Windows Phone surpasses 9% sales across Europe, experiences decline in Italy and China

Kantar Worldpanel's latest numbers shows continued rapid growth for Windows Phone sales in European markets, but heavier drops are highlighted in China and Italy.

Kantar WorldPanel today released market share figures for the smartphone market. For three months to August 2013, the report shows Windows Phone posting its highest ever share of sales, with 9.2 percent across five European markets. Compared to last month's report, this is substantial growth. Android remains dominant across the board, as is to be expected, but there's certainly a change in the winds.

Windows Phone hit double digit sales share in France and Great Britain with 10.8 percent and 12 percent respectively, while in Germany the platform sits behind iOS on 8.8% and is within reach by just one percentage point. Here's what strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel, Dominic Sunnebo had to say on Android's position:

"After years of increasing market share, Android has now reached a point where significant growth in developed markets is becoming harder to find. Android’s growth has been spearheaded by Samsung, but the manufacturer is now seeing its share of sales across the major European economies dip year on year as a sustained comeback from Sony, Nokia and LG begins to broaden the competitive landscape."

Sunnebo touches on Windows Phone's continued progress as well. "Windows Phone’s latest wave of growth is being driven by Nokia’s expansion into the low and mid range market with the Lumia 520 and 620 handsets." We've covered Lumia 520 and 620 in the past and how the units are shipping well, especially looking at data released by AdDuplex. Aiming for 16 to 24 year-olds and 35 to 49 year-olds, Nokia has been able to get that balance just right.

Lumia 1020 iPhone

Kantar Worldpanel - August 2013 Windows Phone Share by country

  • Germany: 8.8% (+5.0% YoY)
  • GB: 12.0% (+7.5% YoY)
  • France: 10.8% (+5.2% YoY)
  • Italy: 9.5% (-0.8% YoY)
  • Spain: 2.2% (+0.1% YoY)
  • USA: 3.0% (+0.4% YoY)
  • China: 2.1% (-2.6% YoY)
  • Australia: 6.5% (+2.8% YoY)

We're looking at positive growth overall, with the US still struggling to take off, but it's not falling. The largest notable gains are located in Great Britain, a market that was once a level playground between iOS, Android and BlackBerry, with the former appealing to the younger generations due to BBM. Nokia has been able to tap into these markets successfully with its Lumia line of products.

Kantar Aug 2013

Overall, Windows Phone experienced steady growth across the board, excluding both China and Italy. The latter market has been considered in the past as a Microsoft stronghold when it comes to mobile platforms, though this month Windows Phone experienced a percentage point change of -0.8 (YoY). China dropped substantially, taking a hit of 2.6% (YoY).

