Windows Phone 8.1 camera app shown off in new video, reveals new customizations

We’re less than a month away from actually seeing Windows Phone 8.1 ourselves at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco. We know a lot about the next big version of Windows Phone, but there’s still more info trickling out as we lead up to the big unveil. Today we’re looking at the default camera application that Windows Phone 8.1 handsets will ship with. Video after the break.


Few things to take away from the video above that shows the settings for photos + camera and the camera application itself.

  • Application is called Microsoft Camera
  • Live tile for the photo app can cycle between all photos, a single image or those marked as favorites
  • Photos can be grouped by time and location
  • You can quickly pin specific settings to the camera viewfinder (white balance, resolution, lens picker, front/rear camera toggle, etc.)
  • Manually select different scenes (nighttime, portrait, etc.)
  • New icon for lenses
  • Can quickly change video quality when in video recording mode
  • Can select photo quality for burst mode

We’re digging the changes that Microsoft has made for the default camera application in Windows Phone 8.1. While a lot of you with Lumia phones are happy with Nokia Camera, it’ll be nice to see other non-Nokia OEMs get a high quality camera application as standard.

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Source: UnleashThePhones

Sam Sabri
  • Amazing :)
  • Damn! No hdr :(
  • You already have HDR!
    Just take three/five shots with different exposures (use the EV steps according to how many shots you take) and combine them with Lightroom, Photomatix or Photoshop, or whatever.
    THAT'S the real HDR, not some crappy quality post-production instagram-like filter.
  • Yep but does it have exposure bracketing?.
  • Nokia Camera supports exposure bracketing, with 3-5 shots and custom EV intervals.
    I believe ProShot and other camera apps support bracketing as well :)
  • But does it blend?   Sorry, I know its old, but your comment reminded me.
  • Ahahahaahahah let's find it out!
    Bzzzzzzz :D
  • Lenses for video!!!!! Please!!
  • well why there ain't a pause option in video still...!!!!    :/
  • ^ that.
  • So why doesn't he lift the phone up so that we can see the camera taking actual photos?
  • I just hope Nokia Camera gets a little faster.
  • Yeah Nokia camera takes a minute to start up... Makes the quick launch button a little pointless...
  • +1020. If they don't kill it, they should really hook it into the system in such a way that it gets pre-loaded or something. It is so slow on the 1020 that if something is about to happen in the next 5 seconds, I don't bother because I know the 1020 will not be able to take a picture that fast from the lock screen.
  • well.....on my lumia 720 I use the Nokia cam as a default camera app I use the camera button to oppen it from the lock and it oppens quite fast!!
  • Because that will give away any changes in camera algorithm that they may want to save for launch. These are VERY controlled leaks to generate the buzz.
  • I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. These leaks are very much controlled and intentional in an Indirect way. Microsoft only released the features in the SDK that they wanted to get leaked. Along with some necessary features for actual app development.
  • well, MS defiantly knew that all those features will be leaked.. but as for the videos, its always from unleashthephones.. they control the videos, and control the leak.. constant buzz= constant ad revenue since more ppl will visit their site over a longer period of time... I don't think its directly related to MS.. but it certainly helps them better.. would have been alot worse if all was leaked from day one
  • Maybe he isn't great at taking photos one handed while he held the video camera with the other hand.
  • Will this be better than Nokia camera? Guess not right?
  • Highly doubt it
  • Well Microsoft and Nokia will soon be the same company so i think eventually the MS camera will  be on par with Nokia's.
  • Wrong. They won't. Nokia devices & services employees will become Microsoft employees. But all the technology, patents and research & development teams remain with Nokia.
  • Correction : all the technology and research & development teams related to devices and services are also going to Microsoft. So basically , all the people related to making Nokia phones are going to Microsoft.  An example for that is that the pureview team , which is basically a technology , research and development team, has been confirmed by nokia and Microsoft that it's going to microsoft , not to mention that Microsoft will acquire the Pureview brand name. As for the patents, the Microsoft-Nokia deal covers Microsoft licencing them.
  • I hope they will not get drowned in the MSFT sea of politics and see their camera app bastardized by redmond. The nokia app surely has room to improve, but this thing is awful.
  • Better in some aspects. Nokia Cam eats too much RAM, lags rather often even on my 1Gb 920, has stability issues and sometimes lags video recording which is unacceptable. Native app is free of everything above.
    But Nokia's app has a benefit: it looks attractive, stylish and simply cool, while MS' got as much style as a 10 y.o. Samsung's refrigerator.
  • Does lumia not have Nokia camera by default or MS striping that our.
