Windows Phone 7 devices pass 6,000 in the wild

It only recently we were talking about how the number of developer devices in the wild for Windows Phone 7 was just eeking past 3,000.

While seemingly impressive, it was a drop in the bucket compared to the number of developers who need a device.

Well, if the latest Facebook registration numbers are to be believed, that number has doubled and is now at roughly 6,483--pretty impressive. How high will it go? We have no idea, but at least we know Microsoft is trying to seed these devices as quickly as possible.

Edit: Or as Matthew Miller (Nokia Experts) notes in comments, instead of 6.000+ phones, perhaps we're looking at the same 3,000 but in new hands as developer/tech preview units have had to be returned.

[via TheNextWeb]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Or it could be that the 3,000 they passed out were passed out to another 3,000 people or something. I know my evaluation unit was turned in a couple of weeks ago and is probably in another user's hands now. It is quite a program though, compared to the super secret internal way Apple handles things that lead to antennas that don't work as planned ;)
  • lol, that would be funny if it's the same 3,000 just in new hands--could very well be the case
  • Eitherway, it's impressive the number of developers they have for this phone - surely not everyone has a Facebook account? It's obvious Microsoft are committed to this platform. The thing is, it's actually very, very good. It's UI at least surpasses iOS.