Windows Live Search Updated: v2

I smell a horse race, folks, and it's gonna be a good one. Yahoo Go may finally be available on a few WM devices, but Live Search for Windows Mobile (Go, now, and get it: on your device) is available on all of them. It looks to be a worthy upgrade, adding movie times to its standard stable of results.

Also new and cool: the GPS integration now automatically recalculates your directions if you stray from the path it set for you. All you need is a bluetooth GPS puck. As in: I can't think of a single reason to pay for Telenav, ever. It's still not as cool at TomTom, which gives you a 3D map and speaks the directions, but it's close.

Version 2 adds a host of new features: Movie Showtimes, More Local Data, Mobile Virtual Earth, better support for GPS integration and improved turn-by-turn navigation.  We’ll even prompt you to auto-reroute if you get lost

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WC Staff