For all intents and purposes, MIX10 was the real coming out party for Windows Phone 7. That was the first time we really got an extensive look at the future of Windows Phone. One of my personal favorite moments from MIX10 was the quick look (tease is more like it) of what XNA was capable of with The Harvest. What we didn’t know at the time is that The Harvest is going to be one of XBOX Live titles from Microsoft Gaming Studios available at launch. Windows Phone UK has posted several videos showing off what the game is capable of and what we can expect from this third-person shooter. First impressions, this is an awfully good start; at least as good as anything available for iPhone or Android, if not better.

What do you think about The Harvest? How much gaming do you think you will do with your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments. Videos are after the break.

[via: MobileTechWorld]