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Windows Phone users can now upload videos to Instagram with this new app (Update)

Free code for the first 200 posted below!

Although 6tag is the de facto Instagram app for those using Windows Phone due to its advanced and unique features, one thing it cannot do is upload pre-recorded video. Instead, users need to open the app and record directly. This limitation is problematic if you recorded a video earlier and wanted to add it to Instagram at a later date, or perhaps did not have free internet connectivity for the upload.

Today, we are excited to announce a new third-party app dedicated to this single task. It is appropriately called 'Video Upload to Instagram' and Venetasoft makes it. If that name sounds familiar, it is because they also publish the excellent Band Sensor Monitor, Find My Band, and the excellent Movie Maker 8.1.

Video Upload to Instagram

  • Upload pre-recorded video from Phone, SD card, OneDrive, or any other file sharing app
  • Select any 15 seconds of video (max allowed by Instagram)
  • Crop any section of your video (Instagram only allows squared videos)
  • Use Movie Maker 8.1 for advanced video editing
  • Uploads to Instagram and videos can optionally be saved to phone too
  • Adds app to Share picker, so you can hand-off video from one app to this one
  • It can handle 4K videos from Lumia PureView phones with Lumia Camera 5.0

Overall, Video Upload to Instagram is a fantastic, well-done app from Venetasoft. The design is natural, there are short tutorials to guide you, and it is feature packed. Video Upload to Instagram costs $1.99 for the full version, although there is an ample trial to let you try it out.

"You can evaluate this app for an entire week, with the limitation of one upload every 24 hours and max video duration up to 10 seconds."

Oh and stay tuned, as later today, Windows Central is giving away 200 free unlock codes for this app! So grab it now as a trial and keep checking back this afternoon.

Update - Grab your code now! Use the hamburger menu in the app to select 'Unlock code'. Type in ' wpc22k' to get the app completely for free! Only the first 200 users can get it, so act fast. Afterwards, restart the app.

For those who use Instagram a lot and prefer a dedicated app for this function, this is your solution!

Download Video Upload to Instagram for Windows Phone 8.1 ($1.99, free trial)

