Windows Mobile 7 hardware sighted?

Even though Windows Mobile 6.5 has yet to be officially released, we are seeing signs of hardware that supposedly is compatible with Windows Mobile 7.

Cambridge Silicone Radio of London specializes in chips for mobile devices (such as Windows Mobile phones) and has recently merged with SIRF, a supplier of GPS chips. The company announced last month a single chip solution (UniFi CSR6026) that delivers Wifi support in mobile embedded devices (such as Windows Mobile phones).

While the new chip may be able to stand on it's own merits, the thing that stood out in the spec sheet was the OS Support Cambridge lists. It lists Windows Mobile 7 and 6.xx, Windows CE 6.1 and 5, Linux v2.6 and Android. This may be a sign that Windows Mobile 7 phones aren't too far away or that Cambridge's proof readers need more practice.

Via istartedsomething

Phil Nickinson

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