Windows Phone 8 headed to U.S. Cellular later this month? (Updated)

It appears that U.S. Cellular will be offering a Windows Phone 8 device later this month. Or at least according to a recent tweet they will.

U.S. Cellular currently has one Windows Phone in their smartphone lineup, the ZTE Render, a Windows Phone 7.5 device.  Which Windows Phone 8 device will find its way to U.S. Cellular is still a bit of a mystery. Last year it looked like the HTC 8S was headed to the wireless provider and more recently, the Samsung Odyssey seems to be the odds on favorite.  

U.S. Cellular Tweet

Then again, Nokia could sneak in at the last minute or we could see U.S. Cellular offer more than one Windows Phone 8 device.

We've reached out to U.S. Cellular to see if they could shed some light on the matter and if we hear anything else, we'll pass it on. For now, it's a wait and see game.

Thanks, Dillion, for the tip!

Update: It appears that the Samsung Odyssey is the Windows Phone 8 device of choice for U.S. Cellular.  @TheWinPhan received the response below from @USCellularCares that sheds a little more light on things.  The time table for the release still sits somewhere between "soon" and "sometime this month".

U.S. Cellular Samsung Odyssey Tweet

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