  • In my opinion, the default camera already performs better than the Nokia Camera.
  • +720 we want inbuilt pro cam not an app. We want in built features. Its not that easy to,maintain run the app on every OS
  • Depends on what you mean by better I guess. Nokia camera is really laggy at the moment plus it seems as though it had pretty much all of Nokias settings just laid out differently, definitely like the fact that I can eaily switch to front facing cam!
  • Well Roy, Nokia has a cooler UI and maybe more functions, but I have better results with the default camera - particularly videos, but pics too. Videos on the Nokia Camera are often choppy and sometimes skip & pause for several seconds. This could be my hardware I suppose, but the default camera doesn't do those things on my 822.
  • I haven't noticed that with my vids (L925) but I def agree Nokia Cam UI is better!
  • Nice. I wonder why they use "Close Up" instead of "Macro".  Is "macro" a confusing or unknown term? 
  • Probably. I can see the general population not knowing macro, but understanding close up. 
  • Here in Brazil, in Portuguese, they left Close-up, and we understand that the right, is Macro.
    We don't know Close-up. LOL
  • Cause cell phones don't take macro shots. They take close up shots. There is a technical difference, even though everyone calls a closeup, macros.
  • Up skirt setting?
  • +920 
  • These days I set Nokia Camera as default camera :):)
    the best thing about the nokia camera is , you can manually focus the Camera :)
    waiting for windows phone 8.1 !!!
  • I also noticed it gives sharper results (using Nokia Camera Beta Lumia 920)
  • Hm, I usually just use Proshot for advanced settings and call it a day. Nokia Camera is good but not my fave.
  • Yea, I use default for quick pics and ProShot for advanced pics. I've only ever opened Nokia Cam once.
  • Will it be better or as good as Nokia camera ?
  • No
  • It doesn't have to be though as lenses add functionality to the camera so all the default camera app has to provide is the basics.
  • Seems faster
  • ..totally pointless. This quote is only funny when used correctly.
  • Replies seem faster
  • LOL
  • Microsoft or built in camera is faster to open than Nokia camera
  • Nah because when he launched the camera app it cam up faster even when he went to take burst shots
  • is burst mode there in windows phone 8 cam?
    and is it possible to take videos in 480p or less in 8.1 rather than just the 720p and 1080p right now in lumia 720 and above?
  • Get app called Blink. Use blink lens in your camera app after that.
  • Not yet. But its coming in the new update.
    Get an app called BLINK (made by Microsoft) , it takes shots in a burst mode (720p res) & then you can save one or multiple shots ... & you can create animated GIFs. As long as you don't delete the Burst shots, you can always return to each collection & edit it.
  • This guy makes the most boring videos lol, can they get someobody elese to do the leaks? 
  • Or can't we just wait and not reveal all the surprise's?
  • I'm pretty sure that there is so much more to show, because they seem very curated, the leaks that when they showed cortana voice assistant they never let you hear her voice, even though I'm really hoping its the same actor or at least a very good imitator of the original actor for Cortana's voice (sorry I digress) but yea I'm pretty sure there's loads more
  • Plus if you can remember there was an article about being able to reply to texts without actually opening up the messaging app (there said it was confirmed but its actually implementation could go either way, it was a 5 or their rum-o-meter) so I do think there is so much more to be unveiled!! (at least I hope so but honestly even if there isn't what we have coming is already huge so I could careless if this was literally all of it!)(also Microsoft if you are reading this....please alphabetize the settings or give an option to arrange because I truly don't see the logic and if anyone else does please explain it to me!)
  • I agree with catogarizing the settings menue they should make it like the email app when you tap a contact all the messages from him appear under him they should make it similar to that   and I like that essay :D
  • Hahaha lol yea sometimes I got more to say than what I thought lol
  • They are boring for a reason. Leave some surprises for later PLUS not overdo it and risk having Microsoft after him.
  • Guarantee he is with Microsoft!
  • Yeah, he really needs a tripod and a plan for what he's doing to do. The video bounces around and focuses in & out, while he's repeating functions and bouncing around too.
  • They are just leaks - don't expect full production when they made those videos.
  • A steady hand/tripod/a stick & duct tape... anyone can make a decent video. Its not like he's hiding in Belfiore's closet trying to make the video before he's found.
  • Less than 20 days left guys! :)
  • From ecosystem perspective; Nokia will take months to push it to all WP devices worldwide, which really indeed very annoying.
  • Is possible to Nokia Camera be updated to add burst mode? This is the only thing I will miss from the MS Camera...
