Windows Phone Marketplace down? Error c101abb9 rears its head [Updated]

What could be a very temporary glitch, we're seeing the Windows Phone Marketplace erring out for new downloads of apps. Numerous reports have just been sent in to us that users cannot download new apps to their Windows Phone.

Upon trying it ourselves, we repeated the error, listed as c101abb9, numerous times on a few devices.

We're not going to get too worked up about this as Microsoft could be updating some of those backend servers (and Saturday nights are probably lowest in traffic) or maybe it could be something bigger.

Update: Seems to be widespread as it is affecting Xbox 360 and some general LIVE services (opens in new tab) at the moment. Hotmail is working though.

Update 2: As of about 9:45pm EST, the Marketplace on our phone and others has started to work again

We'll keep an eye out but for now, if you're experiencing the same, you're not alone. Thanks, XboxOmac and Kalet B., for the tips

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • This is terrible! People are out at bars on Saturday nights. We don't want any Lumia 900s left behind!
  • I was worried that there was an issue with my Lumia 900.  Thanks for posting this.
  • Thanks for the info, I was wondering what was going on.
  • Yep, having the problem on my Lumia 900 as well.  Also, if you go to the Windows Marketplace via your PC and click on an app icon, it's saying "App Not Found" for every app in the market (well, at least the three or four that I tried). 
    Glad to know it's not just my device, though.  Hopefully they fix it soon.
  • I was just coming on here to ask about this. I can't get any apps. Everything else seems to work on the phone. Hope they get it fixed soon. 
  • AppHub (Windows Phone/XBox developer portal) also appears to be down.
  • You're welcome for the tip :)
  • I felt special when they featured my tip too. :)
  • Still down
  • Yep - I got it earlier too, but it's ok now.
  • It looks like there's a problem with your Zune account, or you haven't created one yet. You need a working Zune account to get apps from Marketplace
    Thats the error I get from when trying to download an app. 
  • Mine says c101a249, either way its still down.
  • Zune isn't working on my Xbox or online in the 'account' section
  • I had just downloaded Shuffle Party and was trying to get something else. Was getting nervous.
  • Still love my f%$!n Lumia.
  • This must be Dan's work day. He's all over the WP news. Post boy post!!!
  • lol, trying to enjoy my Saturday night. Hopefully this is the last of it for today ;-)
  • I have been wanting time to go fast so tomorrow, I'll get my white Lumia. Hate my att dvp.
  • What do you plan to do with your DVP? I love all my Windows Phone devices, but I've often wished I had a DVP too.
  • I'm getting c101abb9 as well in the UK. :'(
  • Same problem on my HTC Arrive. Hopefully Microsoft resolves soon!!
  • it looks like xbox, zune is down and live and hotmail skydrive is up
  • Happened to me a few times but seemed to resolve itself after I toggled the connections.
  • as I say this I'm back in and
    seems to be working but I have not tried to downoad anything
  • I was able to get into Marketplace and do a fresh download of IMDB with no trouble just now. Hotmail, Maps, Zune, XBL, Bing Search, and SkyDrive are all working for me. As soon as I post this, I'll get jinxed :-P
  • the server is back, but no changes made :(
  • online...back to the Xbox I go.
  • Just noticed that Vevo couldn't couldn't to Xbox - must be related. Guess MS must be doing some upgrades / changes in prep for something...
  • I downloaded Weather Flow looks alright no problem.
  • It's alive and working now. :)
  • Unable to logon to Zune and Marketplace as well. Thanks for the information.
  • Im able to download without issues.
  • Happened to me last night and a couple times earlier today. Haven't tried recently though. Btw, that lumia looks sweet in white. Too bad I'm on tmo and not eligible for an upgrade yet.
  • Well, the marketplace is now working, so it's all good
  • I had no problem. Was able to download auto panorama from phone marketplace & artist info from web marketplace on desktop through WiFi.
  • I'm able to download fine on my L900
  • Working again on my Focus S.
  • Just listened to some Zune pass music just fine
  • They're probably upgrading to be able to handle all the new windows phone owners! Lumia 900 is a hit! Alot of peeps I've talked to are dying to get their hands on one ...bout time, though I've kinda liked windows phone being the best kept secret ;)
  • I definitely share your sentiment, like sending your kids to college - bitter sweet n you just know it's bound to happen. Lol!
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz many times iTunes was down.
  • I never experienced any trouble in Canada... Although with all the lumia connectivity problem I wouldn't have noticed...
  • Wish Microsoft would use error reasons instead of error codes
  • Yeah error codes suck....
  • It's still down for purchasing games or music for me. Can download some stuff, but not those. Also my Xbox live is still only partially working too. Rented a movie through Zune & it said it couldn't download & gave an error code -.-
  • The severs could be overloaded this weekend especially with the latest Xbox live promotion: everything (streaming) is free for this weekend
  • My lumia 900 white is still down. :-(
  • Now it's fine.
  • I guess I was right... They were preparing for an update - today buying apps via Zune is no longer possible. Could that be the change?
  • I have problem this my xbox live. I can't even download any games or something from marketplace on windows phone.
    Here is icon games not xbox live in my Lumia 800. 
    By PC I can't login to xbox live, it shows me error:17173CE6AEC4801
    What to do?
    I can't do anything...