Windows Mobile 6.5 on a 7-inch, Snapdragon-powered tablet? Yes, please!

And you thought the HTC HD2 was big? Hows about Windows Mobile 6.5 on a 7-inch LCD display, powered by the same Snapdragon processor? OK, so this is a tablet dubbed "Mangrove" and not a Windows phone, technically speaking, but it does sport 3G and WiMAX, WiFi, USB ports and a MicroSD card slot.

Next question: Considering what it would likely cost, what the heck would you do with it?

AVing via Engadget and jkkmobile

Phil Nickinson

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  • I dunno, looks kind of terrible to me. That can't be fun to use.
  • If it were ruggedized, I could see this in a warehouse environment or something like that.
  • I'd never take my netbook anywhere again is what I'd do... Then again, if it is missing phone functions, I doubt I'd buy it.
  • I dunno. With the Microsoft Courier and the rumored apple tablet (running on Tegra). I don't see any use for this. However, if this would be capacitive and running WM7, it would be a different story.
  • And some of us wouldn't touch it if it were capacitive ;)
  • Interesting product. Problem is - US carriers will probably not pick such a device and will probably figure out a way to prevent it from working with their networks. Maybe US could see similar products during 3rd or 4th generations of these products.
  • You know, some of the rumors going around about a possible Apple tablet is that it would run the iPhone OS. While I don't really see a market for a device that fits that description, this would kinda fall in the same category.
  • Too small of a tablet device I would say. If it's targeting tablet users, it's going to have to be wider and a bit taller.
  • I took the jump over to jkkmobile, at the bottom of the posting, and it does appear this device is being marketed as a netbook/tablet type of unit. Seems an unusual gadget to me: to small to be a netbook or a mini tablet but to big to be a phone. Although I don't currently have one, I could see the uses for a netbook pc for travel purposes, but they are mostly the 8.9" or 10" screen sizes. Some are even a little larger. I'm not sure where this small size would fit into the market, or if it would at all. My other question would be as posted in other comments: is the device durable enouph to be carried around in a mobile capacity? How would people feel about this if it were a 9" or 10" screen built as a netbook/tablet for mobility?
  • Does it have GPS?
    If it does it will be great for my golf GPS program Starcaddy which works great on my touch pro.
  • Not as outlandish as you might think. Rumors currently circulating say the Apple tablet might run the iPhone OS. These devices would be very good for books and publications (a color screen finally!) and for multimedia playback. Why not even include a fully function phone (not just for downloads)? Perfect for video conferences if a front-facing camera is included. One way to divide smartphone users is keyboard and non-keyboard (I'll put the keypad users in the keyboard camp for the moment.) Why can't we have a similar division in the notebook realm: keyboard and non-keyboard?
  • Think how cool you'd look at Starbucks reading a book on that!
  • sweet
  • Car PC. That's what I would do.
  • PLEASE have a Pixel Qi screen so you can actually USE it outdoors... :-) I could see deploying this to our customers in the field data gathering arena.