Although we believe the amount of people running custom ROMs on their Windows Phone is very small, it’s still a consideration for some of you who don’t want to wait until Microsoft (and your carrier, OEM) releases the next big update.

Luckily over the weekend the supposed RTM build of Windows Phone 7.8, version number 8858, has managed to slip out into ROM chef hands, allowing them to create multiple custom ROMS for various devices. Should you be lucky to have one of these phones and brave enough to install, you can find 7.8 ROMs here...

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Personally, we’re going to wait a little while ourselves to see how this whole 7.8 update rolls out. Specifically we’re wondering if Microsoft will allow users to update themselves or is this going to be another carrier/OEM fiasco. If it’s the latter, then bookmark these ROMs as they may be your only method for getting 7.8, at least in a timely manner.

To see what's in 7.8 you can read our detailed post on the update here.

Via: WP7RootTools; WMPU