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

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  • Actually in Italy, WP share increased month over month for the last two months.
  • It has, though the guarantee service is so poor that it makes everybody run.
    With my L920, to solve a problem on the touchscreen, i had it sent on guarantee three times, each coming without the previous problem but coming forth with a new one. It took me two months to repair it.
    But still i am with Lumia, since i Love it and i would never go back to the iphone.
  • Interesting. I had my 920 on service 3 times and I had the exact same issue. My errand took 1.2 months though. They are now replacing my phone and I get a 1020 because 3 in Sweden have stopped selling the 920 since 1-2 months ago.
  • Curiousity sake, how was the customer servervice?
  • Well a proper word would be lacking. The carrier sends the phone to a company who does repairs for all phones... except Nokia so it get sent to a third place. In all this traveling words get lost, and being summer I get some trainees doing repairs so it gets worse everytime I get it back.
    First time the volume rocker was stuck, I had a scratch on the display and no fix for the original problem, the battery.
    Second time they changed the back!? but not the display. They fixed the volume rocker but not the battery issues.
    Third times the charm? They actually changed the battery ... maybe. They did not provide a service note and battery is now terrible.
  • I don't know about other country. But here in Indonesia, Nokia has their own service center since nearly all phones sold in this country is unlocked. I have issue on the main speaker (it never sound a thing). I came to the service center, left my 520 there, and within 2 days they called me telling my phone is fixed and I can pick it anytime.
  • I'm in italy and I have the feeling that customer service for us is somewhat nonexistent.
    For instance, there is no way to have official assistance about the software update. And, even though I have an unlocked/unbranded 920, I haven't received the gdr2 update yet.
    Nokia just lost another customer here.
  • I have to say the exact opposite. I live in Italy too and I had to take my Lumia 620  to the nearest service point (the Nokia Store in my city) the day after i got it because of some software issues. My phone was an Austrian one, nonetheless I got it back in three days and it was working like a charm. Maybe I got lucky, but I think it is just more possible that customer care changes from store to store, it depends a lot on the people who work there.
    About your problem regarding Amber, are you sure your phone is an Italian device and not an imported one? As I said mine is Austrian so I got Amber three weeks after it was available for the Italain devices, maybe it is just the same for you too...
  • Pretty sure... at least according to my phone which results RM-821_eu_italy_310.
    Anyway, I'm not the only one. There are a lot of people in my situation... you can check it yourself here:  
  • In the US the customer service is not any better. Frustrating, annoying, and useless all at the same time. Whenever I call them I get zero information and a lot of empty assurances that 99% customers are satisfied with their customers service. And unfortunately, I have to deal with them way too often. In the two months since I bought my lumia 925 it was  in my possession for just 5 weeks and three weeks out of the two months it spent in their service center. By far the worst customer service among any electronics makers I had to deal with
  • Yes, the numbers say so. However, when I went on holiday to Italy a couple of months ago, I saw nothing but iPhones. And a occasional Nokia Lumia. Microsoft still has a long way to go. The positive side of it all is, that Apple fails to innovate with their new iPhone 5s and 5c and iOS7 has a lot of negative feedback from users. Let's hope that helps people to make the switch to Windows Phone.
  • China is rushing for gold iPhones. Not surprising at all.
  • I thought china only had smart people obviously they dont, bunch of retards then :p
  • What made you think china had smart people. They are copy monkeys, let them enjoy their "icrap" and "antroid"
  • Very mature of you. 
  • :-)
  • I was being sarcastic
  • Refer to my new comment ⤴
  • oh don't forget there's Chinese people reading your post and you need to know that app store here in china is shitty here unlike in us And the MS Xbox music video and a bunch of games are 'unavailable' whereas android gets tons of love from Chinese internet companies and get huge amount of great free apps with great local services. MS is just not doing enough in china so it is quite fair they don't sell
  • Here's  a chinese reader .
  • Before you say that they are copy monkeys, please take a look at things they copied. They modified the phones to be much better than the original ones. Phones without sd cards are added, or dual sims capability is added, etc.... Or look at the brands like Xiao Mi or Hwa Wei. I dare say their design are even much better than Nokia. and obviously, they are much smarter than you who made such sarcastic comments.
  • how are the retards for buying an iPhone?
  • Agree with summit. Back to what I've said (but was laughed at for)  in the past. Why is somebody actually retarded because they like a different phone?  The iPhone does a lot right, (pushing hardware, little things like touch latency,  customer service)  and plenty wrong (siri bug),  but it is still a good phone. Same thing for Windows phone. Do you buy a BMW and call Audi drivers retarded?
    I'm not saying that the iPhone is way better,  but it certainly has merits for why people would buy it. Same goes for Windows phone. Unless you're actually jealous of iPhone marketshare or something, I don't see what bashing iPhone users for example would do other than represent us as looking like the bully who doesn't realize he is smaller than everyone else. 
  • Fyi bmw is for old people Audi is the new gen :P and i was joking no need to go all rage on me :(
  • I wouldn't ever go so far as calling someone retarded. However, I personally don't think it that smart to pay a premium price for a phone that really isn't better that wp or android. The way the phones function are pretty close now. Iphone might have slightly better build quality, but that doesn't stop the phone from shattering when it's dropped. The flagship phones are all built pretty well and again you aren't getting anything that is worth the extra iphone premium.  
