Windows Live gets Live-r

Microsoft-based Channel 10 has all the deets on the relaunch of Windows Live, which starts now. Of interest: SkyDrive online storage has been bumped to 25 gigs, web pages overall have a much cleaner and better interface, and the cool yet underused Windows Live Homepage now does all sorts of fancy aggregation that might interest you (above: a nice explanation of how that works).

Of course, as noted over at Ars, this does little to help the confusing array of overlapping services offered under the “Live” moniker. We hope they're right that the upgraded SkyDrive space and the new sync abilities may be slated to be subsumed into Live Mesh someday.

When that day comes, we assume you'll be seeing all of these fancy services available seamlessly on Windows Mobile. Until that day comes, you're forced to recognize that Microsoft has some of the best cloud sync services available -- if you can just figure out which one you're supposed to use and get it set up.

WC Staff