Windows 10 for smartphones is called Windows 10

While not announced officially during the main presentation at today's Windows 10 event in Redmond, we now know what Windows 10 will be called on smartphones. Ready for it?

Windows 10.

The details were confirmed by Terry Myerson in the post event Q&A, and while we're not surprised, it's good to get it out in the open. Windows 10 . Everywhere.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I have been ready. my body is ready.
  • My 520 is ready..bring on the preview :D 
  • Yeyuhhhh!!
  • Lol same bought one to see if its safe to use on my actual phone
  • well, you guys have alredy taken care of this website name months ago - and aptly renamed it to WindowsCentral ;) Good foresight guys!
  • Me too..
  • my body is reggie
  • My device is ready. I'm ready. However, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it, since I'm still 17...
  • Me too but will get it on this 29th only..!!
  • So, I guess it's.....
    And, W10P....
  • Pretty sure its Windows 10 across the board. No numbers, letters, or other confusing bullcrap.
  • And W10 Xbox
    And W10 Band
    And add it after everything now..
  • Feeling really good that I bought a Lumia 930 (and Surface Pro), loving Windows 10.
  • I hope my 820 can use it
  • It can
  • I have an error while updating info on phone insider app. What to do?
  • Well you can't install anything anyway so...
  • Richard, your replying! How the hell did you made the time?!!
  • my surface pro and lumia 635 are ready :)
  • Windows 10 is almost as good as BlackBerry 10? I thought it was dumb when BlackBerry did it why does everyone think 10 is a reset number version. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Decimal is only till 9 so 10 is actually a new beginning...
  • Mind blown
  • BB10 was supposed to be BBX named after QNX. But BBX was trademarked, X=10 in Roman numerals. Hence the name BB10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my BlackBerry Passport
  • Very little details were revealed about Windows phone. I wasn't impressed at all. I guess I'll have to wait until Build. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • It's enough for me to buy a new flagship windows 10 ( phone ) , and Surface pro 3
  • me too
  • Or they said in the presentation. MOBILE World Congress. Maybe they're waiting on purpose.
  • Agree! Nothing much.
  • Office was nice, but that's long overdue. The rest was underwhelming regarding the phone.
  • Same here.  And I'm not convinced that 3rd party devs will care that it can run universal apps if the store is still a minefield.
  • I believe it was meant in a way, that not providing app for windows phone users might not be a big loss from the market share pespective, but losing potential users on the whole W10 platform (with same app) brings kinda different numbers. The question is how that will look in practice.
  • Agree. Nothing really new revealed.
  • I have a feeling that they are hiding a lot more about Windows Phone. I believe the app list will change and the start screen will be even different than what we saw today. 
  • February seems like an eternity! My Lumia 925 has been ready since 2014, last year yet! LOL!
  • Here's hoping those flagships come soon. I dont' care what the OS is called, but I really want something to replace my 920 with, given that it's running on hardware that's almost 3 years old.
  • Windows is SLOWLY becoming Android. Swipe down notifications that expand into quick settings and can be swiped away. White app drawer (they need to go to a grid here to at least triple the number of apps on screen). Microphone on keyboard. Nothing here to move them ahead. Just catching up to last year.
  • Android slowly becoming Windows too like double tap to wake on lolipop xD
  • That was available on Android well before Lollipop and on other platforms as well! It is definitely not a Windows thing.
  • Double tap to wake is an N9 -feature.
  • Love mi legendary Nokia N9
  • That was on android years ago. Windows is playing catch up. When Apple does it everyone complains etc but when Microsoft does it everyone goes wild in excitement. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pretty sure Nokia was doing it before Android
  • Android wasn't the first, Nokia N9 had it before Android. Android is not some holy grail. And yeah when apple does it, the complaints are legit, cause they steal shit from others and call it revolutionary.
  • I hope Samsung ATIV S will be upgradeable to Win10 :)
  • They said that Windows Phone 8.1 devices will be, so yes I would say that it will be.
