Windows Phone 8.1 camera app shown off in new video, reveals new customizations

We’re less than a month away from actually seeing Windows Phone 8.1 ourselves at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco. We know a lot about the next big version of Windows Phone, but there’s still more info trickling out as we lead up to the big unveil. Today we’re looking at the default camera application that Windows Phone 8.1 handsets will ship with. Video after the break.


Few things to take away from the video above that shows the settings for photos + camera and the camera application itself.

  • Application is called Microsoft Camera
  • Live tile for the photo app can cycle between all photos, a single image or those marked as favorites
  • Photos can be grouped by time and location
  • You can quickly pin specific settings to the camera viewfinder (white balance, resolution, lens picker, front/rear camera toggle, etc.)
  • Manually select different scenes (nighttime, portrait, etc.)
  • New icon for lenses
  • Can quickly change video quality when in video recording mode
  • Can select photo quality for burst mode

We’re digging the changes that Microsoft has made for the default camera application in Windows Phone 8.1. While a lot of you with Lumia phones are happy with Nokia Camera, it’ll be nice to see other non-Nokia OEMs get a high quality camera application as standard.

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Source: UnleashThePhones

Sam Sabri