Windows Phone present at Christmas markets in Germany

Microsoft has been busy celebrating Windows Phone 8 alongside the Christmas period, with stalls set up in several markets in Germany. The country is well known for its Christmas markets (we even have them here in the UK) and WParea managed to trek down to one in Hamburg Ottensen where a Windows Phone hut was discovered.

The market is reportedly a busy one, and by what we can gather from photos published by the German website, it's a wonderland packed full of festiveness and excitement - with a helping of Microsoft's mobile platform to add something sweet to the mix. When checking out the cabin at the Christmas Market, WParea managed to obtain information revealing other such stalls set up at other markets.

As well as temporary locations, Windows Phone 8 booths are also located in multiple shopping centres that are offering the opportunity for the public to win Windows Phone 8 hardware. It's good to see Microsoft out mingling with potential customers and taking full advantage of the festive holidays that are soon approaching. 

Source:; thanks, Leng, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That is a good idea. MS should do the same in big US malls.
  • Love the Hamburg Christmas markets. Great marketing idea for WP. Those markets are packed all night every night!
  • I saw a team of Windows Phone guys in a busy street in San Francisco during thanksgiving weekend! They were showing off the new phones and we proudly showed our 8X and 810 to them! We gave em high fives! Good job MS!
  • Heeey, didn't know you guys were Brits :D
  • Not all of them are. Rich is located in the UK,while all the others (I think) are Americans... Daniel e.g. is from New York, if I'm not totally wrong.
  • Sounds about right
  • Jay's also brit, i think...
  • This is great! Whatever it takes..
  • Finally got my 920 today had to wait for almost 4weeks it was on backorder so excited never going back to android yay
  • Was this picture taken with a 920. It seems a little dark.
  • ohhh I didnt know that there are such christmas markets in britain too... is it there also tradition to drink hot wine? (hope that is the correct word; I mean wine wich is hot like coffee)... And is there nothing like that in the US?
  • The correct word is Glogg or Glühwein. "Glühwein" is a word a lot of people know in english. Like Gesundheit, Schadenfreude or Kindergarten (which got adopted/added to the language)
  • The correct word is Glogg or Glühwein. "Glühwein" is a word a lot of people know in english. Like Gesundheit, Schadenfreude or Kindergarten (which got adopted/added to the language)
  • Saw one of these at the Weihnachstmarkt in Spandau just this weekend as I was showing some visitors around Berlin. Haven't seen them at any of the other markets here in the city, though.
    Good to see MS is really advertizing! Nokia really needs to step up their supply here in Germany, though. Have tried to find a black 920 for quite a while, but they are nowhere to be found. Each time I have stopped in a store to see if they have one, too, there have been other people asking after them.