QR: Video UPload

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Finally!
  • Does anyone know if this app uploads the videos in high quality because Movie Maker 8.1 does not
  • Instagram set some limits on both resolution and compression.
  • I've seen some really high quality videos on instagram, compared to the ones I've uploaded
  • IKR, can't believe someone beat Rudy to it...  
  • It's not a race, we all want WP to be successfull, that's it :)
  • ha True, I'm on the development track also for windows phone, so I'm inspired by developers like you and Rudy to get some apps out there...
  • Me too
  • All the best guys both of ya .!! Develop some awesome apps and make the community proud ;)
  • Make a gain likes for Instagram,because the current 4 star one sucks.
  • Very well made app.
  • Hey, if you already have bought the plug in for movie maker do you get it free in this app or do you buy again?
  • Just contact me at my support email and I will see how to get this done ;)
  • Rudy has it planned for v5 which will be universal.
  • I love windows phone developers!!!! Long Live Windows Phone!
  • I hope they bring voice call to whatsapp like android and iOS or no one will buy WP here where I live whatsapp is the most important app.
  • Lol
  • Thanks Venetasoft, even though it'll be years till I use this!
  • Dude Venetasoft is awesome, this feature is already in Movie Maker 8.1 though.
  • Yeah :) But it s a plugin, not so handy as a dedicated app.
  • Please allow installing the app to SD Card...
  • I can't...Startup performance is terrible with some SD cards.... Anyway the app is light ;)
  • It s a pleasure for me to fill this kind of gaps, I just want wp to RuLe the world :)
  • If u can make a twitter client for windows phone. It would be great.
  • Right now I'm working on an unofficial Ticketmaster application.
  • Am making perfect small small apps. Mostly which I need :P Microsoft's takes ages to get it on the store though. Too long.
  • Great !!! Let s fill all gaps ;)
    Show the world that one WP dev is better than 10 ios devs + 10 android ones ;)
  • Awesome
  • I think you should try this:   Regards, Avinash.G
  • Awesome!! I appreciate your support for this great platform.
  • Hey can you make instagram upload plugin free in movie maker 8.1 now????
  • You can get all my apps and plugins for free, don't you follow wpcentral :) ?
  • Nice! Thanks! So do I..
  • Thank you venetasoft!
  • Sure , seems interesting.,
  • I hope Instagram won't block this app just like the snapchat ..
  • Not all CEOs and companies are arrogant as Snapchat's
  • I had some kind email exchange with them, they are fine, just want to preserve their brand and be sure users know it is an unofficial app. I 100% agree.
  • Please add support for installing the app to SD Card...
  • Startup performance is terrible with some SD cards.... Anyway the app is light ;)
  • I can respect that, but if they want people to know it's their app, make an official app that lives up to the quality you and developers like Rudy put out. By the time they put a good app out, WP users won't use it and we'll get the old we're dropping support due to lack of market share
  • Your point of view is perfectly understandable, but we have to respect their choice. It's their app and their network, and they could easily send and email to all 3dy party devs and intimate to unpublish our apps immediately (like SnapChat). Be happy they allow us to publish these apps....
  • Completely agree ventasoft. I'm glad they've been so supportive of the third party apps.
  • 6tag is officially approved by Instagram.
  • Tolerated, not approved. As all other unofficial Instagram apps out there.
  • The app has been reviewed and approved by Instagram. It's not the official app but they very well know it exists and they are fine with it.
  • Nice! Been looking for an app like this for quite sometime. I hope the unlock codes aren't for US only. :)
  • Won't be :)
  • thank youuu :D
  • Please let the app install to SD Card...
  • Please see prev posts..
  • Stop asking! It is only 9mb..he said app doesn't work well with some SD cards.
  • Great! But codes are sold out. :(
  • Just hope the codes dont show up when its night in the civilized world, i.e Europe ;)
  • Easy
  • They showed up at 1:30 AM on GMT+1. So yeah, by the time I got to see the post, they were all snatched by the Americans.
  • finally
  • Kudos venetasoft! Always creating the first of its kind.
  • LP App..?
  • I'll update that soon, one is already pending though. After my exam, for sure! :P
  • Haan Haan, Jhote dilase deta reh tu.
  • .........
  • So we will be able to upload 1440p or full HD videos for 15 seconds right?
  • No, Instagram video must be compressed in a special way and have strict resolution limits.
  • Maybe Rudy Huyn will add it to 6tag next...
  • 6tag v5, hopefully:)
  • Everytime I hear Rudy Huyn, it reminds me of "Rude Boy" :P
  • We met one time (maybe again at //Build next week too) and  we are in super good relationships :) Venetasoft = Italy = 15% WP share
    Rudy = France = 15% WP Share LOL