  • If it's running Windows 8 it will upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Yes it will if it is running WP 8.1
  • Here's Mr. Wet-Blanket. After all is said and done. It didn't appear to me that this was windows 10 on a phone, just an incremental update to windows ten, with a few more things to make it look a little closer to its desktop counterpart.... I'm not as excited as I'd hoped to be, and my hope is no more increased than it was before the event. I am thus, worried, for the comp... Sigh.  Also note the mention of xbox streaming to every windows 10 DESKTOP version. Not the mobile, which was the biggest distinction to me. There were no other visual cues to the start screen such as the way grouping's handled and so on. Further, the only dump we have on the applist is the newly installed items are to the top. Incremental at best. Personal feelings, I may be wrong, and as always, I hope to eat my fears/words later......
  • Same feelings here... Feeling much more hollow than ever...
  • Most importantly, Terry actually said NEW FLAGSHIPS at MWC.
  • He said new flagships, and more at MWC. Not the two together :P
  • Bro, do you even English? New flagships AND more at MWC, meaning BOTH will be there.
  • No, he did not. He said: "We have our game developers conference, we have Mobile World Congress, we have WinHack in China, culminating in Build in April." Or close enough to that. Flagships was in a completely different part of the words he was speaking.
  • I got the impression that the new flagships would come with W10, but I hope I'm wrong.
  • The new flagships will probably be unveiled at MWC and available for sale this Fall with Windows 10
  • Expected !
  • That's the stupidest name I the world
  • Nice and simple i love it
  • I can see I'm a bit late but, LET THE WHINING BEGIN!!!!!
  • @Richard Devine: do we have more info on Phone Insider app?
  • we need more photos and more details about the w10 for phones before getting the preview
  • M exited...for windows 10
  • We r all Rdy!!
  • Looking forward to trying it on my ATIV S.
  • The only downside I see to the naming is that now, it's going to be far more confusing to distinguish which platform you're talking about without explicitly stating it.
  • it's all the same platform, and all apps should be universal when this is all finished, so no need to distinguish phones and other windows 10 devices
  • Future article: Windows Central are changing their name to "Windows 10". :D
  • How did you know that?!
  • It's that sarcasm or not? I'm confused!
  • I have been waiting for this all my life
  • No, you were not...
  • Finally have a reason to replace my 1020s screen! Swap the housing from Black to Yellow, I've been waiting for this!! Woot!
  • But we will still call it windows phone 10!
  • I didn't see whole event,,,I have a doubt,,, about action centre, is it really possible to reply to a notification from action centre???
    No need to open the app??
  • yes, if the developer incorporates the functionality.
  • So can we expect the preview before 10th Feb?
  • Think.. We can
  • Hopefully this shuts up all of the people clamoring about marketshare. The same OS on ALL devices would definitely be a game changer!
  • Not a huge fan of just calling it Windows 10; it makes it hard for developers to communicate.  For consumers, it actually may be the right thing.  You'll just have Windows 10 running on all your devices.  I mean, if it is literally the same thing, with different UI, then I guess I'm okay with it.  It also makes more sense given that there is to be a single app store now, and with universal apps running across devices. So I'm less hateful of this name than I have been about other names like, Windows RT.
  • it should be the same thing, that's why it will 'just' be windows 10, with the responsiveness and stuf
  • When and where can i get the update??
  • february, everywhere with an internet connection
  • My Lumia Icon and Surface 2 RT is ready!
  • Whatt is
  • ....the meaning of life?
  • 42 or candy
    I can't remember
  • So will Surface 2/RT tablets get Windows 10 or not?
  • yes, they should be getting it
  • Hi! Do I need "Insider" app? I'm running Preview for Dev now on my Lumia 1320 What can I do to get ready for wp10?
  • Let us wait 1 more month to know that nothing more to know about Windows 10 UI for phone
  • i think so, as the preview in february will be for insiders
  • Window 10 for phones features shown in the video, is that all for the phones or they just showed the important features. I liked exploding tiles concept, what about it?
  • I'm loving the news and can't believe I have already read whiners complaints about lack of stuff for wphones. I mean, there are so many I don't even know where to start. W10 is the best OS ever and I will be the first in line for the 2015 flagship!
