Windows Phone Game Review: Rise of the Mummies

Okay, so this Windows Phone game may not deal with zombies but Rise of the Mummies has potential.

You play an "Indian Jones" looking character who's sole mission is to take out an invading army of mummies. You find yourself in the middle of a grassy pasture with mummies sprouting out of the ground like dandelions. You begin the game with a semi-automatic pistol and as you battle these monsters, power ups will appear to give you a little more bang to your weapon. You have a flame-thrower, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher and grenade launcher to name a few of the power-ups.

Controls can be a little tricky to master. If you tap and hold the lower left portion of the screen a virtual joystick will appear to control your character's movement. From the right side of the screen, the same type control will appear to fire and aim your weapon. Just wiggle your finger around to control direction. The bad thing about this control set-up is that your fingers can get in the way and limit your field of view.

As you progress through Rise of the Mummies, your enemy becomes stronger with mummies rising up that require multiple hits to take out and mummies carrying bombs coming after you. If any of the mummies make contact with you, they drain your health. When your health meter (upper left corner of the screen) hits zero, game over.

Rise of the Mummies does have an online leaderboard and a link to the developer's Facebook page is on the Main Menu. All in all, Rise of the Mummies isn't a bad game. Game play was simple and the pace gains speed rather quickly. The only downside is the controls take a little time to get used to and places your fingers in the way at times.

Rise of the Mummies is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone and you can download it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a mango app requiring Windows Phone 7.5.

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