Windows Mobile 6.5 seen on Motorola Q9h

We ran across this video of Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard running on a Motorola Q9h and it leaves us with more questions than answers. First, can you shoot a video any more out of focus?

The 2:41 minute long video first posted on Everything Q does show the Moto Q running Windows Mobile 6.5 by showing the "About" screen and we agree with wmpoweruser in that Windows Mobile Standard 6.5 doesn't look much different than Windows Mobile Standard 6.1. But we already knew that, didn't we.

Two things stand out here. The phone has Regedit and Documents to Go installed. Does this mean that WM Standard 6.5 is loaded with a registry editor and Documents to Go? Or were these two items added after the install? (The latter, probably.) The video definitely leaves you with more questions than answers, but we do know that there has been some work in loading custom ROMs onto the Q line. Perhaps things are farther along than we thought?

Phil Nickinson

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