  • There already is a burst mode in nokia camera.
  • You do realize that smart camera is burst mode right.... If you open the picture in your photos hub underneath says open in Nokia Camera and that will let you choose best photo, choose best face (they should add face swap), action shot and I think two more.....also if you take a shot with smart camera it should take you to this menu automaticall if you back out of it you can just like the circle crop of the photo that shows up next to the photos hub icon
  • Any sign of HDR?
  • Didnt like how nokia camera took the front facing option out from the default UI and putting it in the 3 dot settings.  Annoying, or at least i dont see how you can toggle FFC from the default screen. 
  • adds a step but I got over it....kinda
  • Windows Phone 8.1 is kickass! Can't wait..
  • Seems faster.
  • I use Nokia cam as my default.  I just wish they would combine all the camera apps.  Stock camera is better for getting to the "lens" faster but i like Nokia UI better
  • I like it!
  • Love how all features of WP 8.1 has been completely revamped
  • Oh yeah!! Me too!! I just can't wait!! :|
  • The features leaked aren't enough then it means more to come
  • Nokia camera UI still better, this looks boring and too many menu popups
  • It looked like you can cut down on the menu pop ups from the video....I had the same clustered feeling the first time
  • Remember, this just provides the basics as the lenses are there to provide extra functionality.
  • he's not talking about that. he is talking about the fact the nokia app overlays menus on the image for a live preview, trying to get out of the way of your composition...while the MSFT app thinks you're making a cake and are just inputting the ingredients. Goes to show that MSFT plain doesn't understand the first thing about photography: the image is king.
  • These guys could really use a tripod, with the video constantly moving & focusing it was hard to watch.
  • These things are leaks - they're not meant to be full production videos so... 
  • A steady hand/tripod/a stick & duct tape... anyone can make a decent video. Its not like he's hiding in Belfiore's closet trying to make the video before he's found.
    I love copy/paste.
  • The thing I took from this video... No landscape mode for Start screen yet :(.
  • This is saved for Build conference, i hope. hehe
  • I've always felt like it should happen but I've never actually articulated it lol, but I wonder if that would be a huge deal or terms of coding?
  • as a programmer, I can tell you that a freaking list of tiles can easily scroll both ways. MSFT just want to tell you that you're holding it wrong.
  • Hahaha lol the ever present design that wants to design for you and tell you how to use it lol! I would like to see the tiles rotate, and with the action center it'll be easy to lock rotation without going thru to many menus!
  • In my phone these days, burst mode is automatic!!! I'm getting 2-3pics in my camera roll when i take pic by nokia camera.....
    of couse I'm totally frustrated with this stupid bug....
    anybody can help me out?? Plz....
    I'm gonna throw my phone....L820
  • Chill dude, if u had the problem i had then you could throw you're phone, since i installed Pro Camera on my 920, i can not make low light pictures anymore, the pictures look very dark, even with the default camera. I tried alot, uninstall the app, resetting my phone, soft and hardreset, nopes, nada, when my 1520 arrives i'm sending it to Nokia Care :)
  • Was hoping to see video settings that could be dropped a lot lower than 720p fir easy sharing
  • Maybe this is not the final build
  • I agree but I doubt the final build will be very different maybe a feature difference here or there
  • Can i reduce the volume while watching videos on u tube in 8.1 with action centre
  • I really hope Microsoft brings stereo recording to all Windows Phones.
    I love Nokia Camera, but with this camera update I wouldn't necessarily need it unless I'm tinkering with the shutter speed and focal points, which I rarely do. And the app starts up way too slow for me to capture a moment quickly, even on my Lumia 1520.
    I only use the Nokia Camera app for the amazing advantage stereo recording has on Lumia phones. It really makes a difference.
  • Still no pause button on video
  • Like, to pause while recording?
  • Windows phone will become the best for business now.
  • in 1998, I attached a non picture file to an email. In 2014, I still can't do that on windows huh?
  • Guy needs to turn off autofocus!
  • And get a tripod.
  • This will be nice for those 5 people with non-Nokia WP devices...XD
  • Yup, and I guess I'm 1 of them 5 who's going to enjoy it.
  • +1 Lol nice dude
  • And the ones who's Nokia's don't work well with the Nokia Camera. Video capture is terrible with Nokia Camera on my 822, but works fine with the default Microsoft camera.
  • I just hope they have a way to add filters to the camera, similar to iPhone, now before we get butt hurt with bring up iPhone its actually pretty handy because certain shots that you want a certain way can be done faster without having to use a secondary app.
