Windows Camera update adds slow-motion video capture for select Lumia phones

The Windows Camera app for Windows 10 Mobile has received an update this evening. And though it wasn't immediately clear what was new, the changes detailed in the Windows Insider Hub note that this update adds a slow-motion video option for select Lumia phones.

At least for now, the feature is limited to Lumia 930, 1520, and Icon phones. Users of these phones will be able to capture video at 120 fps at 720p resolution by selecting the turtle icon on the video screen. You can then view the and edit the video in the Photos app by selecting "Edit slow motion," where you'll have options to play some parts back in normal speed and others in slow-motion, along with an option for super slow motion.

If you happen to be running the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview on a Lumia 930, 1520, or Icon, you should be able to update and check the slow-motion video out now. There's no telling if this will make it to other phones, but it's highly likely this will make an appearance on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL as well.

Download Windows Camera from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Good bur we need it for all the lumias
  • I highly doubt all phones have the hardware required for that. Just like the iPhone 4 doesn't have slow mo. Some of these WC commenters are unreal
  • This is hilarious. The iPhone 4 is older than the entire Windows Phone platform. This is a feature that's been waaaay too long to come to release. There's no reason the Lumia 830 couldn't do, say 720p at 45fps, but it's a start.
  • that would only create negative impression. it is better to not push these low end hardwares than create public outcry that their slo-mo videos are crap.
  • Exactly. That would give WP a bad reputation... Even if the higher end phones make better slow motion, higher fps videos.
  • And you are the same guys that cry that Apps on WP are not full featured... Nobody points fingers at the weak API in WP8.1 or that the OS is not capable enough... 
  • Would "give" WP a bad reputation?
  • Try running iOS9 on an iPhone 4(s) and tell me what you get. Now try running Windows 10 on a Lumia 520 and tell me the difference. Just like iPhone, Android and any other phone out there, OS capability depends on the hardware of the device. You can't get "Hey Siri" on an iPhone 5(s) without being plugged in to a power charger because it doesn't have the hardware required like the iPhone 6(s) does. You can't run Android Lollipop on a Nexus 7 (old version) tablet, because it runs slower than a snail crawl (I know because my Nexus 7 (old version) needs to be fixed from doing this). When you buy a cheaper device, you have to do it knowing that there will be limitations to what the hardware can do. If you want to have more capability, you need to shell out bigger bucks. My Lumia Icon was a LOT more expensive than an 520, 640, 725 or even 830, so I would expect that it could do more with the more expensive parts included in it. Stop complaining about "higher-end" features that you don't have and be grateful that your lower-end device can run great with Windows 10. iPhone 4(s) users can't say the same about Apple's latest OS9.
  • Great comment!
  • I reply here so everyone can see. If you have cheap/old hardware what could be achieved is already done with other apps on the store just download them. Look for "slow"
  • But an iPhone 4 is probably still worth more than a 520, lol
  • Its also more costly then :p
  • So? Both can't do it. LOL.
  • No.
  • Don't think so. Similar games run better on the 520 than the iphone 4. Even better the 520 was running WM 10 and need i say what years OS the 4 was on?
  • Windows 10 bricked my 520 and the sd card i had in it
  • Windows 10 BETA(Technical preview, Insider, Test Version) Did that, and Microsoft Warned so.
  • Sure there's a reason. The processor is the 830 is a joke.
  • It's not a joke, it's the same processor as dozens of Androids and several Windows Phones, like the Lumia 640. Yes, at the price the Lumia 830 was released it was asking too much but the performance is actually fantastic.
  • The performance of WP on low-end hardware is great. But the 830 CPU is a low-end CPU, and it shouldn't be expected to do high-end things like process 120 fps of 720p video. None of the other phones using the SD 410 can do it, and it would be ridiculous to think the 830 could just because the software is better.
  • I know that I was just pointing out that it's not a joke. You're taking my words one step further than they were meant to go.
  • The Moto E 2nd Gen for Verizon uses the 410 processor and has Slo-mo recording.
  • Premium features for premium phones. Unless you tell me low end androids have slo-mo and then I'll shut up :)
  • The Moto E 4G LTE (2nd Gen) for Verizon uses the snapdragon 410 processor and it does have Slo-Mo recording on it. I paid $65 brand new at best buy for it when it was released earlier this year.
  • Oh so you do not mean real slomo (I.e. Record enough frames in one second to output them later at 30fps), you mean crappy slowmo outputting low def 10-15 frames per second? Then download some app from the store, just search for slow!
