Windows Phone messenger app Line updated, voice call support added

Line is a popular messenger app for our Windows Phone that touts over 260 million global users that span over 231 countries. Line was updated today, bumping it to version 3.0 and adds voice call support, a few new stickers and the customary bug fixes/performance enhancements.

Call support provides free voice calls for Windows Phone 8 devices only.

Along with the free voice calls, the update delivers four types of free special stickers to add a little spice to your messages. The four freebies are Moon, Brown, Cony and James.

Line is a well laid out Windows Phone messenger app that takes full advantage of the Modern UI design with features spread out nicely across a panoramic page layout. Not only is Line available for Windows Phone but also iOS, Android and Blackberry (also PC and MAC versions) making it a nice cross-platform communications app.

Line is a free app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. Just remember the voice calls are only available for Windows Phone 8. You can find Line here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Marcus, for the tip!

QR: Line

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  • Too much awesome in one day and the day hasn't even started yet.
  • + 2520
  • Wow
  • Too many news. I'm lost.
  • Its only morning here and we already have so much news!!! OMG, what a great day!!
  • 4pm at Finland :P
  • Glad to see it giving its love for WP users, especially WP8 users, and thanks for that! Will it support games for Windows Phone 8 just like the way Android and iOS do?
  • Omg finally!! Such a happy day
  • I'm confused by the assertion that call support is only for WP users when, in the app reviews (which are not that great), people are asking for the calling feature from iOS. Looking for a good way for my wife to talk to her iOS using sisters internationally. (Skype sucks on their non-4S iPhone 4s after iOS 7)
  • At my lumia 920 sometime line was not responsive...and need long time to start every open new you have same problem?
  • Many of my social networks do not push any more. I've searched all over the places, but there hasn't been any solutions.
  • Still whatsapp, no thanx
  • This app is far better. And much more fun to use. The only reason I still use,whatsapp is because of its popularity
  • Good to see the GDR3 bug fixed.  Messages are sometimes still delayed though.
  • Today it's the best day ever.. I already tried free call five times.. But still no sticker shop and games.. :'/
  • ThaNX!!!
  • I like line better than group me
  • My second most-used messaging app after WhatsApp. A welcomed update :)
  • can some one pls summarise the day for me.. can't soak so much info.. :D
  • Still minus sticker shop and timeline.
  • Yup, was really hoping sticker shop will be available now, lol how hard is it to add a link to your app?!
  • There aren't 231 countries though?! 
  • there are more countries known only to "line"
  • It's about time :)
  • Thia app should be more used
  • Agreed!
  • I dispise Whatsapp. Can we get better chat apps since Skype team keeps on droping WP8 support?
  • Yeah, its puzzling when MS owns Skype and it sucks most on Windows devices.
  • ​​This Apps Will not Working Propely 
  • there are more countries known only to "line"
  • Hehehe
  • It is an improvement but it is still a little half-baked. No sticker shop and no interactive features. I'll give an upgrade from 1 to 3 stars at the Windows Store.
  • Nice Update...
  • I welcome this though it's late. I prefer Line over WeChat because of its kawaii stickers, and it's endorsed by Girls' Generation :3
  • Guys, if you want to complain the lack of service, just leave your comments at LINE's Customer Service box. I actually sent a complaint regarding the free calls for WP8 users.  If LINE WP8 would be as awesome as their iOS and Android ports, it could give an opportunity for the Japanese market to adopt Windows Phone again.  Japan is still stuck to WP 7.8 by the way. They know Nokia as a dead brand and they have never heard how awesome Lumia phones are.