  • But most importantly I really hope it allows you to take photos while recording, idk how many times I've wanted to get a still while recording!!!
  • Did anyone notice it says Microsoft camera instead of Nokia Camera???
  • probably cause it's a stock camera app that comes with the OS across all devices and not a camera app that comes only on the Lumias that is made by Nokia
  • good thing Nokia's phone division, which creates the camera app still independent. oh wait.
  • At 23 seconds in
  • ???
  • Cat got the rest..
  • The only thing I care about Windows Phone 8.1 is the Camera Improvement. I hope the blurry and yellowish result or post processing will be removed. 
  • Does pause and zoom options for video???
  • where is slow motion video recording :(
  • I still like the WP7 camera UI the best. Especially the part where it shows a bit of the recently taken photo to the left. But this is an improvement I guess.
  • Cool!
  • Will we be able to separate recorded videos and pictures? We need a video tab!!!!!
  • HA HA. yeah. Funny thing is if you drill down in the windows phone FS, there is a VIDEO folder lol but there is anything but videos there because they are all in the pictures folder. I want to know who at MSFT can't figure out how to do this and still have a job. I understand their interview process is very tough...well apparently once you're in, you really don't have to try hard.
  • Just bad... Actual is better. Same problems, anyway.
  • Now just add Microsoft Camera (or Nokia Camera) to the URI Association Scheme list so I can launch it from my custom developed app and we'll be golden!
  • still there's no ability to pause a video while recording and resume it agin..!! :(
  • Looks great, but Nokia Camera is the one for me. :)
  • too bad that division is owned by MS now so get it while you can. they are about to MS it: 1) replace intuitive live interface with previews with a zune like drill down 2) use 250 type fonts so you can use your phone from a mile away 3) require it you to drill in, change, drill out, preview, drill in change, drill out preview because you know, every picture can always be re-taken as many time as needed and there is no such thing as a momment in time.
  • I'm hoping no drill in changes, that would be a backwards step in comparison to the Nokia camera!
  • - Please put a info on pictures, we can't see the size,resolution,time etc. in pictures
    - Change the location of delete button to the front
    - Add a scroll bar for Gallery/Photos (that's really confusing when u gotta go down for some mins to find a photo)
    - Add in-app search option for apps like Music+Videos!
  • I can get the details on photos by using Onedeive, details on phone and Surface RT.
  • Is it really that difficult to include a PAUSE option along with stop in the video recording mode? microsoft...come on!!
  • Super clever....
  • uh, nokia pro camera user here. no it ain't.
  • Pause and continue video recording also good abilities.
  • ApplicationBariconbutton click navigate to picture gallery also good,,,
  • This is off topic but does anyone know if MS is gonna enable document attachment in emails with the forthcoming Wp8.1?
  • let's see, it is 2014 and everybody else has done that for 2 years. So yeah, basically they should be about to this year. but let's not get crazy here, nobody needs to attach antyhing other than images. WP is for the hyp crowdz
  • We want some implementation which can sort pics in different folders. All photos taken by camera are just sitting in camera roll folder. Its pain to find something or show some specific photos to someone else. We are waiting for this basic functionality since the days of WP7. Now don't suggest me to sort out them on pc.
  • OneDrive? Storyteller?
  • so this is going to replace the nokia camera app? looks horrendous! First of all, typical MSFT, it has to many taps do do anything and those drill downs into their awful HUGE TEXT MENU system feel like taking a step back 5 years and using a zune HD at 150ppi. second, you can tell it was designed by engineers with zero inpu tfrom photographers, unlike the nokia pp. For instance all those settings are accessible in the nokia while viewing the image using clever overlays and disks because photography is about seeing what it looks like and adjusting instead of following a robotic pre-cooked list of steps which is how MSFT thinks you should use this. they are just going in circles. poor guys.
  • Wup Wup
  • Those changes are nice, but there's no way I'm deviating from the Nokia Camera.  It beats every other camera experience.
  • I know this is unrelated. But. Does anyone knows if Battery Management will be better in WP8.1 ? Besides battery sense, do we get better battery usage or what ? My current and biggest gripe about WP now is the horrible battery management on my 920. 
  • <Hypothesis> MS/Nokia are preparing the after WP8.1, how ? In my opinion yes all the actual WP8 devices wil upgrade to the WP8.1, but, not all the features will be there for the outcasted 512Mb RAM. Why ? Because they're preparing the next generation of WP, how so ? By releasing new devices with up to 1Gb of RAM, (525 already), then 630,635,725,the reste of the line up is up to1Gb RAM. <Hypothesis> Let's discuss :)