Windows Phone Manager Tool helps XAP loaders

This is a really handy tool for those who enjoy loading XAPs onto developer-unlocked Windows Phones (including ChevronWP7 Labs), which is currently in active development by XDA Developers Forum member andreacorti. The tool will help the user keep track of what apps have been installed on the handset (both from the Marketplace and via developer loading), allow the user to install (and update), as well as launching/killing or uninstalling loaded apps. 

Quick run through of some features:

  • Install new application on device
  • Update existing application on device
  • Show the list of installed applications (only developer installed)
  • Launch, Kill and uninstall applications
  • Explore isolated storage of applications
  • Download files and folders from isolated storage
  • Download SMS from device (in combination with the smsBackup XAP)

As a bonus, the tool enables access to view and download files/folders from isolated storage, as well as backing up SMS conversations from the handset. So, what's coming in the next version?

  • Add resources from DLLs (application names)
  • New function: re-upload to isolated storage of a cache file
  • Load documents
  • Load PDFs
  • Load provisioning XML

Head on over to Codeplex to download the tool, which is currently in Alpha (version 0.1), and be sure to provide feedback in the XDA Developer Forum thread on future features, etc.

Source: Codeplex, via: XDA Developers Forum; thanks Andrea for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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