Windows 11 desktop background stickers shown off in video

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What you need to know

  • A new video shows off desktop background stickers on Windows 11.
  • The stickers will persist across different backgrounds, providing people a new way to customize their desktops.
  • Windows 11 will have a sticker editor that allows you to pick, place, and resize stickers for the desktop.

Windows 11 has a new customization option that will let you place stickers on your desktop. Placed stickers will stay in place even as you switch your background image. The feature is shown off in a video by Twitter user Albacore. We first heard about desktop stickers on Windows 11 when Albacore discussed them earlier this month.

According to Albacore, a new sticker editor will allow PC owners to pick, place, and resize stickers for the desktop. The functionality will be accessible by right-clicking the desktop or navigating through the Windows 11 Settings app.

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Some have criticized the feature online, but it will be disabled by default, so it shouldn't be cumbersome or in the way.

Desktop background stickers aren't avaialble for testing at this time. Presumably, Albacore was able to unlock the feature after finding it in an Insider build of Windows 11.

It's possible to tweak the look of your PC with the best apps for customizing Windows 11, but desktop stickers are native and appear easy to use. They should provide another level of personalization and allow people to express themselves on their PCs.

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  • Now THIS is the kind of Game-Changing innovation that is going to put Windows back on top!! 😝
  • Next stop: useful desktop widgets? Perhaps ones that launch their respective apps?
  • You mean Live Tiles...
  • Live Tiles weren't interactive. Desktop or Start menu widgets would be significantly more useful. I'd love to see the widgets bar feature third-party widgets.
  • Can't get the left or right taskbar...a functional improvement. Instead we get background stickers. I hate form people so much.
  • Probably the most underwhelming feature yet lol... I mean when it was teased it didn't sound exciting, but at least there was a tiny chance for floating widgets... but this is literally stickers you see in chat apps lol... the only somewhat possible useful thing would be if you can put custom stickers like a logo or if there's actually interactive stickers.
  • I guess the developers' kids have their own team at Microsoft.
  • Interesting and fun, though I probably wouldn't use this personally.
  • Is this an April Fool's gag that was accidentally released early?
  • Microsoft are always cancelling features because they claim no one uses them (eg. live tiles) but then they spend time and money doing this!? I'm perfectly happy for the feature to be there but I can't imagine they will be used by a greater percentage of users than tiles.
  • W11 got soooo many bugs and missing features so what MS is doing? Stickers :)
  • Panoy is vying for his own scene in a South Park movie: Army General: [shouting] You told us that windows 98 would be faster, and more efficient with better access to the internet! Bill Gates: It IS faster! Over five million... [General shoots Bill Gates and everyone cheers]