Windows Phone present at Christmas markets in Germany

Microsoft has been busy celebrating Windows Phone 8 alongside the Christmas period, with stalls set up in several markets in Germany. The country is well known for its Christmas markets (we even have them here in the UK) and WParea managed to trek down to one in Hamburg Ottensen where a Windows Phone hut was discovered.

The market is reportedly a busy one, and by what we can gather from photos published by the German website, it's a wonderland packed full of festiveness and excitement - with a helping of Microsoft's mobile platform to add something sweet to the mix. When checking out the cabin at the Christmas Market, WParea managed to obtain information revealing other such stalls set up at other markets.

As well as temporary locations, Windows Phone 8 booths are also located in multiple shopping centres that are offering the opportunity for the public to win Windows Phone 8 hardware. It's good to see Microsoft out mingling with potential customers and taking full advantage of the festive holidays that are soon approaching. 

Source:; thanks, Leng, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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