the movie, she uses a Nokia Lumia to trick some pursuers into thinking they found her. She then subsequently tosses the Windows Phone off a boat, clearly knowing all about Nokia phone's superior ability to withstand damage. I think. Maybe.

It's somewhat hilarious to see a Nokia Lumia in a modern movie. Typically phones that feature in movies are the result of a paid product placement, although I can't imagine Nokia or Microsoft would've paid for this one.

Maybe the director is simply a huge fan of the good ol' days of superior mobile phone operating systems. Perhaps the director even reads Windows Central, and may even see this post. If she does, I would hope that she continues placing Windows phones in future movies, so we can educate the masses on the superiority of Windows Phone and all that encompasses it. Or maybe I just drank too much on Friday night, maybe.

The last time I wrote about a Lumia product placement was for Microsoft and Remedy's game Quantum Break, so this is somewhat nostalgic for me. Microsoft often places Surface devices into movies as part of sponsorship deals, although I'm not sure we ever saw the Surface Duo break cover. Perhaps Microsoft is waiting to fully nail the experience before ramping up the marketing with that one. Maybe we'll see the Surface Duo 2 in the next big Marvel movie instead.

You can catch Black Widow in movie theatres or on Disney+, which is also available on Windows 10 and Windows 11!

Thanks to @thomasthomaslai for the tip!

