Windows Phone Update: 7392 Scheduling for the Surround

While the Windows Phone update process has hit its share of snags, Microsoft has done a good job keeping everyone posted on the progress (or delay) of all the updates. The latest update has the 7392 Security Update entering the scheduling phase for the AT&T HTC Surround. This should have the update hitting devices within the next ten days.

No word on when the other AT&T Windows Phones will get this update. There are also no hard dates on when the "technical hurdles" will be overcome in updating the remaining Samsung Focus models.  Finally, Microsoft reports that they are still working with Orange to resume the update process for the Omnia 7. As with the Focus, no date on when Microsoft hopes to resolve this issue.

Remember you can keep up with all the Windows Phone updates over at Microsoft's Update Page (opens in new tab) or download the "Dude, Where's My Update" app.

Source: windowsteamblog

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  • Wow, that's a surprise. Will keep an eye out for it. Btw, Dude, Where's My Update has never acknowledged the 7392 update as being in testing. Will be interesting to see if the app ever updates.
  • I'm a bit shocked I just assumed 7392 would be bundled with Mango for us AT&T users, pleasant surprise.
  • I am surprised that AT&T still haven't pushed this out. I have a HTC Surround on Telus (in Canada) and received my update a couple days after it was officially released on the Telus network. Was this an AT&T delay or is my phone secretly missing driver updates?
  • Been waiting for this ever since I got my was a stupid security certificate update. No reason AT&T should have been dragging their butts on this one.....oh wait. Yeah. Sorry.This is AT&T we're talking about....
  • They still haven't updated the page with the Verizon Trophy and I'm curious as to when we'll get 7392 not so much for the update itself, but for me to have the ability to back mine up.