Windows 10 won't randomly rearrange apps on multiple monitors anymore

Monitors (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • If you have two or more displays and set your machine to sleep, odds are the apps will change locations.
  • Microsoft is aware of the issue and is fixing it.
  • You can grab the fix right now if you're in the Windows Insider Program.

Windows users with more than one monitor have long suffered at the hands of random app reshuffles. You set your machine to sleep, then wake it up only to see everything on the desktop entirely rearranged. All your careful organization mattered not to Windows 10 — until now.

Multiple monitor setups can rejoice, as Microsoft has announced that it's aware of the issue and intends to fix it (via The Verge). In a Microsoft dev blog entitled "Avoid Annoying Unexpected App Rearrangement – Your PC Can Sleep Without Nightmares," post author Michelle Xiong details that the issue is technically referred to as "Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD)," and that multi-monitor headaches caused by it can be a thing of the past if you're in the Windows Insider Program.

You can grab the fix right now via the Windows Insider Program as long as you're on build 21287 or above. Alternatively, you can wait for a regular Windows 10 update down the line to bring it to the standard release.

This small fix to an annoying problem isn't the only obstacle Microsoft is using technology to overcome. In recent news, the tech giant is also keen on helping employees recognize when they're stressing out at work by monitoring their biometrics. And Microsoft also recently conducted research using brain scanners to determine that employees need breaks. In short, lots of tech progress is occurring over in Redmond.

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