  • What's your real name, BTW? You sound more like "Microsoft"... :P
  • Grazie veneta.. Forza Juve :p
  • Forza Milan, ma anche forza Juve in questi giorni !!!!!
  • I just want to say: Forza Inter
  • @venetasoft:
    Oh, you lucky (and hard-working) guys. If we only had reached that marketshare globally...
  • *Dreams After W10 launches*
    •Instagram abandoned old app relaunches full featured official instagram app.
    •Snapchat app now available
    •Google apps now on W10(universal apps). LOL #NeverGonnaHappen.
    Take Care Hold On WPFans
  • After all that snap chat shit. I never wish to use snap chat. Talking about google apps we have a better u tube clients even if they launch official u tube app I won't use it.
  • Yes, I agree Tubecast is much better than anything google has.
  • Official apps do make difference..I mean having official apps will gain more popularity to OS rather than 3rd party apps. EDIT- i love 3rd party apps just like this one +1 venetasoft. :)
  • remember when Microsoft made that nice YouTube app... and when XBOX music was good and working in WP8... Man WP has soooooo much potential to be great, if only we had those apps. I still love it, but it is tough, no lie...
  • Good ole days :') Youtube app from Microsoft is still in WP stpre but you can't install it for some reason. :x
  • The good old days :shedstear:
  • I don't want Snapchat either. And our 3rd party apps Are really good. Great even sometimes. But having Official apps is what's going to help Windows (for phones) grow, not 3rd party apps.
  • Having androids app would make me happy and sad at the same time lol
  • @luiislip:
    For me there's nothing of interest on Android (exclusively), so I hope Microsoft won't play this Plan D-card. Apps on iOS are a completely different topic. If we could have those on Windows Phone, I knew the one or another I would like to get...
    I always thought Microsoft and Apple play along nicely (compared to the relationship Microsoft and Google have), so why not ask Apple for permission to run iOS apps on Windows (Phone).
  • Of this small list... I need nothing, but for the greater good, I do hope this magic happens
  • Don't lose hope.
    Its gonna happen dude.
  • Rudy and venetasoft both are great devs
  • This is GREAT. Thanks a lot, Venetasoft. :)
  • I already own the upload to instagram feature in the movie maker 8.1 app, you guys may as well just buy that! Is Rudy still going to put the feature into 6tag? I hope so!!
  • You are right my friend...I have to add a way to unlock this app for free is you own MM plugin (as I will be back from //Build ;)...
  • That will be Great. I bought the unlock of movie maker to instagram too, and you always answer my questions and solved the issues that the plug in had.
  • Do the people who bought the plug in on MM get this for free?? Is that what you are saying?
  • I would buy this even tho o have movie maker but The tech preview not recognizing app purchases
  • I cannot guarantee it will work on WP10, too early...
  • Legit I use the plugin already for moviemaker. I'll support ventasoft and buy it and have my wife buy it. We have a newborn and she has tons if little videos I know she would love to just quickly upload.
  • "Use Movie maker 8.1 for advanced video editing"
    Why not straightaway upload from MOVIE MAKER ❔❔
  • You can too :)
  • BTW, Movie Maker app doesn't encode videos on my Lumia 535.
  • Why not ? I test with Lumia 630 and 520 too...Please write me at I want to understand more about your issue.
  • +830
  • WP developers just rock! I love their support for the platform...and quite frankly, I'd love to become one of them myself once I get some more programming exp under my belt. :) Go-go-gadget developers!!
  • The fact that Windows Phone has such basic restrictions on the app is why Windows phone won't be as widely accepted as Android
  • What restrinctions ? I cannot find so many fabulous video editing apps on Android ... ;)
  • Haters always find reason to hate. They are best ignored. :)
  • Video collage. I think are not available on WP except in a bulky microsoft beta editing app
  • I will say the Movie Maker app is amazing, and I love using it, so it doesn't surprise me that this looks to be an amazing app.
  • Wow thank you very mcuh for you kind words :) !!!
  • Great! Thanks for the support VenetaSoft.
  • More power to this developer but It's sad MS can't convince instagram to have this feature updated in the official app.
  • I'd like to see a collaborative app by Venetasoft & Rudy...
  • Man, that'll be a masterpiece. Count on me.
  • Have to talk with him next week, who knows :)
  • Would be glad if you and Rudy collaborate for some third party google apps..
    Or some new game for wp
  • Im surprised Rudy Huan has not put this feature into 6tag yet. It makes perfect sense for him to do so, just not sure why he hasn't
  • It's Just a SDK limitation. 6tag uses Silverlight, video editing features are only available for winrt 8.1 Apps. So before working on it, I need to convert 6tag to winrt and it's not a bed of roses
