Windows 11 build 22468 is rolling out in the Dev Channel with more fixes

Windows 11 Update Windowsupdate Estimate New Light
Windows 11 Update Windowsupdate Estimate New Light (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Build 22468 is out in the Dev Channel.
  • It includes only fixes and improvements to test.
  • No new features are present.

It's another week, which means it's time for another Windows 11 preview build for Insiders in the Dev Channel to test. Today's build is 22468 and includes only fixes and improvements, no new features. Top billing for today's build are improvements to VPN settings, and the ability to turn off recent search items in the Search hover UI on the Taskbar.

Here's the full changelog for today's build:

  • When you click a VPN connection in VPN Settings, you can now see some stats about the connection.
  • Added an option to turn off showing recent searches when hovering over the Search icon in the Taskbar. The option is under Taskbar behaviors in Taskbar Settings.
  • Mitigated a rare explorer.exe initialization hang related to loading the network icon.
  • Improved reliability of showing the flyout when hovering over the Search icon in the Taskbar.
  • If you navigate to the Search icon in the Taskbar using the keyboard, navigating away will now dismiss the recent searches flyout.
  • The options when right clicking recent files displayed when searching for certain apps like Word should work now when you select them.
  • If you right click files in OneDrive locations in File Explorer, the context menu will no longer unexpectedly dismiss when you hover over entries that open sub-menus, like "Open with."
  • Double clicking a network folder to open it will no longer unexpectedly try to pin it to Quick Access instead of opening it.
  • Addressed an underlying font issue that was making the right hand of the shruggie kaomoji not display in the correct position, as well as apostrophes in certain cases.
  • Your preferred microphone input format setting (as configured in Sound Settings) should persist upgrade now.
  • Addressed an issue where certain drives were unexpectedly not displaying in Defragment and Optimize Drives.
  • We've resolved the issue preventing MDM enrolled PCs from successfully updating to the previous build. These devices are now unblocked from updating to the latest build.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause unexpected flickering in certain apps such as Microsoft Edge when using multiple monitors with different refresh rates.
  • Mitigated a display related issue that was causing some Insiders to experience an increase in bug checks in recent flights.
  • Did some work to address an issue where the Windows Update icon in the Taskbar might display but suddenly disappear when you hovered over it.
  • Addressed a rare issue with certain devices after sleep where Wi-Fi would get stuck in an off state and trying to toggle it back on wouldn't work.
  • Mitigated an issue for certain devices that could cause the system to freeze in some scenarios.

As always, you can check out the Windows Blog for the complete changelog which includes a list of known issues. Build 22468 is rolling out in the Dev Channel now, and Microsoft recommends all Insiders upgrade to it as to avoid the timebomb that the previous build has.

Zac Bowden
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