Windows Phone 8.1 update for T-Mobile's Lumia 925 and Lumia 521 coming later this year

Back in the month of April, T-Mobile announced that it will be rolling out the Windows Phone 8.1 update to the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 521 over the summer. As we head into fall, there is no word of when the update will be available to users on either device, with a tweet from T-Mobile's support account only mentioning that an update will be available "later this year."

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Other than that, there is no clear timeline as to when users can expect to see an update to Windows Phone 8.1. Meanwhile, AT&T has started the Windows Phone 8.1 OTA update for its Lumia 925 late last month.

T-Mobile Lumia 925 users, what are your thoughts on the delay?

Source: Twitter (T-Mobile USA)

Thanks Eric for the tip!

  • Wow that's terrible. If I had t-mobile I would get an unlocked WP
  • AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 running with T-Mobile enjoying 8.1 update already
  • Hug your phone.
  • This offends me!
  • But I didn't...
  • Lol
  • This is why I dumped T-Mobile they could care less about up grading anything and their network sucks in my area.
  • Coincidentally, I found that article about Android KitKat roll-out to popular flagships.
    Guess what! T-Mobile is trailing as well. I see a pattern here...
    Lower price gets you lower service quality.
    Thank you Developper Preview program!
  • Getting an unlocked WP still doesn't guarantee anything. Microsoft are holding up updates for lots of the unlocked country variants. My UK Lumia 720 is still waiting for the official update, whereas the O2 locked version was receiving it 2 weeks ago.
  • Win 8.1 Preview Already Installed on My Backup T-Mobile Lumia 925...So, no biggie
  • How do you get the preview?
  • •Signup here, (Login with your Microsoft account) on the Windows Phone App Studio page. Click the Blue “Start new Project” button on the top left, and register. You’re now enrolled. You don't need to start an app or anything.
    • Download ‘Preview for Developers’ app here,
    •Run the Preview for Developers app, and login with the same Microsoft account you used to signup for App Studio, and tick the ‘Enable Preview for Developers’ checkbox. That’s it.
    • Go to, Settings>Phone Update, and begin your download.
  • Thank you!! Because of you, I now have Windows 8.1, and I'm loving it, thanks again!!
  • I created an account just to say thank you! I really, really appreciate this information. My phone is updating as I type this.
  • Cyan come with it?
  • Of course he's not going to answer that and I would say that having optimized firmware is a big deal....
  • As of right now my 521 is still on "Black" in the Dev Preview. Everything else is great.
  • Me too. Picked one up for $100. Best $100 I ever spent
  • It doesn't guarantee anything however here in the States AT&T is usually the 1st one to provide updates (usually)
  • So far the only Lumia models that have failed to receive updates are carrier models eg the T-Mobile exclusive 810. Unlocked models may get their updates later than others but they will get them. Unlocked is the best way to go.
  • Which doesn't make any sense. Also it wasn't the case before they bought Nokia. Unlocked phones always used to get updates first or at least at the same time as branded ones. My unlocked 920 got lumia black almost a month before my friend's branded one did. With Cyan he was the one who got it first..... There really can't be any explanation other than Microsoft delaying updates on purpose.
  • That really isn't a theory at all...there is zero benefit for them by delaying updates on purpose...
    I mean really need to come up with some real logic before you put up stuff... When Black was rolled out..ppl complained back then about the schedule...and ppl will do so now too...only you weren't then...and now you're one of them...
    Keep in mind this is a much bigger update btw...
  • How does it being bigger have anything to do with anything? Unlocked phones should always get updates first because they do not need to be approved by carriers. They should get the update first or at least at the same time as branded phones. If branded phones get the update first then it smells fishy. It obviously means that the update for that model is finished so why is it not comming out on phones that do not need to be approved by a carrier? The only thing I can think of is that carriers are probably blackmailing Microsoft, forcing them to delay updates for unbranded phones, to create an illusion that branded phones are "better" and people should buy them instead of unlocked ones, and if Microsoft does not comply they will stop promoting Windows Phones. That's my theory. How would YOU explain the ridiculous fact that branded phones get updates before unlocked ones, which do not even need to be approved?  
  • All I know is others have been in your place before with Black and now you're in the same spot with Cyan so this is nothing new.
    the bigger update part btw was to highlight how much more complicated it would be test the update for various variants..
  • Of course it's complicated, but it doesn't change anything. Look:
    1) Microsoft developes 8.1 and sends it to OEMs
    2) Nokia receives it, develops firmware, tests them both and sends them back to Microsoft for delivery
    3) Microsoft passes it over to carriers for approval and starts pushing it to unlocked devices because it's been already tested by OEMs and no carrier owns unlocked phones.
