The Windows 8 phone "Intelegent" exists: PC World claims to have seen footage

Windows 8 Phone. Sounds familiar, right? It's either the common mistake made by both consumers and retailers or the i-mate product we looked at back at this year's Mobile World Congress. We remained on the fence at the time, but now PC World has revealed they've seen footage of the product, as well as the ability to confirm specifications. Interested? We sure are. 

To confirm: yes, this is Windows 8 on a phone. i-mate will not only provide a device that runs the full version of Windows 8, but it's also promising a docking station that would turn the "Intelegent" into a desktop workstation. A truly mobile PC. Unfortunately, this product wasn't on public display at MWC so we were unable to have a play with concept or demo units and the "More information coming soon." message remains on the company's website.

Not all hope is lost, however. While we haven't seen i-mate since the Windows Mobile days, things could be about to change and there could really be a Windows 8 Phone on the horizon. As noted above, PC World claims to have seen several videos of the Intelegent in action, but have yet to actually use the phone and notes that they can't say how well it works as a whole.

The website does state that i-mate plans to launch the phone this summer for $750 (unsubsidised), with both CDMA and GSM models available. Pricing we previously covered is spot on as the complete package (including docking station and wireless tablet screen - see above image) will set consumers back by at least $1600. 

So what are the specifications of the Intelegent? We're looking at a 4.7-inch display (1280x768), 2GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, 3,000mAh battery, 8MP front-facing camera, 2MP rear shooter (stated by PC World - could well be incorrect), wireless charging and an Intel Z2760 to power Windows 8. It's the same chip that's found in Windows tablets such as the Acer Iconia W510, which isn't a slouch by any means.

We'll not dive into too much information, so be sure to head on over to PC World to read up the full report. The question we put to you is: are you interested?