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  • Someone has a bit of tongue and cheek love for failed MS products. I referring to the Zune in GOG 2
  • 😂 I love this piece! 👌🏻❤️
  • Lol. 😂 😂 😂 I just saw a girl using a Windows phone on a recent movie.
  • Yes I did too. Do you remember which movie? I can't remember for the life of me.
  • I can't remember, I just remembered it being a cyan colored device.. Probably a 900
  • She, the director is a woman and her name is Cate Shortland.
  • For some reason I thought the director was Dave Filoni even though that makes no sense. Apologies!
  • 4 years after it's death and it is still ahead of its time.
  • No market. These are excess stocks. So used as props.
  • What year does this prequel take place in again ...?
  • Between Civil War and Infinity War, so in the past. Windows Phone makes perfect sense!
  • Yeah It was a nice touch
  • The movie takes place after Civil War, so era-wise, it's at least more feasible.
  • Brilliant piece. Well done!
  • A little problem, that's not even W10M, it's WP8.1
  • Almost looks like a Lumia 530. Corners look a bit too rounded to be a Lumia 635.
  • Yes, that's w8.1 on Lumia 530.
  • 8.1 was the best of times! I had the first Surface RT running 8.1, my ATIV S running 8.1, and my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro...all running 8.1 and syncing together in a glorious symphony of happiness and brotherhood!
  • Lumia - the best phone of its time.
    I still use the L950 today and it still serves me faithfully.
  • Windows Phones have appeared in so many movies that I'm starting to think it has less to do with any sort of marketing deal with Microsoft, and more to do with, "We can use this without permission from Google/Apple/OEMs."
  • I think you're on to something I do see them all the time especially in marvel movies / shows. Also see a lot of surfaces.
  • BvS showcases Lumia 950 in Ben Affleck's hand and Henry Cavill actually bought L950 that time.
  • That shot takes place in 2016 right after the events of Captain America:Civil War. I guess Windows phones were still poupular back then. Its awesome that they included that minor detail.
  • Precisely! You wouldn't put a push button phone in a movie based in the 1950's so why would you use a modern 2020 phone for a movie based in 2016? Nothing special going on here, but awesome they chose a Windows Phone.
  • Don't listen to these haters... I would still prefer the windows phone to this garbage Android i have. No app i have on this thing fundamentally improves my life in any way
  • But... But... But... It has Snapchat!!!
  • 😎 It sure does.
  • Talking about the ultimate smartphone detox. I can somewhat agree about your last point. That could be the reason why I spend less time on the phone since I first left Android for Windows Phone in mid-2016.
  • I think Microsoft at this point would have been much further if they kept at it. They ended mobile when the Surface was starting to pick up. I hate when Microsoft giv es up on things. At the last reveal 1 product is still going and its Android. Sometimes they make it hard to be a fan.
  • I agree. They already won fans who were solidly changing from Windows Phone to Windows Phone in multiple parts of the world (e.g. Europe and I believe India). The mistakes they made about the minimum specs to run the OS and licensing costs limited initial adoption, then this was compounded by Google and other software developers refusal to allow their apps on.
  • The problem started before Windows (Phone) 8 came about and, arguably, even by then it may well have been too late. With the benefit of hindsight, if Microsoft had abandoned the legacy Windows Mobile platform (and Windows CE on which it was based) and started work on a unified OS core for both PC and mobile devices much earlier, they would have been in a much better place to challenge the rise of Android. There was clearly a need for a competitor to Apple's iPhone, and if Microsoft had, like Google, recognised the iPhone as the competitive threat that it was, they would have more likely been able to achieve lock-in with "early mover advantage" for both developers and users. It would then have behooved them to minimise the friction for developers to adopt the platform and remain with it: that Microsoft didn't bring about the concept of "universal apps" until Windows 8.1 was too little, too late. Given that Google, on seeing the release of the iPhone in 2007, was able to execute a complete pivot in what they were doing with Android and come up with a challenger for iOS in just a year, it makes the fact that Microsoft stuck with Windows CE-based mobile platforms until Windows 8 (c. 2012) laughably short-sighted. What the hell were they thinking?
  • @Joe McClaine The iPhone at first release didn't have an app store. Heck, it didn't even have copy and paste. At the time Microsoft were making phones via partners and PDAs. I used to use HP Ipaq to draw floorplans with during property appraisals. The only think that Windows 6.5 and lower lacked was a unified app store. All the oems had their own store and it was fragmented. Microsoft did work on a iphone competitor but Microsoft is Microsoft. They knee jerked out everything that made Windows 6.5 great. They imposed restrictions on designs. They literally pulled out all the enterprise features, stubbornly refused to provide users with a notification centre. Limited the best of Bings' functionality to the US. Totally disregarded landscape support, had no copy + paste at launch, made the idiotic decision of hijacking Msd cards and flipping the secure bit of the msd card - encrypting and locking the msd card to phone and so on. Also they were far too restrictive with xbox game certification. That's just prior to Wp 8.x. Even with initial launch of Wp8.x we still had no notification centre, landscape support was.marginally improved, still lacked many enterprise features, the email app defaulted to the photo hub. Let's not forget tap to pay was at the mercy of the US carriers. Thus at launch only Orange in France was the only launch partner... Microsoft finally hit their stride with WM10. Albeit it still lacked basic Wifi settings such as setting static ips. But that was available via a setting file change for OEMs. We all know how that went... the debacle of axing the moble division before the launch of 950 series resulted in absolute disaster of a launch - flagship products with bugs galore. However, it got better with every update. Even after all that many stuck with it - why? Because we could see the potential and power of live tiles. The input interaction with a screen has not changed for several decades - we are still clicking, navigating to and tapping frigging icons on a screen. the current grid of icons are no different than the icons from the mid 90s. Albeit with just touch of colour and fancy over lays.
  • I'll still love my Lumia 950XL!
  • Lumia was the best stress free mobile I ever got.
    The battery life, the maps, the swiftness.
    Everything was perfect, the only issue was bad default browser and lack of apps.
  • Well the film does take place in 2016 and she throws the phone off a boat so it was probably a burner that was cheap.
  • Best mobile OS ever. Had to switch to Android a few years back and Android is dog crap in a lot of aspects.
  • I am exactly in that same boat. I was forced to go back to Android last year because WhatsApp had dropped their support for Windows Phone and I still don't like using Android. But since I have knowledge in custom ROM flashing, I did deGoogled my Samsung phone. At least it's usable.
  • My Duo recently broke, and I had to pull out my Lumia while waiting for a replacement. Man, I missed that phone! Even with the reduced app support. It was a pleasure to use.
  • They use phones like that so that it's not easily recognizable. It keeps from pulling you out of the story when you think "oh..that's a pixel 15x" or whatever. If you don't recognize it, you kinda move past it and go with the flow.
  • Given all the tracking Apple and Google did in 2016, it's no wonder she was using WP10. She is a spy, afterall.
  • Microsoft... As with most of their other products... Ahead of their time.
  • The Lumia 1520 is still my favorite phone of all time.
  • I still have a 1020 and 950 sitting on a shelf. And I miss them. As for the movie, I ditched Marvel movies when Cpt Mrvl came out. And I walked out half way through "The Last Jedi" and will never watch another Star Wars film.
  • I'm still dreaming of owning 1020. I always read a lot of camera comparisons between the 1020 and modern smartphones and the 1020's natural detail and realistic colour still wins me over. It almost looks as if it was taken using a DSLR.
  • The Movie takes place in a parallel universe where MS never gave up on Windows Phones, ZUNE, or MS reader. Everything SHIELD runs on Windows CE and everything Hydra runs on Apple II. 😇
  • That is quite a surprise. For me, I'm still rocking my current Lumia 950 as my daily driver including photography. I even still use Continuum to this day and loving it.
  • When I watched this movie I noticed this right away. I wanted to know the reason behind why they chose to do that...