Windows Phone App Roundup: Password Managers

Windows Phone Central's Roundup of Password Managers

Passwords, Usernames, Account Numbers, PIN Numbers... we all have them and it can be challenging keeping track of them all and keeping that information secure. Enter our Windows Phone where apps are readily available to help us remember, manage, secure and generate passwords for all our accounts, websites, and what nots.

We recently took a look at SplashID, a password manager from the Windows Mobile days that was recently transitioned to Windows Phone. It's a decent password manager and we were curious what else was out there. Based on your comments from the SplashID review and looking at several password apps on the Marketplace ourselves, a roundup was born.

We've gathered six password managers from the Windows Phone Marketplace that could be worthy alternatives to SplashID. As with any roundup, if a title doesn't make the short list it isn't a reflection of that app. We just have so much time in the day and space in the column. If we've missed your personal favorite, chime in down below in the comments.

Sky Wallet (free trial/$3.99): As the title suggests, Sky Wallet is a mobile wallet that holds all your banking, password, and other account information. It also is tightly integrated with your SkyDrive account for synchronizing a backup file for all your data. A backup file that can be used to sync with a desktop companion app as well.  You'll need to purchase the full version of Sky Wallet where you can request the download link for the desktop client and validation code.

Along with templates covering websites, bank accounts, email accounts, WiFi network info, and more. In addition you can create your own templates, customizing the existing templates and delete the ones you don't particularly care for. There's even an embedded password generator to help you come up with a secure password should you need it.

Data is encrypted using AES 256bit encryption and the app itself is protected by a master password. There is a free trial available for Sky Wallet so you can try things out before you buy. The full version, which will also give you access to the desktop component, is currently running $3.99.

You can find Sky Wallet here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Handy Safe (14 day trial/$1.99): Handy Safe utilizes 448 bit Blowfish data encryption to insure data safety for all your confidential information. Handy Safe has over thirty templates for passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, websites, and more.

Handy Safe, as with other password managers, is password protected.  The layout is more in folder format with your root directory having your main folders for business, personal and sample files or cards. From there you can create sub-folders and cards for all your personal information. Cards can be built off the templates, customized or create one from scratch. The app contains more than sixty five icons for quick reference.

Database fields can be active (e.g. URLs treated as hyperlinks, phone numbers as speed dials, etc) and there is a desktop component to sync your data with.

There is a fourteen day trial version for Handy Safe to let you try things out before buying. The full version of Handy Safe will run you $1.99 and you can grab it all here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

PasswordCryptMango ($.99): PasswordCryptMango may be the most basic password manager in the roundup but that shouldn't imply that it's not worth a try. Where the other members of the roundup cover a wide range of confidential information, PasswordCryptMango deals with user identifications and passwords for websites.

You simply enter the website name, your User ID, and password then tap save and a data card is generated. If you need help coming up with a password, there is a password generator available.

While PasswordCryptMango doesn't have as many bells and whistle as the other members of the roundup, if all you need is an app to keep track of all your website credentials it's not too terribly bad a choice. PasswordCryptMango is password protected but lacks a search function which may make finding things a little cumbersome and the absence of a desktop component keeps entry limited to the Windows Phone keyboard.

There isn't a trial version for PasswordCryptMango but you can try PasswordCrypt (freebie found here) to get a feel for things. The full version of PasswordCryptMango is currently running $.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

7Pass (free version/$.99): 7Pass is an unofficial client for the popular online password manager KeePass. With that being said, KeePass has a decent desktop component to allow you access to your protected data.  7Pass would be the mobile client to pull everything to your Windows Phone.

7Pass allows you to create databases that can be synced with Dropbox, Skydrive, WebDav, or Web Server accounts. There is a Demo Database installed to give the feel for things. You can set a password for the app itself, with each database being password protected as well.

Each database on 7Pass can be set up to meet your needs and follows a folder layout. Folders or groups can be generated to sort similar items together (e.g. email accounts, bank accounts, internet, etc). Entry fields are limited to the title, user name, password and URL. There is a free form section in each entry for notes (here's where you could add account numbers). The Entry style can not be modified but there is a free form text area for notes. You also can add text fields from the three-dot menu but they are viewed on a separate screen than the main entry screen.

One nice feature on 7Pass is the password generator. Not only can you set the parameters for the password but it generates a grouping of passwords so you can select the one that stands outs.

7Pass is a decent option to consider but some may find the navigation a little cumbersome. There are two versions of 7Pass available on the Marketplace. You have 7Pass Free and a paid version, 7Pass, that is currently running $.99.

LastPass (free fourteen day trial/$12 for annual service): LastPass is developed by the same group who brought us XMarks, a fantastic browser bookmark manager. Like XMarks, LastPass is a very impressive application that not only covers your Windows Phone but also has a desktop application and desktop browser integration. In many ways, LastPass is the complete package for password management.

As far as the Windows Phone angle is concerned, the app itself is password protected and allows you to have access to all your confidential information LastPass protects. The app itself is password protected and you can create entries from within the app. The app has a built in browser with the ability to key in your passwords as needed. The desktop application goes a bit further with automatic form filling, one click log in, and synchronization across multiple browsers.

LastPass comes across as a desktop solution with a mobile client where other apps are mobile solutions with desktop components. Can't say that one is better than the other but if you're looking for a password manager that has more reach, LastPass is worth a look.

The app itself is free with a fourteen day trial period. From there it will cost you $12 annually for the LastPass service. There is a free version of the LastPass service available but it lacks the mobile support for your Windows Phone. You can find the LastPass app here at the Windows Phone Marketplace and you can find the LastPass desktop app here at the LastPass website.

Cryp2Pass (free trial/$2.99): Let's get the technical lingo out of the way for Cryp2Pass first. The app uses AES256 for saving your data and SHA256 algorithms to generate passwords. In practice, Cryp2Pass manages your passwords for accounts in a nice, dare I say Metro, layout.

Cryp2Pass, the app, is password protected and has pages for favorite accounts, all entries, account listings, and menu) options. There are ten predefined templates with the capability of editing them as well as creating your own templates. Each entry contains two pages of data. A General Page has your title, group listing, description, and username. Then you have the Fields Page where you can add more specific information such as passwords, account numbers, URL, network details, etc. The templates will have predefined fields that will populate this page or you can add custom fields to your liking.

You can generate passwords for each entry and set a date to generate a new password. If you have an account that requires you to change your password every 90 days or so, this is a nice tool to keep you up to date.

While there may not be a desktop component to Cryp2Pass, you can back up your data to your computer (Cryp2Pass desktop utility required). Cryp2Pass lacks cloud storage compatibility, which might be not appeal to everyone. This feature is reportedly in the works so we'll keep our fingers crossed it appears in an update in the near future. Nonetheless, Cryp2Pass comes across as a nicely laid out, quality app for your Windows Phone.

There is a trial version for Cryp2Pass with the full version running $2.99. You can grab Cryp2Pass here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

WP Central'a Password Manager Roundup

Asides from these apps, another solution to password management is creating an Excel document that covers all your passwords, usernames, PIN numbers, account numbers and other confidential information. Store the document on your Skydrive account and it can be accessed through your Windows Phone Skydrive app.

But if you're looking for a more secure method of managing your passwords, accounts and other confidential items any of these apps might be what you're looking for. It's just finding which one fits your needs the best.

Feel free to sound off in the comments as to which password manager is your favorite or if we missed one.

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