Windows Mobile 6.5 'launch' at TechEd 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 has been "announced," and apparently we're getting closer to "launch." The Windows Mobile Team Blog [via ZDNet] notes that there will be a "kickoff launch presentation" on May 11 at the start of TechEd 09.

Stephanie Ferguson, GM of Business Experiences at Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business is going to deliver the kick off launch presentation of Windows Mobile 6.5 on Monday, May 11th at 1:00PM – 2:15PM. This Tech Ed 2009 session focuses on one of the biggest launches in the history of Windows Mobile – Windows Mobile 6.5. It is targeted at both IT Professionals and Developers, with a cool demo and an outline of great stuff to come.

What's this mean for you, the consumer? Probably not much (though it'll certainly give us something to write about). There are launches, and then there are launches. Windows Mobile 6.5 still has to officially make it to the manufacturers (not everyone can use a leaked ROM, you hackers), and so we're still not expecting and devices to get sanctioned upgrades until the fall.

But chugging forward at any speed is better than spinning our wheels.

Phil Nickinson

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