    4) Carriers approve it, tweak it if they wish, send it back to Microsoft and Microsoft starts pushing it out. This is how it used to work.... Now for some reason Microsoft is holding the update for unlocked phones.... Even AFTER phase 4 is done... WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!? Stop telling me about others being in my place. Those "others" used to be people who had to wait for carriers to approve the update, so it made sense why they got it late. There was an obvious reason for that!
    Unlocked phones getting the update later than branded phones makes no sense!
  • Neither have I received cyan for my unlocked 1520 which was given to me by Nokia. There is also the forgotton Lumia 810 by tmobile
  • Cyan doesn't benefit the Lumia 810 so the preview is your best option. No need to wait on nothing.
  • I'm sure it benefits the 810 more than the 520.
  • Got exact same issue here with my unlocked UK Lumia 620.
  • Sign up as a developer and get the update, I did and I don't know shit about even simple coding. I'm rocking a Lumia 920 and I have been loving every update.
  • That's horrible. Especially since MSFT said this summer, all their marketing email says soon, plus there's all the tv commercials with Cortana.
  • Yeah all of MSs WP publicity touts 8.1 functionality, yet the number of non-Preview phones that have it is minuscule... Of new phones, only the Lumia 635 and HTC One M8 that came out a couple of days ago have it officially, and of existing ones the biggest seller, the 521, doesn't have it.
    It's now 4 months since 8.1 was officially announced, and rumored months before that. Every 8.0 phone was supposed to get it "this summer". There's 2 weeks left...
  • There's more than two weeks left of summer.
  • I don't count September as summer.
  • September's biggest part is summer though.
  • The 520 has it. The 520 was the biggest seller.
  • What do you base that on? In the US in June 2014 (2 months ago), the most popular phone by far was the Lumia 521 according to the AdDuplex statistics: It's not even close, with 33.8% of the Windows Phone market in their stats it has almost twice as big a share as the second place phone which is the Lumia 520.
  • How is it miniscule...925, 625, 720, 520, 1020,1320 (not sure about 1520) and now many of the 920s and limited 620s...
    The issues with the updates reaching the phones is mostly limited to yeah its probably miniscule there...
    But worldwide its a lot less grim than how you put it.
  • True. Miniscule was a poor choice of word, but it's still a minority. 
  • They're advertising phones with 8.1 preinstalled.
  • I believe T-Mobile will only start rolling out WP8.1 after both the 830 and 635 become available and start selling at T-Mobile outlets.
  • Not an option for a lot of people, especially considering the lower rural coverage that t-mobile has. I switch from AT&T roaming about 1/2 mile from my house, to a local carrier NEP Wireless, and at the top of my driveway, I lose that. Verizon is the ONLY company that has service at my house, and I don't like their plans, pricing, business practices...  I require the use of WIFI calling, which is only available on t-mobile branded phones. I would LOVE to get an unlocked WP, but what use is it, if I can't use it at my home?
  • LOLz
  • My family member won't be happy. Glad I have a different provider.
  • Why is it taking so long for this to roll out wtf
  • Seriously. My family of 7 Lumia holders on Verizon are also getting really frustrated.
  • I may be on the preview, I tell everyone I know to jump on it, but I'm still getting sick of running in to features that are cyan only. I didn't buy a Lumia Icon to be left behind again.
  • Please list them. Honestly, I don't know what I'm missing on my 925 without Cyan.
  • The biggest one is the lack of Bluetooth LE. Without it I can't use my fit it or my heart rate monitor when I go running. Very annoying, especially because Lumia black supported it and the 8.1 update disabled it due to driver incompatibility.
  • What Lumia model does your family have?
  • T-Mobile is the worst one to give supporting updates for Windows phone¬_¬u
  • And they used to be one of the first back in the early Windows Phone update days.smh Guys just get the Developer Preview. You don't have to put up with this.
  • I thought that the BT changes necessary for Fitbit sync were cyan. Are they not? Either way, DP should not be the solution. Timely OS updates are.
  • Yes, cyan is necessary. My 925 with DP will not sync.
  • My 1520 and 1020 from AT&T are both running Cyan on T-mobile's network while my 925 and 521 are still languishing with buggy DP8.1, yet folks out here are constantly bashing AT&T for delayed updates.
  • Running 8.1.1 on my Lumia 1020 without Cyan (due to BitLocker bug), and it runs great. Care to share what's 'buggy' about it? Genuinely curious.
  • The battery life on my 925 is nothing close to what it was before DP8.1 and it also gets very hot whenever I used it Navigon or Here Drive on it. I have both 1020 and 1520 so I don't use the 925 that much but I used it mainly a back up phone especially when driving in the country lines where AT&T phones being used on T-mobile network easily lose connection.
  • That's where T-Mobile phones on T-Mobiles network easily lose connection.
  • Yahh , i also want to know the 'buggy' , coz i also ran the DP 8.1.1 few weeks ago but now got cyan and then update 1 by DP !!!! Happy to have but not felt any bug . L520
  • My 1020 was quite slow and studdery with DP. I took the plunge last night and went to cyan with DP. I do not regret that at all. Battery already has a major improvement (according to usage percentage I am getting double. Percent aside, I have not been at 81% by this point in the day for a very long time) As well, launching apps is much faster (Skype specifically) and no noticeable lag when going back to home screen as I had without Cyan. I am very pleased that I decided to do it. Edit: To clarify, not slow necessarily, but not near as fast as what 8.0 was. To me cyan feels like 8.0 did.