Source: PC World

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Does it have a phone feature and cellular?
  • It says Windows 8 PHONE, without ability to call its just a small tablet, read the article
  • Oops, my bad! I read the article, but I must have skipped that section where it mentions the GSM and CDMA variants.
  • There's always some who skims through the article and claims to have studied it for hours and taken several tests before making a post on the matter at hand. Now I have to take time out of my busy schedule and point it out to my fellow readers so that we can all say "bad" "that's a bad unstoppablekem", now go sit in the corner and go to bed without any supper for making a buffoon out of yourself and for wasting everyone's time with such a silly post. Maybe by me pointing this out for you and for everyone to see will help you remember to proof read the articles and then proof read it again and then when your attempting to type in your little post. . . STOP, then ask yourself, self? Is the a moronic question that is going to waste everyone's time or is this a legitimate question that is going make the world better or am I just going to make a complete *** out of myself. Please next time just read the article. For the love of god man, read the article more carefully.
  • I think you forgot to take a pill or missed your anger management class, chill bro. This are internet and people in it. stupidity in our blood. You are overreacting
  • It was a joke. A good one too.
  • lol
  • My gosh, I made one mistake, I'm so sorry. How can I ever forgive myself?
  • You'll have to live with it till the rest of your life lol
  • :'(
  • Life
  • I need you to clear up what you just wrote. I only skimmed over it and I think I might have missed some things.
  • Well then its not really a Windows 8 phone is it. So why are they advertising it as one. If your the only one that has read the article maybe you can explain this as well, thanx!
  • Are you confusing Windows 8 phone with Windows Phone 8?
  • What I read is that it runs through Lync and then to a carrier, but yeah, of course it makes calls.
  • this is quite possible with skype providing phone capabilities. I already use my laptop to make calls through my office 2013 subscription (it includes 60 mins of skype/month)
  • If it kind of looked like the pictured concept, 8MP front facing would make some sense for an office / skype / video conferencing focused product. Sell it to office workers as their main thin client. (Some part of me says the cord would not be included... taking bets on Bluetooth 2.1+ wireless "handset".) And hoping they would require "docking station" but rather include micro HDMI output (like Surface) and ~1 or 2 USB ports. Though obviously if you "take it with you a lot" you'd probably prefer the dock or use all Bluetooth accessories and just have to plug in the monitor cable.
  • "Intelegent"
    Is it just me or did I just laugh too hard at this?
  • Yeah, i thought i heard you laughing
  • LOL
  • Haha!
  • An 8 mega pixel front facing camera and a 2 mega pixel rear camera. I should edit your article
  • Considering that's what is written on I don't think you should.
  • Perhaps that was purposely done, for the sake of Skype and other video calling services? This looks about aimed at business people after all, and in that case a better front facing camera would make sense.
  • Wouldn't 8MP for Skype/video calling be an overkill? I think 2MP is good enough so it makes more sense to reverse the position of the two cameras.
  • I fail to understand the point of this.
  • Literally a PC in your pocket.
  • Literally a brick in your pocket. That thing must be really thick and heavy.
  • That's what she said.  
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • Lol
  • LOL good one.
    But brick or boulder. I dont care how heavy this is.
    I'm buying this in a heartbeat.
  • I have to agree... I think this is what Microsoft is aiming at... The rumors of them combining the marketplaces would be great for this product... Also I'm typing this off a 920 so I'm used to bricks ;-) ..... Ok.... Flash of an idea... I am goin to email Nokia sayin "do that".... At least a concept..... Plzzzzz.... Also I think the EOS might be heavier than the 920... Just throwin that out there
  • Look guys, no offence but there must be a catch with this device. Either it is teribly slow, everything will lag on it, and battery will drain in no time, or their technology is 3 years ahead of the market, in which case I dont get why dont they build the killer tablet which is 10 times faster than any tablet on the market today and holds for 1 full week with no recharging.
    I wouldnt hold my breath on this device
  • Dude, I can hear that a 1,000 times and yes it's stupid but I always laugh. :)
  • SWEET! So I can use my phone to sync my phone! So I can use my phone to charge my phone!? This is going to be so confusing to me! :D
  • Lol
  • Imagine using this device with wireless keyboard to send texts! I wonder who the OEM is for this such a glorious device.
  • I think this is where MS heading anyways in the long run. 5 years from now most users will only need the power of a phone to do all their computing. So the phone will be the "PC" and there will just be various docking or syncing stations.
  • Im all for this. I do not use a home computer anymore, just a work computer.
  • This would be awesome.
  • I can see a use for this. one device to rule them all. For 90% of users for everyday tasks the z2760 ATOM is more than enough power. Your phone, your tablet and a big screen desktop/phone for executive types, presenters, and IT PROS, I see a desire for this kind of device. if you have a big enough budget. but in the meantime my 8X and (when it launches and I buy it! ) the Lenovo 11s with my 27" monitor at home will suit me just fine. ;)
  • It is, I am working on one right now. In fact, when Bay Trail comes out - it will be hard to resist.
  • Should just go to 5 inches for full 1080p
  • agreed.
  • This would be fantastic. A true workhorse.  Office, calendar, tasks, complete internet, you name it, it can be done. I can even run my home design software on this. Cool
  • Same thing in 4.5 inch form factor with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage + expandable SD card, powered by next gen Bay trail (atom processor) and finally made by NOKIA / Microsoft and i will buy something like this in a heart beat.
  • +1