  • I want to agree with you...I really do but, with possable yearly fees and other minor things, it could be questionable. Time will tell, once it hits the market and is avable for purchace/download, then we will all know for sure. I do lilke where they are going tho..
  • Windows 10 free update for Windows 7 and 8!
  • Hi there, 2tomtom! Just my two cents here, but even Daniel commented during the event about the possibility after a year of no cost at all. That's why he wrote above "possibly". Did we miss something? As I understood it, they left this opened, by their choice of words to clarify the statement. I hope you are right! lol
  • Ho WPit. The upgrade to Windows 10 will be free from W7 and from W8, all devices. As pet link; Enjoy!
  • Recently, they have been asking for very low prices! It's not even noticeable, e.g. W7 -> W8. My profile is more of an office guy, so you can look at the picture I see for my near future needs. E.g., e-mail client with ms-word engine running on my brand new Lumia 9xx later this year? Take my money! Instead, I don't spend a penny with games, cause I almost never play. There are lot's of things that can be said here of course: how Iphone fans spend their money and android ones. It's their profile. Good to have options. But, there is another plus that is the One philosophy. Write once, run everywhere. This is like the best part of all msoft services probably. And we didn't even start to talk about PC here! I mean wow! Will be even buying an ARM tablet later this year for some light and on the go productivity. Cheers! Thanks for the reply, man!
  • Nothing much shown about Windows on phone :(
  • Wait, how come the download isn't starting already to get Windows 10 to the phone? Shouldnt that have been automatic when the event started? ?!? /sarcasm  
  • Not sure if I like everything being called Windows 10....Yea, Windows Moble 10, Windows Phone 10...etc but, with out calling it a phone or tablet, it can get confusing...
  • it's all the same anyway, one os for everything
  • I guess the device label/name will be the differentiator...
    Windows doesn't really need to be mentioned at all... Microsoft Lumia 940 tells you OS, phone and model? Can't see them making any Android phones in the near future lol
  • Me and my Lumia 1520 are ready bring on the new windows!
  • There will be a transparent live titles in windows 10 for phones....
    go to
  • Who was the dick head who asked the "Compared to Apple" question to begin q&a? Was it the same dick head who tried to compare Hololens to Google glass? What is wrong with these people? How irrelevant and how rude! I hope they don't get an invite to these events in the future...
  • Not a good idea. Remembering "W8 RT" thing with journalists bashing it for not running legacy apps (in times when no tablet could do it). This stupid argument can be used again. Steam runs on Windows 10? Yes or No?
  • on x86, yes, on arm, no
  • This is both simple and confusing all at once. Phones and PC's are clearly not the same in terms of capability. Phones will not be able to run x86 programs, but there will be many many people that will make that assumption because the OS name is the same everywhere. We all know a least a few people in our lives that will get confused by this, like your Aunt Gertrude - "I bought a Windows 10 phone, so I should be able to do anything I want on it! Why can't I download Photoshop? Where is my desktop?" It will be the Windows 8 / Windows 8 RT fiasco all over again, only worse because this time there is no name differentiation.
  • I agree
  • i personally don't think people would asume you can run normal pc software on a phone, many people are actually impressed a tablet like the surface pro can run pc software
  • Never underestimate the stupidity/hard headedness of some people. There are a lot of people out there that will think they have a PC in their pocket if you tell them their phone has Windows 10.
  • Hmm after all my excitement dwindled down I was just thinking about that. Just different name and skin.
  • In the Win10 (and Win8) ecosystem, apps are not architecture-locked. My understanding now is that Win10 phones and PCs will be the same for compatibility with regards to Windows store apps, with phones just defaulting to the
  • Hi windows central team :) will we ( windows phone users ) get Te full version of the windows 10 one day beacouse I don't have a insider acc i I'm 17 years old ?
  • Open new account with different birthdate... Had to do it for my daughter who likes talking to Cortana on her phone and my son who is toying around with making an app, We should have more control over our own accounts that's for sure, then we wouldn't have to do dodgy stuff like this...
  • But as universal apps appear she will be able to download PhotoShop on any device... X86 were hinted but not confirmed for the flagship later this year...(The look on both of their faces said, they had something along those lines in mind) Her desktop is where its always been, on her PC...
