A look at Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard

It should come to you as no surprise Windows Mobile 6.5 will work on non-touchscreen phones. We put that concern to rest more than a month ago.

And now, thanks to the recently released Windows Mobile 6.5 Developers Toolkit (don't you dare think about calling it an SDK), we get a look at what WM6.5 Standard will look like. And the answer is: A whole lot like Windows Mobile 6.1.

Our favorite campusK0der, Nikita Polyakov, took it out for a spin and gives us some thoughts:

  • Internet Explorer 6 (for mobile) is there and is a good addition. Feels a bit like Skyfire.
  • The new theme is a lot like the old theme.
  • Widget support is there and works pretty well.
  • The Marketplace stub app is there.
  • A few UI refreshes.
  • Windows Mobile 6/6.1 apps load just fine.

All in all, nothing we didn't really expect. Windows Mobile 6.1 was the biggie for non-touchscreen phones. WM6.5 is for the finger-friendly. And now let us all turn our attention toward Windows Mobile 7.

Phil Nickinson

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