  • Do you have any idea about how thick a device with 128 gb storage would be? Be realistic maybe in 2 years time (being optimistic here) it will be possible to have a reasonably sized phone with such especifications but we are not quite there yet...
  • If they would use this by Western Digital then Size and Storage should not be a problem only .5mm thick and 500gb.
  • You do realise that is a hard drive and not a solid state flash drive?
    Basically meaning that the first time you drop your phone, it's entire contents will most likely be lost!
  • We'll have 128gb microsd cards by Christmas this year. Tb in 2 years.
  • I know its unreasonable for me to ask something like that , but i am sure by fall 2014 something like that can be done. Even if it is a brick like the 920, i wouldn't mind carring it.
    But more than H/W, it's the S/W that would need work . In such a device, Windows has to act like WP in potrait mode and like windows 8(8.1)in landscape mode . If MS can make it work that would be magical.
    Just by looking at what they are doing with windows 8.1 its pretty evident that , that's what MS has in mind. But the wait for more BLUE updates is killing me .     
  • Storage used in phones are NAND chips, and Samsung was first to announce they have 128 GB NANDs in production. This was last fall.
  • If only it had a Wacom pen...
  • +
  • Bones +1
  • So they would release a phone with windows 8 to compete with their own windows phone 8 products? but windows 8 phone sounds really cool. same OS on phone as well as pc has always been my dream.
    This would make the Surface and Windows RT users look stupid.
  • Well I think with"blue" we are going to see more OS unification. I'm really interested to see what the new XBox is running
  • I strongly feel like this should have been held off until Silvermont arrives in 2014.
    I mean come on, Microsoft's really going to ask people to speculatively invest $1600 in a computing ecosystem based upon an 18-month old SOC?  That's crazy.
  • You do realize this is made by i-mate? Right? And not Microsoft.
  • I cannot believe that someone like i-mate has the financial resources and the risk appetite to fund a project like this on its own.  Either Microsoft or Intel is cutting some checks here.  
    On second thought it's probably Intel.  The phone-to-tablet interface sounds suspiciously like Intel's Wi-Di technology, and if Microsoft were behind this they'd probably be basing it on a Snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 and running Windows RT.  
  • Regardless who's behind this I'm very intrigued. It seems like a very good and interesting concept. IMO.
  • It's not that I care who's behind it, I just want it done right. And when a huge company with lots to lose like Intel or Microsoft is behind something like this I expect them to think things through and give it the best possible chance to succeed, and I don't see that happening if it's based on a generation-old SOC. That's all.
  • Intel is the only one to acknowledge working with them. Microsoft basically said "who?".
  • Yeah, as I mentioned this project makes a lot more sense for Intel than Microsoft.
  • I'm tired of speculations, I wanna see the hands-on to truly truly believe!
  • Meh. This is nothing original. Asus already did this. And they're on their 3rd Asus Padfone. The only difference is that it runs Android and it's WAY cheaper. I would consider this, as I've considered the Padfone, IF I hadn't a L920. But having one, I have no interest in this. I'm more interested in complementing the L920 with a Nokia Tablet.
  • Android..... Windows 8. One's a mobile os, the other is a full desktop os. Hmmm not much of a comparison there, guy.
  • Yes, there is a comparison to make. Because the concept is EXACTLY the same. The only difference is that Microsoft prefers to put Windows 8 on it and Google hasn't bothered to produce a desktop OS.
    Besides, Windows 8 is HARDLY a "full desktop os". In its actual form, Windows 8 is a nightmare of an unfriendly desktop OS and much more of a Tablet/phone OS.
  • Myself and a large percentage of other users who use Win8 on the desktop all the time strongly disagree with that statement.
  • "a large percentage"? Well, a large percentage of other users deem W8 a nightmare to work with on a normal, non-touch screen computer. Actually, the "large percentage" has liked it so much that Microsoft was forced to reinstate the start button and other things in the upcoming update of W8.
    So, you will pardon me if I disregard your "large percentage" argument.
  • You really are fixated on the start button, arent you?? Considering that everything the start button did can still be done simply by pressing the 'windows' key on the keyboard and that the swipe gestures of any windows touchscreen device are now supported by majority touchpads, I honestly dont think I would call windows 8 use experience a 'nightmare'. Far from it. I myself am using windows 8 on a two year old acer laptop, and honestly I am just loving it.
    While I agree there is a learning curve to using Windows 8, it sure isnt that steep that you cant get around it. 
    And, I might be wrong on this, but Microsoft hasnt yet confirmed the reinstation of the start button so stop saying like "it is known".
    /rant off
  • Touch this, touch still fail to understand that the vast majority of user do NOT use touch screens. They use a mouse and a cursor. So yes, it is a nightmare. And keep reaching for the keyboard isn't practical at all. So yes, I'm fixed on the Start button because its removal was stupid and whomever decided it is certainly a moron.
    Also, try to convince companies that a OS designed for teenagers who spend their lives on twitter and Facebook is good...good luck with that, you're gonna need it.
  • But thats the whole point. Nobody is asking you to touch anything, we are asking you to PRESS the windows button on the keyboard or use a mouse and a cursor. And i dont really understand why you'll need to keep reaching again and again for the keyboard when you are already using it. 
    And I highly doubt its just the teenagers using fb and twitter that are liking it. It simply isnt about the age group, its more about the learning curve, you'll either go ahead with it or you'll not and keep calling others stupid and moron. 
    I myself am using it full time for my professional work and I have absolutely no issues using it.
  • Actually blackprince said he "and a large percentage of other users who use Win8" so he's only talking of W8 users not the general public so he's probably correct in what he said. As for your sarcasm, W8 is barely 6 months in the market so the jury is still out. You could end up still being wrong about W8. Between you and blackprince, I put my bet on blackprince as becoming the eventual winner with regards to W8.
