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Cooking can be tedious, time consuming, and if you're not someone who loves picking and choosing ingredients for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cooking can be a chore.

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It doesn't matter if you're brand spankin' new to the kitchen, if you need a little help preparing your meals, or if you just want to spice up your life a bit, being able to cook a healthy, filling, and overall, delicious meal is difficult: but, it's important.

Enter Blue Apron: A revolutionary delivery service that aims at reducing food waste while giving you the freshest, easiest meals to cook from scratch! And with Windows Central Digital Offers, you'll be able to get 3 meals for 2 people, or 2 meals for 4 people, for 58% off!

With Blue Apron, you'll get…

  • Pre-portioned ingredients for 3 recipes to be cooked & enjoyed by 2 people delivered to your door
  • Farm-fresh produce, high-quality antibiotic free meats & sustainable seafood, artisanal spices, grains & cheeses
  • Help learning to cook with Blue Apron's always original and top notch recipes, new every week
  • The peace of mind knowing you're supporting small-scale farmers with specialty produce and unique ingredients
  • Healthy meals: Meals are 500-800 calories per serving

Normally if you ordered 3 meals for 2 people through Blue Apron, you'd have to pay $59.94, and if you wanted 2 meals for 4 people, you'd have to pay $69.92. While these are great prices for the services you're getting, wouldn't you rather pay $25 for 3 meals for 2 people or $33 for 2 meals for 4 people?

Well, that's exactly what you can do with this deal from Windows Central Digital Offers!

Try out Blue Apron and get 58% off!

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If you're sick of being stuck in the kitchen, if you need help amping up your day-to-day meals, if you want a little inspiration in your frying pan, consider Blue Apron:

Whether you're new to the kitchen or you're looking to spice things up with exciting, seasonal recipes, Blue Apron will deliver just what you need.

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