  • Rudy can we communicate via URL protocol between SL and RT...? Should be awesome :) !!!!
    PS: we will meet again in SF, right ;) ?
  • it should be amazing so, when :) This platform need real brave heart like rudy and you. Bu we want consolidated apps. I don't want to switch between apps. For example, there lumia camera app but there is lumia panaroma as well. Why ther aren't combined?  Or why I can't manage the timing setting from main screen in the lumia camera 5 or classic? So, finally one app and genius interfaces makes people satisfied  and happy. soi thank you very much.
  • Waiting for unlock code ;)
  • I support the developer and the Windows Phone community so I will gladly purchase this app!
  • Que practico tener 8 aplicaciones no oficiales para hacer algo que una sola tendría que hacer! Gracias Windows Phone por ser tan práctico... siempre lo mismo, de terror.
  • You have to "thank" Instagram, not Windows phone or wp developers.
  • Supongo... pero hay algo que Microsoft esta haciendo mal, muchas aplicaciones populares y gratuitas, no están para Windows Phone o fueron retiradas, y cuando son oficiales llegan súper recortadas, básicamente estoy podrido. Los felicito por hacer una aplicación que llene esos espacios, pero tener que buscar dos o tres aplicaciones (pagas en muchos casos) para suplir una que otras plataformas es gratuita, es la norma en WP, y totalmente ridículo.
  • Movie Maker 8.1 can do that, right?
  • Yes
  • Yesss :) But with a dedicated plugin. MM is 100 times bigger, for a super easy and fast video upload, a small single app is more friendly.
  • Got it. Well, hardly I gonna use it, but your support is very welcome! I'll buy it anyway.  Thanks.
  • Rudy had the ability to put this in earlier, this is what happens when you wait until wp10. Good job, we've been asking for this for awhile.
  • Rudy's app was developed in Silverlight. There is an SDK limitation to trim videos so he has to wait until the new universal app is released. They are not in competition. The creator of Movie Maker 8.1 and the creator of 6tag are on good terms and have met each other.
  • That's a app that I was looking for!!! :)
  • This works flawlessly
  • I appreciate the work done by developer but it's sad that we have to pay for something that's supposed to be free( I meant by official instagram app). Maybe if official apps were completely function developers would focus more on "more than necessary" features. Again I appreciate and congratulate developer for his work but apps like this remind me how ignored our platform still is.
  • I don't think it's possible to send Direct Messages. Or is it? Anyway thanks for spending your time developing this app. Much needed for WP users. It would be perfect if this app and Rudy's app joined. It's up to the developers. Waiting for the unlock codes, if I don't get one, I'll buy it for sure :)
  • After encoding, nothing pls
    Lumia 535
  • Have you tried a soft reset ? Works perfectly on 630 (512MB)
  • Very nice app
  • Waiting for unlock code i can't buy
  • Yay! I just discovered DumbSmash (that's the WP app's name) a couple of days ago so now I have a great way to display my "creativity."
  • Must you write graffitti on the walls?
  • In context of, DumbSmash does not upload to Instagram the way that I assume the official Dubsmash app does. No graffiti intended, sir.
  • Grabbing it for on the occasion I upload to Instagram. Thanks Dev.
  • I rarely use instagram and very unlikely to upload vids, but just bought this because happy that it's been made. Thank you
  • Windows: the only platform where you have to use two third party Instagram apps, one paid, to equal the capability of the free official one on iOS. Any 20-something picking up a Lumia and gets a load of that, will drop the phone like a hot potato.
  • Venetasoft+Rudy Huyn Snapchat RIVAL app for WP! Who's with me?
  • Yes i am so happy .
  • Wow this app is so pretty and useful! Grazie, Venetasoft!
    Edit: Unlocked it via the code and rated it 5 stars already. Stellar App.
  • Not working for me on trial. Can't even add a video. I have Lumia 830 on at&t.
  • +1
  • Have you tried with a soft reset ? Please write me at
    I tested with 930, 1520, 1020, 925, 920, 630, 520 ao the app should be quite solid...
  • The + button is not responding on my 830 uk
  • I have the save problem
  • Can you write me at I would like you to enter my beta program to fix this strange issue.
  • I have tried the soft reset. I figured out the problem I have to tap just below around the edges of the plus button.
  • Ok, will do. Thanks.
  • You aren't alone. My 830 doesn't work properly either. I bought the app right away, the + and the check mark just can't be activated worth a damn. I have practically put my finger through the screen. So uninstalled and reinstalled it along with a soft reset and now it wants me to buy it again. Not thrilled actually.
  • feels so good that we are getting all the missing features by some brilliant developers. Way to go !
  • Awesome! ^^
  • Venetasoft makes good apps.
  • Windows store sucks,