  • I was joking :/
  • Careful what you say. You can draw more fire than the protagonist in Need for Speed: Carbon on the GameCube. X/
  • China has been swamped by the cheap $100+ local Android phones.  L520 is the only Nokia smartphone that is doing something over there.  Nokia needs to price the middle and high-end phones more aggressively.
  • I got a cousin whose a retard but not because he loves Apple, because he buys the new iPhone every year when you ask him what's different from the last one his answer is well its new.
  • Perhaops thats the big mystery why all people buy a new iPhone, after a year of use the old one is so worn out, that everyone just wants to get a new shiny one, wheas a durable indestructable Nokia will last you for years and still look like the day you bought it.
  • There are certainly a group of Chinese buyers, the new riches, just blindly chase luxury items.  Apple iPhone has establish a brand perceived as a luxury phone.  But the majority of the public are still looking for bargains.  They value the phone camera a lot.  L1020 has a chance, but unfortunately it is priced at $980.  Few can afford that.  Nokia needs to drastically reduce its price to $600 range.
  • Hahaha lol xD lol meme comic must be made ! :P
  • As a universty student in china ,i gotta say students would love to use lumia 920 rather than lumia 520.But the nokia got a bad reputation,many people even got a idea that nokia has bankrupted.
  • I go to China frequently and I can tell you this is total BS, in China it's nothing but Samsung and Lenovo (and mostly Samsung) no one wants those dumb small screens in China anymore.
  • Glad to hear this.
  • :P
  • Me not first :/
  • Glad to see NOKIA on the rise again.
  • :P
  • Italy experienced a slightly negative YoY because they were the strongest European market for WP7. Imo.
  • Wonder what is the status in India
  • China is a difficult beast to understand.I thought WP would suit them.
  • I just got back from 3 months there and I'm very surprised with this data. In my experience I would see at least a couple Lumias every day and seems it is doing very well with the bright color options. Not sure about y/y growth but id say the share is much higher than in the US. Makes me wonder where the data comes from.
  • Data comes from "Kantar", the very first word of this article :P
  • I realize that but how do they get their data.
  • Oh,more chinere will use android devices with low price from local brand.But as a whole ,lumia become popular than before.But they'd love to use premium devices such as lumia 920 rather than cheap lumia 520.
  • nope, Nokia suffered in China due to their poor customer services there
  • Maybe when Windows Phone get caught up feature wise & app wise etc.. The market share will go very high everywhere.. Just an honest wp8 user; no troll.
  • I agree with you about features as I could do alot more on my Android but apps we have 3rd party covering us and sometimes even better IMO.
  • I agree with your assessment, but there aren't always 3rd party options and if there are some, some of them are clearly inferior to the 1st party ones. But I do love my 6tag 6sec apps(better than 1st party in every way except for creating/uploading content).
  • Agreed, some apps just look so plain and not properly working.
  • I hear you but some third party apps are inferior to 1st party apps in almost every way.
  • I can actually see the growth in real life: when I bought my 920, I was the only one in my circle of friends. Now, 6 months later, 4 more people have Windows Phones. Might not look like much, but that's an 400% increase, right?
  • UK winning the fight. :)
  • I think these RoW figures demonstrate more and more that Nokia/MS should cool off on their strategy of pandering to the US netwoks with endless carrier exclusives and high profile launches. The theory is supposed to be that if they can 'convert' or 'break into' the US market then RoW sales will follow. The figures seem to be saying that the US couldn't care any less about WP and that it is a waste of time, despite this, RoW sales grow month after month. There's only 300million people in the US out of a global 7billion. All this marketing effort there is sheer vanity, pure insanity.
    The growth in RoW is/will be driven by value. Pricing of the device itself is not relevant to the US carrier model, becasue they mislead consumers with over-priced airtime contracts to conceal the true cost of the phone. In the UK you can get a perfectly useful amount of data and talk time for less than £10 from plenty of carriers, without contract, making the price of the device very relevant indeed.
  • While I don't disagree with much of your point, I wouldn't expect to see too much change from Microsoft as it takes over the Nokia devices. Microsoft is a US company and they can't ignore the home market and sadly, the way things work in the US with the carriers is that they expect exclusives. Another part of the problem in the US is really the amount of Apple mindshare. Apple is truly cult-like in the tech press in the US and even in the mainstream press. Their mind share greatly exceeds their share of sales. Microsoft can only compete with that by making sure breakthrough devices are sold here that generate some press. For these reasons, I'd expect Microsoft to continue to launch flagship devices in the US. I certainly hope they also quickly bring them to the markets that are proving more enthusiastic than the US market.
  • To bad about China :(
    But man what a number destroyer U.S. keeps on being. We should ban them from WP list so,we get better numbers to boast. :D
  • The main reason for low usage in China is no pirated apps, MS has made it impossible to pirate any WP8 apps which was quite easy in WP7 days and hence you see the drop in marketshare.
    In China: "No warez, No sale" applies to all the devices including laptops, smartphones and even the blackmarket/greymarket gaming consoles.
  • Not sure if that's true. Brazil is the biggest market when it comes to pirated Windows yet Windows Phone seems to get more popular there.
