Windows Phone smartwatch, what does the future hold?

Some will argue that the one device missing from the Windows Phone ecosystem is a smartwatch. There are plenty alternatives out there but nothing that lends itself to the Modern UI of the Windows family.

Windows Phone Central member taymur has started this discussion in the WPCentral Forums suggesting we may see an announcement of a smartwatch from Nokia sooner than later. His hunch is based on the upcoming press conference from Nokia and the presser’s announcement graphics. The event tagged as “More” has a rotating set of symbols for the ‘O’ in More that includes a clock face.

We still expect to see the Nokia Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 announced at the press event, but our sources say no smartwatch will be on the table for Wednesday's event. Instead, look for something more towards September after Windows Phone 8.1 gets its first update. But what does the future hold for a Windows Phone smartwatch?

Nokia Press Conference Graphic

We do think a Windows Phone or Windows-based smartwatch is being researched by Microsoft and Nokia, but it's probably several months away from getting off the drawing table. The press event’s graphic could be a suggestion that Nokia is considering some app announcements, such as Fitbit or even Pebble. We know that such official apps are in the works as we speak, and Nokia may be finally revealing those come Wednesday. 

While it would be nice to see a Windows Phone smartwatch later this year, does the Windows Phone eco-system need a smartwatch to be more successful? Personally, I wouldn’t mind a companion watch that would alert me of incoming calls, pending appointments and new emails.

Gather your thoughts and head on over to this WPCentral forums discussion and share your thoughts on the possibility of a Nokia or maybe even a Microsoft smartwatch becoming available. Want to follow more about smartwatches and the latest gossip on this growing new area of tech? Make sure you visit our sister site dedicated to the cause: Smartwatch Fans.

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