Windows Camera adds touch of Fluent Design and more for Insiders

Windows Insiders are getting another taste of Fluent Design with the latest update to the Camera app. As spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia (via MSPU), a fresh update to the Camera app is rolling out to Insiders on the Release Preview ring, bringing along additional aspects of Fluent Design, along with a handful of other tweaks.

Specifically, the added Fluent Design elements can be found in the settings menu, which now features sports a blurred transparency effect that Microsoft refers to as "Acrylic." In terms of settings, you can now also select multiple resolutions for your photos. And, perhaps solving one of Windows Camera's more annoying issues, the app will now remember the last camera you were using when you open it back up. In other words, if you close out of Windows Camera while using your device's rear camera, it will default to the rear camera when you open it back up.

Here's a look at what's new, according to Aggiornamenti Lumia (translated):

  • Proportions: It is now possible to select multiple resolutions (and more details are now shown for resolution)
  • Manual focus: In the function bar you can now find the new item "Manual focus" to adjust the focus of your cameras to your liking
  • The last used camera will always be remembered: If you close the app with "open" the front camera, once restarted will open the latter (or vice versa)
  • Improvements with the brightness slider: It is now much smoother and shows the real brightness value selected to the user
  • It is no longer possible to rotate the capture button between scenes (photos, videos) with the touch
  • It is now possible to use all their cameras connected in parallel (if the operating system allows) on different windows of apps. Example: I'm recording video on my camera right and I can attach a photo to my email on my camera left.
  • Removed support for older devices: Needless to say, the update is not available for mobile

Insiders on the Release Preview ring should be able to check out all of what's new by grabbing Windows Camera version 2017.1223.10.0 on the Microsoft Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Excellent.
  • Andromeda
  • Andro(meda)id... I just noticed it...
  • I have used the camera on my Surface Pro 4 to take a picture once, and it was flipped and very low res. I have not tried to do that since and I don't see the need. I do use the camera on my Lumia 950xl daily. Sooooo yeah, good job msft.
  • If they don't Port this to Android/IOS, it's basically useless, considering nobody uses WP anymore "sigh"
  • Camera is also on Windows 10
  • Nice! Update not available on phone, where yo actually use the ******* camera on a daily basis. Sick of this useless MS. Bunch of idiots.
  • Lol
  • What, its not trrue? I purposely clicked on this as well thinking it was a mobile app update, but sadly we are What's the point, seriously who takes a pic with their tablet, or let alone their laptop?? Who would focus on using any of these features when they could just use a real camera, and not the crappy 5MP camera built into  most tablets, or the even crappier 2mp webcam that's in most laptops?? lol \rant over.
  • I guess one way to look at this is that they still have some idea for mobile. I just wish they were more forthwith about it.
  • Let's hope so.
  • I've owned every Surface Pro from the first through SP3, including RT, and I've had a Windows desktop since forever. Not once have I ever taken a picture with one of these devices. What's the use case other than sitting in a meeting? I've never seen someone carrying around a Windows laptop or tablet taking pictures.
  • What a completely useless waste of time and effort. Who uses his pc or tablet for taking pictures or filming stuff? I would appreciate getting this on my x3, but why bother serving customers who would actually use your app.
  • In other words "I don't use it therefore no-one needs it" 🙄
  • I think Nadella should spit out his arrogance and roll out this update to all W10Ms asap.
  • Why would they? They've said enough times that Mobile is dead as a platform
  • Taking pictures with a pc is pointless but the camera is useful for Skype, streaming etc
  • yeah.. but those app don't use M$ Camera app.. this is pointless
  • How many Windows insiders are there nowadays compared to say 48 and 12 months ago, would be nice to see a graph :)
  • You cant really leave insider. So there would be more users.
    I think your question is ...How many accounts have become dormant.. i'd say 70%
  • Wrong and wrong, 1/10 must try harder.
  • Since MS has discontinued the Insiders program, I think its 100% lol. I dont think many people left...they were forced out...
  • They only stopped Insiders for mobile, do try to keep up
  • The camera app on my L650 was updated no long ago.
  • I think it's a good thing. Sure, hardly anyone is going to be using it right now, but if this fabled Andromeda whatsamajig ever sees the light of day, sure as eggs is eggs it will have a camera, so it's great they're still developing it. By the way, don't ever call it a phone! I did once, but I think I got away with it ;P
  • what qualifies as an older device? I think the camera updates are more valuable for mobile devices than for pc devices. Kind of strange.