  • Great to see UK market share continuing to increase. I hope now we've broken the 10% barrier we'll start getting more UK apps. There's still a lot of UK apps missing that we really need for success. To name a few: BBC News/Sport/Weather, National Rail Enquiries, SkyGo, 4oD/Demand 5/ITV Player etc...
  • There is an app for National Rail Enquiries on WP7, but not sure about WP8. The WP7 one is excellent too.
  • Im glad to,here this nee about Europe. This is great. I really hope that the US follows suit.
  • This weekend i was in Barcelona , i even spotted some Lumia 925 posters at busstations :)
    Good to see these numbers! I'm happy with my 1020
  • It'll be interesting to see what happens once the Christmas season rolls around. I just saw a guy I know toting a Lumia 521 here in the US and have been getting a lot of rumblings from my family about WP. My sis is really wanting a Lumia 1020 and I've been having a lot of younger folks asking me if my phone is "that Nokia" phone. Good times ahead I think.
  • I am in Australia and while Samsung and Apple are still the most popular, I have been seeing quite a few more Nokia Lumia phones in peoples hands. There has been an increase, as shown by this report. I think people are realising that Apple is not worth the premium, and Android is well, meh!
  • It's great to see numbers for EU5 and USA, but what about BRICS? They are very important countries in the coming months and years! Lumia 520 ought to be a competitor to the cheap Androids, so the development in BRICS would be interesting to follow
  • South Africa have always been a strong Nokia market, and there are plenty of Lumias on the front covers of phone store booklets, but whether or not that is translating into sales I can't say. My mother in law in Cape Town was very impressed with my Lumia, but still went with a cheaper Samsung to replace her BlackBerry.
  • 1520 HURRY UP
  • I feel the drop we see here is because of the news of Microsoft taking over Nokia.Most people have no idea what it means and think Lumia phones have no future.
  • With the updates coming later this year and early next year, what is you take where WP will stand next year around end of Aug?
    Perhaps 13-15% will not be bad :)
  • I was an early bird back on wp7 age here in least 2 years ago I never saw someone with a wp before I bought my LG e900. Now I see Lumia pretty often and my closer friends bought Lumia too. I really love this OS and I will never stop advertise it. If the apps quality and few other things are going to be fixed it's going to be a great alternative! It's also the most innovative OS since 2007. Anyway...I think WP and Lumia are going to have a great time around here in this fancy little crazy country.
  • How about Japan?
  • Main reason for unsuccessful attempts of WP in China is the price. Someone pointed right above. Local Chinese manufacturers produce high-speced android phones for insanely low price (even 520 is not able to compete for the price). The rigidity and limitations of WP also shun away a lot of users because WP is not optimized for Chinese users and there is a lack of support to customize WP for Chinese market. For example, "caller region display" is seen as a must-have feature by a lot of Chinese consumers but unfortunately WP and iOS don't support such features out of box. And as you know, it's easy to jailbreak iPhone and a lot of features people want can then be able to achieve on iPhone. However, you still cannot jailbreak WP8, that has become another major deal breaker for a lot of people
  • ^^^ This ^^^
    and in addition, at least half of the people were buying Lumia's in support of Nokia, the company and the brand.  Once the M$-Nokia deal goes thru, and M$ drops the Nokia brand...bye bye WP--expect nothing other than further drastic declines !!!
  • Judging by the "M$" I would guess you are an Android user. You must be lost as Android Central is three buttons over at the top of the page!!! I only see declines in two of those countries so no, it's not "bye bye WP".
  • So exciting to see such a huge market share increase in the UK in just one month!
  • Hmmm ... Seeing more WPs in Switzerland as well, but not as many.
  • Decline in China? Maybe they heard Nokia isn't updating the 920's at AT&T.
  • Just putting 32GB in the Lumia 925 here in the US market would help here.  I would buy it just to have the camera and would learn more about windows phone OS.  429 off contract?  Heck yes!  
  • I was in NYC last weekend and saw MANY 1020s. First time I've ever seen so many WPs
  • Lack of devices and updates equal decline. Its going to impact other areas too. I really don't see gains for WP until 8.1 paired with updated hardware.
  • I think the growth experienced has mostly been because of the Nokia brand. Its more than a coincidence that the largest growth is seen in countries where Nokia has best reputation (eg UK) Like previous posters have said i do fear that when the Nokia brand disappears share will slip backwards. I would say most people in UK would be more open to buying a Nokia phone rather than a Windows phone. People don't feel the same towards MS as they do to Nokia. Worrying future ahead !!
  • Agree! Exactly what i said!
  • They can still use the Nokia brand for another 10 years. Besides, the deal has not been concluded yet (it still has to be approved AFAIAK), so 10 years start from the day of buyout.
  • Yes but not for the phones that matter (the WP smartphones). I was going to make the same comment as flashmaster; Great to see the UK doubling their market share in a year but not everyone is tech savvy to realise that Nokia means Microsoft means Nokia. As long as this fact is well advertised (it's still a Nokia) then high street shoppers will continue to support the platform.
  • Rich, sales share and market share are not the same.
  • Windows Phone... RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Android = GARBAGE!!!
    iOS = GARBAGE!!!
  • Garbage sells. So better make Windows phone free.. you will see the change. Since MS has Nokia phone division they can get the money from device. LEt them make windows phone free for a limited time.
  • Chinese market is based on "Status".  iPhone 5S comes in "gold" color so it will sell in China no matter what since Nokia does not have a "gold" color smartphone to compete.  Only competition will be the S4 "gold" from Samsung but they are having trouble meeting demand for the "gold" in their home courtry so it be a while for them to fulfill the markeplace in China and other countries.
  • Flippin' China!.