Windows phone TV ad - effective or creepy?

We're a little on the fence here. On one had, it's good to see a marketing push behind Windows phones (and by proxy, Windows Mobile 6.5). What good is the rebranding and operating system upgrade if you don't tell anybody about it?

On the other hand, we're not sure that having your "Windows stuff" following you around is the most effective way of getting the point across. Not necessarily as fun as we'd like to see, or sophisticated, for that matter. It's kinda straddling the two, and not in a good way. But, to each his own, and we doubt this will be the last advert we see regarding Windows phones. gcdtech via Engadget Mobile

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  • +1 for creepy. Does this mean that you guys are going to change your page title to say | Windows Phone News, Reviews, and Opinion?
  • i like it...
    see im a windows tech, and EVERY customer i take on says "i need office, you know word excel and all that STUFF"
    this is GOOD!
  • I love it and hope to see more from MSFT for WIndows Phone and Zune HD. I talk to alot of people about phone stuff and when i mention Windows Mobile or Windows Phone, sometimes its like they have never heard of it, and that is just a shame. And then i talk to peole that just bought an I*** touch and they where either not aware that Zune exists or that the Zune HD exists. More marketing please MSFT.
  • Can we please just dispense with these stupid MS ad critiques? There has never been an ad from them that some wanna-be ad snob has not rushed in to tell us how "stupid" they think it is. The ad got its point across just fine. God knows what the heck anyone really thought they could have come up with that would have been entertaining. And since when did people in costumes become creepy? Jesus! Grow up.
  • Re: And since when did people in costumes become creepy?
    You obviously weren't at my 10th birthday party. :-/
  • I totally agree. I read on another site that..."Wow microsoft is advertising useless apps..." I responded by saying, "Man since when did Word, E-mail, Messanger, and internet becaome useless"?????? People can be so short sided when it comes to WIndows Phone. That's why i would like to see so much more from them.
  • Creepy? No, but just weird. Looks like a kiddie-cartoon commercial. Are they going to buy WinMo smartphones?
  • Microsoft REALLY missed the boat on this one! Total SNOOZE and childish!
  • I dunno, might be nice having waist-high little creatures follow you around all day -- suddenly a taxicab ride becomes more of a release... ;)
  • Wasn't that commercial made by AT&T, not Microsoft?
  • I liked it. I thought it was funny. This is exactly what Microsoft should be doing is advertising. For as long as I have ever known windows mobile, I can honestly say I have NEVER ONCE seen an ad for anything about windows mobile on TV. I have seen plenty of blackberry and iphone ads though. Same thing with the zune. Not a single ad for the zune have I ever seen. There's a reason why the zune is not sold much, and it has nothing to do with it not being a good device, because it is and always has been since the first iteration, but there was never any sort of real advertising for it and nobody even knows it exists. I don't even remember ever seeing the zune, prior to the HD in any weekly Best Buy ads that I get in the paper. But if they really want to get a point across, then they need their ads to be just like loco4local, which sadly the videos have been taken down...
  • Why is this creepy? It shows all the apps people use staying at home but now he can take them with him.
  • I would say that it was certainly puzzling, odd, and not mainstream. But I think that that is its strength; it will make people stop and think and wonder. In advertising, that's a good thing.
  • Almost as creepy as the albino chick in the Pre ads. Can anyone say "Its Teletubby Time" ;)
  • i think its good and i have seen it looads of times too on tv! not usual for microsoft