  • Or the 640
  • Are you kidding? You do realize that the iPhone 5, which I assume has slo-mo, was a flagship phone with a high-end CPU? The Lumia 830 is a nice looking, well-built phone with a low-end CPU. It's the same CPU in my unlocked phone I bought in 2014 for 80 bucks. So that's a ridiculous comparison to make. That said, I agree that for people who want slo-mo, this is a long time coming to flagship devices. But this update makes me pretty confident that the 950 will have slow motion video, which is nice.
  • Yes there is a slo mo for 950 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree, what about 1020? They sold it as a camera centric device and skimped out on specs because of the focus on camera! This is nonsense! wish pureview model on android! I had enough of Microsoft garbage!
  • Awesome
  • Haha I'm gonna update my 1520 now. To all you low spec windows phone buyers who aren't getting slow mo......haha! Man up next time and buy a good device. Do like I did....make your wife and girlfriend work overtime to buy you the good sh!t
  • LOL. Randy is being bad
  • LOL, so you made you wife AND your girlfriend work hard for you. Man, I hope they don't get the wind of each other's existence.
  • Of all the posts so far, Bad Randy's is the one that hits home. Mr Randy, is your wife available to do overtime and pay for my better new phone?
  • Hope your wife and gfs are on double-duty for your next flagship(950xl)
  • 920 is a good phone, I bought it for 600€ 3 years ago, still no slow motion videos. I bought the good shit to get all the new features. Betrayal!
  • Man go sit and down and pee because you talking like a woman! 920 is so damn old! Great phone for it's time but you can't expect it to keep getting all me features and updates. Smh
  • I'm not stupid, I'm joking about betrayal here. Randy acts like buying the expensive phones solves all the problems. I do realize that this is about chipset and not price. Gosh
  • Add /s at the end of your posts. This place has become kindergarden lately so we always assume such idiot comments are for real :)
  • ^^ This x1000 Posted via the Windows Central app for Android because it's infinitely better than the WP/ WM "app"
  • Thanks, will keep that in mind. :)
  • A better chipset comes with a price
  • Oh be quiet geez.
  • You have a wife and a girlfriend!
  • Maybe he is a pimp and makes them work hard :D that would make sense 
  • LOL
  • Man didn't know so many whiny vaginas would get so upset with me joking around. For you vaginas there's a phone for you out there....the iPhone! You have to understand when your buying a lower spec'd phone your already basically buying an out of date phone. You have to know your gonna be shorted on some current cool features and obviously some future features. Don't fret.... Us first adopters of high end hardware will drive those prices down for you. That high end phone will become more reasonably priced over time as newer, better equipment is getting released. Hey you might even be able to buy one of our older units at a steal so we again can buy the latest and greatest hardware and start the vicious cycle over again.
  • If I try to make my girlfriend work overtime for me, I will be looking for a new high end phone AND a new girlfriend buddy :-P
  • There's nothing wrong if he said it should be in all Lumias. Just because he does not know or he does not believe Microsoft telling people that some hardware is incapable, does not mean he's unreal. Please! Companies are not Buddha who always speaks the truth.
  • Why wouldn't this work on other Lumias?
  • Moto e has it -_- you were saying something about hardware geek?
  • Moto e has a 480p 30fps camera. Yes moto e has it but android has all the features for the sake of having features, regardless of quality. Now you tell me if I were to slomo a 30fps video would it be decent quality? MS wants a feature to be worth wile and the only phones which are worthy of doing it are the high end Lumia's with the newer camera hardware. You need 120fps at least to make slomo work well. Trust me, if MS were to implement a slomo feature on all Lumia devices you guys would be crying when louder coz it wouldn't work half as good and the hardware is just not there with the lower end phones.
  • How do you create a slowmo video with 30fps capturing? I mean with 120fps you capture 120 frames per second and then when showing the video you show 30 frames per second so each acquired second is shown in 4 seconds. With 30fps no slow mo can exist.
  • What android phones do is maybe render like 10 frames per second and it looks like slomo, maybe this is what you were saying.
  • Yeah but I think that would just be a low-quality gif. I don't think the result would be too satisfactory.
  • Exactly my point
  • Atleast for 830 and 730 that is. But more would be better!
  • So you own a 830 or 730 right?
  • The processor, dude...
  • Yeah, why isn't this update available for my 520??? /s
  • Why can't my Lumia 900 do that????
  • Hahahahahaha That made my day!
  • And it is really hilarious that people believe whatever they are told by their favourite politicians, actors or companies.
  • Please educate us, you have proof that the camera of other phones can capture 120fps? And that the CPU can process them? Please, I'm ignorant.
  • IPhone 6S does 1080p 120FPS now. 
  • Does it? That's nice. When I bought my 930 for $400 in 2014 I expected it to match the features of $900 phones from 2015, so now I'm upset. /s Honestly though I could name features that WP has or had that iOS doesn't or didn't, and vice versa. But some people use the phone they do because they like it better, not because of some feature the manufacture puts in an ad.
