Windows Mobile 7 no 'Me-too iPhone or RIM competitor,' Microsoft says

If you're still wondering what's keeping Windows Mobile 7 from coming out for at least another year, this may shed a little light on it.

Microsoft has posted a job listing for Principal Development Manager. [via]

Windows Mobile 7 will change the way you view your phone. We aren’t just building a me-too iPhone or RIM competitor; we’re changing the way customers use and experience their device. In the OS Platform team we are responsible for the OS, file systems, security, hardware platforms and drivers, networking & connectivity, location framework and updateability. In other words, we build the foundation upon which the rest of Windows Mobile is built.

So it definitely looks like they're going ground-up on Windows Mobile 7, and they may well still be in the relatively early stages. And note the use of the word "updateability" above, and recall in the latest WMExperts podcast how Dieter explained that updates eventually will come from Microsoft itself, and (hopefully) not pass through (and be delayed by) carriers.

Businesses likely will stick around during the interim. Question is, will the rest of us?

Phil Nickinson

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  • I'll still be here. I love my Windows Mobile devices.
  • MS has become such a joke. They've become so slow, they used to laugh at companies like IBM for being slow and now look at them. Rim and Apple continue to pull away from MS the best MS can do is come up with a stopgap in form of WinMo 6.5 which is unlikely to help much considering its so far away. I've always liked Windows MS, but I can't knock anyone for wanting to go with Rim or Apple...they're just putting out nicer products (Blackberry Storm not withstanding). How can they just now be needing a "Principal Development Manager" for an OS that is already so delayed?!
  • More likely than not, I'll be on it. Its amazing how MS can allow themselves to be so far behind though. I see a future where mobile phones are integrated into all aspects of life, all sorts of data, music, etc. Life will revolve and be dependent on phones as much as its dependent on PC's. I can't believe MS would be so lax about taking this opportunity.
  • I've been with WinMo since my Casio E-105. I'm emotionally invested at this point... :) -Mc
  • Dieter's applying for the job, right? Surely MS already has the engineering folks that can make drivers, systems, etc. What they're lacking is VISION on how to make it all work together for a human being. Capability is not an issue - even basic WM phones do more than Apple and RIM phones - they're just not easy and pretty. That's where they need help.
  • Darn it. I've only been with WinMo since the Casio E-125, so I guess I'm a newcomer. I was so excited about the Pre and Android, but as more time passes, the Windows Touch Pro2 is looking more and more like the perfect device for me.
  • I'll be here, unless the Pre takes me.. I doubt it though. I wouldn't own an Iphone if you gave it to me. And I wouldn't use ATT!
    I like WinMo too much now.
    I think Microsoft has woken up a bit which is why competition is a good thing.
    Apple does not own the device you carry and therefore cannot control what you do with it... So that rules me out. Just my .02 ;-)
  • I don't see anything in that ad, that says, or even implies, that they're starting over. It simply states that they need a new manager for the group that works on the core OS and drivers. Going from the word "foundation", to a conclusion that it's all being rewritten, is a pretty big leap. CE6 was already a pretty good change, with a different memory map and support for far more processes. If WM 7 is based on it, it'll be okay.
  • Ok, how are people surprised that MS takes longer to make big changes than Apple or RIM? Microsoft isnt dealing with one handset that they made themselves, or even a small number of models. They have dozens of handset models from companies all over the world. Each of these models have varying configurations, layouts, input methods, processors, screen sizes, screen resolutions, storage capacities. They have to work with all of these guys in order to make sure that their devices aren't broken by any update that they do. And some of you, in your infinite wisdom, think that updating the OS for all of those devices is just a matter of putting some magical update that will work just like that? Obviously MS is a joke of a company for not getting it done as fast as a company with basically one handset, and one OS to go with it, right?
  • What are you talking about? MS doesn't tweak the OS for every handset that comes out with Windows Mobile on it. Microsoft makes the OS and gives it to their OEMs who then make the necessary drivers for their devices. Its truly rare that MS becomes a true developer of a phone as what you are suggesting. It's funny to see people try to make excuses for Microsoft, when even MS admits they haven't done the best job they could and admit that both Apple and RIM have done a better job.
  • No they dont tweak it, but you cant say that they just blindly toss it out there and walk away. They do have to interact with these makers during the development process to make sure that their OS will work on those handsets, and that takes time. These are multiple companies, multiple layers having to churn this stuff out. It's not an "excuse" it's a reality and simple logic, and hopefully they will make the process more efficient, so they can react faster to changing conditions.
  • So what you're saying is because they have to work with all these OEMs they can't get an OS out the door that was to come out in 2007 until at least 2010? And you think they just need to be "more efficient"? Call me when you get back to reality bro and no I dont mean to be rude, but your point of view is just wow inducing to me.
  • so is this a hoak or not??
  • Yes, Anonymous, you are correct, despite your sarcasm, MS is a joke of a company. Obviously! And, no, I won't be there for WinMo 7. I don't care how many phones they have to deal with when they don't have a single one that's as easy and sexy as Apple or RIM's. I LOVE the MS backlash- its been a long time coming!
  • If MS announced that they were dumping Windows CE as the core of WM and rewriting a new foundation, then I might be genuinely interested in WinMo 7. Otherwise, I'm not all that excited. I think for years we (WM fans) kept telling ourselves, "yeah, it's a crummy UI, but it's built on a solid foundation that can do powerful things like multitask, etc." That was always the ace in the hole for WM when comparing it to the likes of Palm OS. However, I've come to the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that Win CE is nothing special. WM never really feels stable or fast. Yes it can multitask, but so can everyone else now. (well, iPhone excluded - but in reality it can it's just being prevented) So now WM has none of those cool nerdy aspects going for it that it once did when compared to the others.
  • WM and blackberry, thet're different market targeting. The real WM competitor is Symbian
  • And then once you flash a custom rom, that's when you start to love WM. ENERGY ROM FTW! Look it up, you'll be wow'd