  • In fairness: The only way for you to have done that was with a clean OS install, so that itself could be responsible for the improvements. Not saying you're wrong, just considering all the variables.
  • Very true. Keep in mind I did restore a backup. But yes, more than one variable.
  • True, but while the app data and settings are being restored: The OS and app installs are still fresh, not carrying all that baggage. So I'm sure Cyan improves things, but just food for thought.
  • That is definitely a good point. When apps were slow previously, a clean install of an app can make a big difference. I would still say that battery was due to firmware, but the rest could be due to many factors, to your point.
  • This! My ATT 925 has the official 8.1, Cyan and the 8.1 DP update an has had them for a while. TMO is not supporting their WP devices, simple as that. Regardless of what you disgruntled TMO people say. Posted via my OnePlus One
  • Does the voice command works on 925 with Cyan now?
  • Until MS releases don't require corresponding firmware updated I will refrain from joining the DP. Hopefully, now that MS owns Lumia we will see firmware for Lumias delivered along with the OS upgrades. That would be sweet!
  • Not happening.
  • Ya, there is no chance.
  • Idk why this is surprising to TMO customers. The quote " You get what you pay for" comes to mind. I'm paying more on AT&T but there service is top notch! This is why I'll stick with old reliable AT&T.
  • You pay more for yearly phone updates?
  • I guess I missed that "pay more for faster updates" box when I bought my AT&T 920...
  • Firmware has to be approved by carriers, as it should be. I don't want firmware non carrier approved.
  • Same in GERMANY with O2. They suck! I would like to know why some have problems, and some dont...
  • Curiously, Deutsche Telekom (who owns T-Mobile US) has released the updated a while ago.
  • X_X
  • That's what I did, unlocked 920. But you loose features like tethering.
  • I don't know about the 920 but both my 1020 and 1520 can now tether on the T-mobile network without any configuration after the Cyan update.
  • What you're implying is that before the update tethering didn't work. But now saying that after the update it does. If that's the case then I'm even more excited and eager to receive the update for my unlocked AT&T 920.
  • Seems very fast...
  • OS updates should not be tied to carriers. I hope MS changes this for Windows Phone 9.
  • +1000000000000000
  • If Microsoft could change it, they would. When you have 4% market share you cant dicate to the carriers anything. Blame them. Not Microsoft. There is plenty of legitimate things to blame them for anyway...
  • 2.5%.....
  • Then why don't those morons at least sell unlocked devices of new flagship's in their store instead of always bending over back to useless carriers who don't help anyway. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App
  • Later this year, wow they really are in a rush to push this out.
  • Bull ish!!!!!! Waiting waiting waiting.....buying the 635 next week anyways but wtf
  • Wait for other devices to be launched too.
  • Welcome to the hell that us AT&T 920 users have to deal with...
  • Yeah, I'm really curious why the AT&T 920 is always so delayed in getting updates.
  • probably just gonna use the software recovery tool once i figured out to use and just get it over with. which may be what they want so they don't have to deal with warranty!!!
  • It will get before T-Mobile
  • Yes, I expected 8.1/Cyan for AT&T's 920 this last Thursday.   I expect it anytime now rather than "later this year."
  • What hell? ATT has it better than most people, except maybe Verizon. You know what's hell? T Mobile Lumia 810 users. Nobody in the US can beat that. The only Windows phone still without Black update.
  • My cousin's AIO 620 is still on Amber! I check for updates every time we're together. Nokia's update page says that Black isn't even available for it. So....
  • But that same update page says cyan is in testing for it. Meanwhile, with the 810.....
  • Yeah, that doesn't make sense. Is it even possible to get cyan without black?
  • I guess we'll find out :)
  • I know right. I'm going to say yes because it says they're testing it. But we're just going to have to wait and see.
  • That's true. They must have added the 620 on cricket later? When I checked, which was a long time ago, I'm pretty sure the 810 was the only one, and I was ranting about that here. At least it has a friend now, which isn't exactly a good thing. And the other T Mobile Windows phones were one of the last to get Black. Lumia 710 did not get an official 7.8 update. I can go on and on about T Mobile's failures, and some people will give me "good reasons" for them, but after a while these really start to sound more like excuses. Of course, Sprint users probably have the most right to complain (considering Sprint is the 3rd largest US carrier). They have like 2 Windows phones and I doubt they get any support.
  • I had a 810 and now a 925 on t-mo. You merely adopted this hell of bad support. I was born into it; molded by it.
  • This is so disappointing. I can see why T-Mobile doesn't get any of the high end windows phones, if the carrier barely cares to support the devices. I have both phones from T-Mobile and have been waiting for these updates, whereas my sister on ATT got hers like a month ago. Makes me think about Cricket more and more!
  • Do you have dev preview? I don't think it's worth waiting for anything on T mobile.
  • I need the wifi calling, in the building where I work and in some parts of my house.  Seems like that is an issue for the dev preview, so I've been trying to be patient....
  • yea I got the same respond on facebook from T-Mobile