    Device names don't need to mention Windows 10... Do you call your WP a "Nokia Lumia 930 Windows phone 8.1?" I doubt it.. Well I don't anyway. (If people need to know the OS version, well its 8.1 or 10) Its either a Lumia 930 or a Nokia Lumia 930... The next batch may be a Microsoft Lumia 940? Stating OS, device and model...
    I really don't think its a big deal or a notable difference at all really...
    .... Anyways....
    Lets just un twist our knickers and see what they actually do before we go all negative on them hey?
  • Thats a good point. So if devices 8" and under won't have a desktop and won't run x86 programs, does that mean all devices over 8" will? What about devices over 8" like the Surface RT? They can't run x86 programs now, but future devices will? On the phone level it may not be a big deal, but as you go up in size into tablet territory it could get confusing quick. I wonder if the dividing line is 8" or if it is on a device by device basis.
  • Hmm, only time will tell I guess... Food for thought anyway ;)
  • I thought they showed off a tablet with the
  • I think I may have eluded to that in November... It's all Windows 10.
  • It was a bad presentation:/ all I have seen is the new Outlook, PowerPoint and so on. I want to se the new features of the Os itself!! Or have I missed something?
  • Okay... The kernal is a reduced set... Which is why it will run on Arm devices. Software designed for x86 will not run. User will know the difference. Ultimately developers will create software for the weakest link...
  • No shit.. Now move on.
  • The UI of each and every app this evening seems disconnected. The "let's hide tiles in start menu" solution is retarted beyond belief. MSFT should ask themselves the following question: What is the difference between a video, a webpage, a xbox-game or a background image? There should be none. If I play video and then interact with the OS, the tiles, app list or action center should overlay the video semi-transparently while it keeps playing. This way, we can still use the whole screen (not a limited area!) for tiles and have a means of multitasking even Android couldn't dream of. Additionally, there are no new tile types, no news on the barely usable VPN, no idea of having a common repository API, so that each cloud app can offer itself as a file storage, instead of implementing in each and every app itself. Rtsp, Dlna... Nothing, after years of waiting, despite the fourth completely rewritten runtime environment. What about LOB Metro apps, or desktop apps on ARM? Nada. Instead, we got two nerd hardware prototypes with virtually zero market. This was the day MSFT needed to deliver a vision; admins and customers around the world were eagerly waiting. They simply didn't.
  • Saw the event for phone i think the ui still not friendly like after downloading videos from some YouTube apps u can't have it on your phone storage or sd card and no 3rd party apps... vpn still same.. u can't control your phone with the vpn client apps.....I'll hope I'm wrong (sory for bad English)
  • Windoze 10
  • Windows 10. Nice and simple.
  • Can't wait to play my xbox games on my new flagship phone in a few months!!!!  
  • im glad this is this case. I attended a focus group last year (assuming since I see it here im not breaking my NDA) regarding naming conventions for windows 10 across devices and this was the only one that made sense to me. This way there is no confusion, its all windows 10 no matter what device.
  • Twenty-one version later.
    "Introducing Windows 31!"
  • "*It is our intent that most of these devices will qualify, but some hardware/software requirements apply and feature availability may vary by device. Devices must be connected to the internet and have Windows Update enabled. ISP fees may apply. Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update required. Some editions are excluded: Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, and Windows RT/RT 8.1. Active Software Assurance customers in volume licensing have the benefit to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise outside of this offer. We will be sharing more information and additional offer terms in coming months." Does this mean no upgrade for Surface RT and Surface 2?? If so they have really screwed over all of those customers..... Again.
  • You are talking about next month. I am still waiting for Lumia denim.
  • I don't know why so many people have trouble accepting this. MSFT has been pretty upfront in saying Windows 10 will run across all devices and be everywhere. It truly is one OS tailored for each application.
  • Yay!
  • Guys, someone here has the Samsung Ativ S? I made a special group whatsapp for these users so that we are connected on the news and even questioning this device a little forgotten. If this is of interest, please tell me your number or call there on my: +557998753071.