Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17025 ISO files now available for Insiders

A week after Windows 10 Insider preview build 17025 hit the Slow ring, it is now available to download as an ISO as well (via Neowin). If you're an Insider, you can use the build 17025 ISO files to perform a clean install on your PC.

Images are available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Home China editions. Additional files available for download include:

  • Symbols MSI Insider Preview – Build 17025 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Features on Demand Pack Insider Preview (part 1) – Build 17025 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Features on Demand Pack Insider Preview (part 2) – Build 17025 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Language Pack Bundle Insider Preview – Build 17025
  • Inbox Apps Bundle Insider Preview – Build 17025

These ISO mark the first Windows 10 Redstone 4 images to be available via the Insider website. Redstone 4 is the next big feature update in development for Windows 10, and is currently in testing with both Fast and Slow ring Insiders.

If you're a Windows Insider, you can download the build 17025 ISO files from the Windows Insider website (opens in new tab) now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • why is this on Slow Ring?  It's wrecked my 2017 Surface Pro i5
  • What happened to it?
  • I'm happy to read I'm not the only one. The green screen is burning into the monitor of my SP4 i7 :(, Over the last 3 days 50+ in total, very annoying. Even more annoying, it wipes the temp files every time and resets every app to its initial install state, grrr. (And getting back "is not possible" according the recovery tab in Settings").
  • I have a new Asus i7 laptop and a Sony i5 all-in-one running on both...
  • Why release an insider version when the FC version is such a "Vista"?  Wouldn't you put everything into fixing what you've already stuffed up?
  • I hope that when it is released it fixes the glitchyness that the Creators Update caused. If it just does that I will be happy.
  • I can't believe there are still users who are doing this for Microsoft after all. They said let's create better Windows together, then killed Mobile, then Desktop version never get features we asked for. We are free beta testers only.
  • Everyone does understand that the concept of the "Insider Program" IS to be beta testers right? These are not release candidate or "ready for market" releases people. If you want a version that is ready for market, don't accept any version of the insider program as none are ready for consumer release, including those in the Slow Ring. Build 17025 is a "more stable" release than what is on the Fast Ring as the Fast Ring is on 17035. 171101-1616. Mobile was killed because MS is in business to make money and they know they can't compete with Android and iOS because the big manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Apple don't want a Windows OS on their mobile devices.
  • I agree with Daryn. In all the years I've been testing Windows, I have found that many people don't understand that the beta OS is not a stable product, no matter what it's called, beta or insider or whatever. Frankly, I've never understood the problem with the original terms for unfinished software. I began as a Windows Vista beta tester and I remain as a Windows 10 beta tester.