Windows Phone Game Review: Bubble Popper XXL

Bubble Popper XXL isn't your bubble popping game for your Windows Phone. Sure, you have to pop bubbles of two or more of the same style to gain points but there's a little more to it with Bubble Popper XXL.

Bubble Popper XXL is a multi-level game that calls upon you to remove a certain number of bubbles in a limited number of moves per level. You've got a few bonus bubbles to help you along the way and even with the help, Bubble Popper XXL can be somewhat of a challenge.

The main menu of Bubble Popper XXL is laid out in tile fashion with options to resume a game or start a new game, view the online high scores, view other games by the developer, access the "how to play" screen" and tap into the About and Rate the App screens. The only setting available is to mute the sound (found at the bottom right of the main menu).

Bubble Popper XXL is Facebook integrated where you can see your Facebook Friends' scores and tap into the developer's Facebook page.

The game screen has several ocean oriented icons trapped in bubbles. At the top of the playing field you will see your current level and score. At the bottom of the screen you will see the number of moves you have and the number of bubble you'll need to remove to advance to the next level. The higher the level, the more bubbles are required to advance to the next level.

To remove the bubbles, just tap on combinations of two or more of the same ocean icon. If you remove five to seven bubbles at once and you earn a yellow star. Pop eight or more bubbles and you earn a red star. The yellow star, when popped, will eliminate a row of bubbles. The red star will eliminate three rows of bubbles. Unused bonus stars are carried over from level to level and come in handy with the higher levels when you're called upon to remove more bubbles.

If you run out of moves before removing the required amount of bubbles, game over.

All in all, Bubble Popper XXL is a fun game for your Windows Phone. The game ran smoothly and it does have an addictive quality. It would be nice to have additional bubble themes but the ocean theme isn't shabby. Maybe with the next update will bring new themes?

Bubble Popper XXL is a free ad-supported game that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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George Ponder

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