  • Just wait until corporations start replacing Windows with other OSs because W8 is designed for teenagers who spend their lifes on Facebook. And then you'll see who was right about W8 as it is, being crap. ;)
  • I don't know if you remember/know but Vista was hard to get used to at the beginning because it was so different. All it takes is a little time and maybe some customization and it will be natural.
  • I agree, love w8 on my self built machine.
  • It's not anywhere near production. At only 2GB it will be quite slow. What I've read implies that this won't be viable for quite some time. So don't get your hopes up.
  • Do any ither Windows 8 devices have phone (GSM type) capabilities or is this the only one?
  • I believe one of the Asus Vivo tab models have LTE.
  • ... And the reason PCworld "won't dive into too much information" is because 1. There isn't much 2. This company has made untrue claims before
  • Ok,... :-/
  • This could potentially be an apple killer
  • "Here we go again...." :P
  • LOL Apple may be the big time in phones, but they are still nothing on desktops/laptops. Microsoft is still king.
  • Take my money already!!
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft out something similar in the future, but more geared to the corporate environment. MS did a lot of collaboration with Nortel, just before Nortel died, creating a turnkey phone system with desksets that had the capability to sync directly with exchange to display the corporate directory for dialing.and calendar, and run intranet web apps for things like corporate announcements (birthdays, etc), stock info, and sales metrics for example. Think of it as a dedicated 2nd terminal on your desk that is always on, no login required, and is optimized for dialing and conferencing. I know both Avaya and Cisco are also dabbling in this area with tablet based desk phones. It is admittedly an area that is slow to develop, but may ultimately be the evolution of the office desk phone.
  • This is geared for corporations... I can't find the link (on my phone) I was reading yesterday about this. If i find it later, I'll post it... It had much more detail & insight than this PCmag thing. Basically, I came away with the feeling that this quite gimmicky at the moment and under this company it may never see the light of day.
  • The product now makes better sense to me, if indeed its geared for corporate desks as you stated. Yes, these types of products are gimmicky at this point due to their high cost relative to a standard desk phone and due to the lack of a clear benefit/ROI for corporations. It will never take off until someone can demonstrate a got-to-have application or use for it. Regardless, MS, Cisco, Avaya, and now this company, are all experimenting with it. If nothing else, stuff like this serve to push the technology boundary, and one of them may yet hit upon the next corporate desk phone as a result of this kind of effort.
  • I think a main selling point is having 1 unified system. Instead of an office computer system, a few different kinds oftablets and multiple phones... which is an IT nightmare - but currently how its done.
    The selling points are obvious what isn't is having a phone sized device capable of running a complex OS like Windows 8. At 2GB RAM, this device isn't there yet for most applications.
    It will come. Maybe not is this package and probably not from this company, but it will come.
  • I agree that the single device goal is desirable and likely what there're aiming for. I see so many challenges to designing that type of a device with todays technology though that I wouldn't expect to see anything worth considering in this space over the next 5 years.
  • To run a full version w8 i think at least 4gb ram and high grafix card like 512mb required. I think it wl be a battery killer. So 3000mamp is not sufficient.  :(
  • They claim standard battery numbers of a smartphone today, but also claims 2GB of RAM... so it will be s-l-o-w.
  • Not sure if you overestimated Windows 8. 2GB RAM is more than enough. No graphic card is required. 
  • 2 mp rear camera?? Would absolutely ruin the whole thing. Hope that's wrong
  • They got it flipped, 8mp rear; 2mp front.
  • Yes i am interested
  • Looks cool at least.
  • Definitely not getting this. Looks cool but there are better ways to spend that kind of money.
  • You're definitely not getting this. Not anytime soon anyway, because its not on the market. They haven't even worked up a prototype that's good enough to let anyone see it (other than a few short videos, that could easily be rigged). I think they are just trying to sell the idea at this point.
  • Like the concept of a full pc in your pocket! But it also has to be light enough to carry around and specs are a little on the light side imo. Still kudos for trying this new concept! Consider me interested.
  • If has at least 32/64gb w/ microsd card slot, HD screen, LTE, Full Flash browser and running smoothly I'm sold. I just hope/dream/dying to see WP8 apps/games running into RT/W8 OS my gosh that would be brilliant! C'mon Microsoft I know you're late in the game just kill it in the overtime baby!
  • This Sounds Awesome! I just have Some Questions. Will this be Upgradeable from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 9 Pro or even to Windows 10 Pro? Will We be able to Install or Run Programs to and from the MicroSD Card or from any other Device that Might be Able to Connect Physically to it? Like a Flash Drive or a Friends Computer that Don't have the Dock to connect it to. And that is the second part of the Second Question. Can you Connect Anything to the Phone through the USB Connector like a CD/DVD Drive, USB Drive, External Hard Drive, or to another Computer to Swap Files with or to Install stuff either on the Phone or to the Computer from the Phone? The next Question is that the Phone Will be Released with Both CDMA & GSM Radio's inside, but what about LTE. Will the Phone Have LTE that's Compatible With All of the LTE Standards that the Carriers Are Using Now and Will Be using in the Near Future? Also, a Lot of Computer come with a Whole Bunch of Crapware and a Bunch of Cellphones come with a Whole Bunch of Bloatware. So the Question is; Will this Phone with Windows 8 Pro have ANY CRAPWARE or BLOATWARE?
  • Lolol
  • I wonder how Warcraft would run on it... Tempting.
  • it's 2015!!!!! I want one!!!!!!!!!!