Windows Phone apps to help you keep that New Year's Resolution

Windows Phone Central's Roundup: Exercise Apps

With the new year comes New Year's Resolutions and what may be the most popular resolution is to get into shape or lose weight. There are several Windows Phone fitness apps and we thought that if you are trying to stick with a resolution for better health, we'd roundup a few fitness apps to help you along the way.

Included are a few freebies and a few structured for men or women. As always, with as many apps in the Windows Phone Store, we can't touch on them all. If we've missed your favorite fitness app, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Men's Health Workouts

Men's Health Workouts (free trial/$1.99): Men's Health Workouts is brought to you by the popular Men's Health publication. The app features a variety of exercises that are sorted alphabetically, by body part or preference. Each exercise includes detailed, step by step instructions.

The app features a circuit training interface that is designed for maximum results in minimum time. Men's Health Workouts also includes a training log to track your progress and an exercise/rest timer to pace your workouts.

There is a free trial version for Men's Health Workouts that includes five workouts. The full version will run you $1.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

Gym Assistant

Gym Assistant (free): Gym Assistant is designed to help you track and schedule your gym workouts. Gym Assistant is more or less a free form app that lets you plan and monitor your exercises throughout the week.

You can view Today's schedule, the week's schedule and plan your week. You name the targeted muscle group, name the exercise and set the sets, reps and weights used. As you complete the exercise, you can check off on it as complete.

Gym Assistant is a fairly basic, free exercise app for your Windows Phone. You can find Gym Assistant here at the Windows Phone Store.

Women's Health Workouts

Women's Health Workouts (free trial/$1.99): Similar to Men's Health Workouts, Women's Health Workouts focus on exercise routines designed for a women's physique.

The app is laid out in the same manner as the men's app with workouts sorted alphabetically, by muscle focus and fitness goal. Each exercise is detailed with step by step instructions and visual demos to help you get things right.

Women's Health Workouts also features a training log to track your progress and a workout/rest timer to pace your routines.

There is a free trial version for Women's Health Workouts with the full version running $1.99. You can find Women's Health Workouts here at the Windows Phone Store.

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker (free): Sports Tracker is a Windows Phone fitness app that is designed more for those who prefer the more mobile fitness routines (running, cycling, etc.) over the gym workouts. Along with mapping out your routes, Sports Tracker will track and analyze your exercise performance that includes duration, distance, pace, energy, and other stats.

The Sports Tracker Windows Phone app will also connect and sync workouts with your Sports Tracker account (free) to allow you to view your workouts online at

Sports Tracker is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone.

Nike+ Kinect

Nike+Kinect Training (free): Nike+ Kinect Training is a supplemental Windows Phone app for Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360.

The app allows you to access your Xbox 360 activity, track your program progress, explore your workouts, get Challenge reminders, connect and cheer on your friends and prepare for upcoming workout sessions.

If you need to keep track of your Nike+ Kinect workouts while on the go, the Nike+ Kinect Training app will come in handy. It is a free app and you can find Nike+ Kinect Training here at the Windows Phone Store.

If fitness is an every day event or a New Year's Resolution, these Windows Phone apps can help you monitor and plan your exercise activities. You can find the full listing of fitness apps in the Windows Phone Store under the Health and Fitness Category in the App Section of the Store.

Again, if we've miss your favorite Windows Phone fitness app, chime in below in the comments with your favorite fitness app.  And for those who have resolved to stay fit this new year, good luck!

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