  • Hahaha LMAO
  • Why can't my HTC HD2 do that???? /s
  • Because Harry Potter is dead
  • Not quite the right spelling for that. Harry Potter is played by Daniel Radcliffe. That one letter makes all the difference ;) though I should have seen the joke coming, I didn't and had a right little chuckle at it.
  • why can't my nokia 3310 do that ?! wait where is the camera? 
  • I hope you're joking. Why do you expect your $99 to do everything for you. Why don't people whole that their iphone or android don't do something. You're expecting Microsoft to do impossible thing, just because you bought their $99 phone? I'll be enjoying slow mo on my 950 while whiners will keep whining
  • Ok just fucking stop, if you want your phone and your phone's camera to do more then spend more money when you buy your phone.
    Better hardware = more features & better performance
    I payed a lot of money for my 1520 that I'm using for 2 years now but im not disappointed.
    It still performs rlly well and it does everything I want my phone to do.
    Think of it as an investment ok, the more money you spend the longer it will go well for you.
    If you don't spend that much on your phone, expect having to upgrade sooner than others who payed more for their phones.
  • Why 720 is getting worse? We buy X and the updates is supposed to make it better.
  • THIS!
  • Well that logic is flawed. I paid good money for my 1020, but unfortunately even though it's like what 6 months older than the 1520, it doesn't get shit because the chip can't handle it. All that camera wasted.
  • It doesn't matter how much was spent.  If the hardware can't handle it, it can't handle it.  An example: Look no further than why the high end Lumia 930 does not have glance. 
  • That's true of course, but I think navidee was responding to the previous poster's comment: "if you want your phone and your phone's camera to do more then spend more money when you buy your phone."
  • I had a 1020 at launch too, but bought a used Lumia 930 after 2 years as an upgrade - As soon as the 930 and 1520 were released there were a ton of features not supported by the 1020, and that was a shame, but it was down to either Nokia making the choice to save money, or Microsoft not supporting a wide enough range of hardware at the time for the 1020 to be better. It was a shame, but can't really be helped.
    The downside for the consumer is not all will look at the specific specs of the phone, we will often just buy a phone based on other aspects - Especially with Windows Phone in the past where the hardware choices were fairly limited. The 1020 is basically a Lumia 920 with an extra 1GB of RAM (And obviously different camera hardware) P.S Even though the Lumia 930 is WAY faster and better experience overall, I still find myself slightly disappointed with the photos on the 930 in terms of level of detail captured.
  • Older is older...
  • @R_WP I bought three Lumia 1020s. Each one died for a different reason. The third one was under warranty, so I went to get it replaced. They gave me a Lumia 830 for a replacement since there was no other high end phone available. So, you stop. Everyone has their own story and financial issues. $1200 later, I have a Lumia 830. I bet you didn't pay that much for your phone, or did you?
  • So you ruined the 1020's then? Your own fault you spent $1200. My 1020 is tight as a drum.
  • If Microsoft/Nokia had a better marketing strategy that would be possible, but they dont a lumia 1520 rm 938 is almost impossible to get, lumia 930 did not get lte aws bands or at least cannot be bought trough xpansys, ibushak or the likes in some countries. I waited to swich my 920 for a 930 that never arrived now i had to buy a Lumia 640xl and waiting for some miracle and microsoft to decide selling the 950 xl world wide and not in just selected markets.
  • Nokia doesn't make phones anymore so they doesn't have to make better marketing strategy to the phones... Nokia is network company now. So please stop including Nokia brand name into Lumia phones
  • No man. You're wrong.
  • It's not all about money, although that is a lot of it. A $25k pickup truck can tow more than a $250k ferrari. Doesn't make the pickup a better choice for everyone, though.
  • I partly agree as a proud 1520 owner but at the time of choices between phones 1020/1520 both are were highly priced and only one gets the updates
  • Finally,been waiting for this for a long time. Can't wait to make some slow motion cat videos.
  • You guys were whining when slo-mo video was not there in camera app... Now you are whining because it is not available for every lumias.. I hate this whining community...
  • yeah... Bunch of spoiled brats. I'm almost done with this...
  • Exactly its ridiculous how so may bitch and moan no matter what. Its the worst part of this community
  • The people on this site are TEDIOUS.  There's just no excitement or enthusiasm about anything. I'm so sick of  the constant complaints, demands & the chronic pessimism. This may well be the last time I go through the comments for a very long time. Nothing is ever good enough. Time to go enjoy slo-mo on my 1520! :)
  • Have fun with it! I already have some slo-mo plans for my 950 when it lands.
  • seems slower.
  • Lol
  • I agree! where is the slow motion feature for the 1020? Complete nonsense from Microsoft.  One step forward two steps backwards.