    After SD card support, some apps still doesn't allow to install it,
    Lack of official apps on store,
    And the third party apps are having price,
    And the games which windows users are playing now its been played by Android and iOS a years ago,
    That's why windows is always behind iOS and Android.
  • Good job Venetasoft!!! Glad to see a seperate app instead of just the plugin! I hope there is future support to add cropped and wide format video just like the plugin! :)
  • Yes, and not only, I'm adding some new goodies right now :)
  • The publishing process is totally blocked at 0%, then nothing happens... Really don't know what to do, could someone help me please :) ?
  • Please try a soft reset, it could be caused by too  much background activity (on 512MB ram only).
  • All I need is for this app to do video collages and I will be able to get my wife off my back!
  • I'm working on it ;)
  • Free code!!
  • Great app
  • Dang! Wanted this type of app for a loooooonnnnnngggggggg time!
  • Thank you! got it in time =)
  • Thanks for the free unlock code guys! :-)
  • Got if free. Thank you!
  • Nice I got it. Thank you!!
  • I'll gladly take an unlock code. :) Always glad too see dev support.
  • Yoooo... Downloaded..
  • nice
  • If it says error c101a003.does it mean I can't get it?
  • I want it!!!
  • Thanks
  • Oh yes
  • Too fast guys...110 remaining :-o !!!
  • Owned !• !
  • Awesome app!! And thanx for the code guys...u really rock!
  • Got it! :) Thanks WPC!
  • Got it !!!
  • Hello
  • 80 remaining!!!!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Missed it! Dang, I always miss the free codes.    Such a good guy though, giving it away for free. This guy truly cares about Windows Phone and bringing the quality apps to us users. We're lucky to have developers like you.
  • am i too late? haha
  • nah, but i probably just barely got it in  
  • Thanks for the code, great app. Finally able to upload videos to instagram!
  • I can't get it,dumb error code :*(
  • Got it thanks !!!
  • Hurry up :-)
  • Awesome got it free. Thanks Venetasoft & Windowscentral!!!!
  • I'm going back to iPhone •¥•
  • No please, write me I ll give you all the unlock codes you want but don't do it...
  • LOL I want one too .
    Otherwise , I'll move to another platform {sarcasm}
  • Hey guys, I am write a blog about upcoming app developer companies and I would love to write a piece on Venetasoft, whether you guys have an unlock code for me or not. But if you do i won't say no! Thanks Team at Venetasoft!
  • Ive just paid for the app after downloading the trial which never worked. it now tells me to install again and has confirmed I have paid , now it sends me to the buy now screen does not work , should i uninstall and do again or can you email me a code please Thank you 
  • Having problems with this app, I have the full version using the code. Using a Lumia 830. When I hit the "+" to get started nothing happens. Tried closing and re opening and same thing. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Yeah. Me too. L830.
  • Lumia 830 incredibly has an issue with that button...I m publishing a fix, in the meantime, just open the video and select the app from the "share" list ;)
  • Sounds good thanks again!!
  • That doesn't work me either :(
  • Me too. Lumia 830. Maybe it needs real Denim to work! :(
  • If I hit the + a bunch of times it eventually works. Weird.
  • :*(
  • Got it for free. Yay!!!!
  • Got it for free!
  • Also the hamburger button and every other button work properly. Just cant hit the + sign to starr
  • Thank you for the code!!!
  • 42...
  • Hey guys, I cannot get the "+" to upload a video to respond. The hamburger button, and every other button work, except the + to upload. Using a Lumia 830, any ideas?
  • Read two posts up
  • Thanks for your speedy response! Look forward to the update, and glad there is a workaround! Cheers!
  • Hey, just so you know that workaround does not work either as you have to hit a button that looks like a checkmark, where the + is, and am unable. That being said, look forward to the fix, and thanks for the code
  • the entire "circle" is clickable, it works on all other Lumia :O !!!
    A test update is arriving in next hours guys, fixing the white theme issue too.
  • I must be the unlucky one haha tried several times! Nothing seems to respond. Oh well will wait for update! Thanks again
  • Finally able to upload prerecorded videos on Instagram Thnx for the app @ventasoft
    And thnx for the code
  • I want a free code!
  • Just got mine, cheers WPC #doingasolid
  • Got it! I love getting free stuff!
  • Thanks for the free code! Unfortunately that + button doesnt work.
  • 0.... :S
  • It seems an issue that affects Lumia 830 models only (Very strange):
    I'm investigating, I'll publish an update just to see if I found the mistery... In the meantime, just open the video from your phone, then click the "share" menu, and choose "Video Upload to Instagram" from the list.
  • Just missed the code already sold out. Thanks for Venetasoft for your Windows phone support.
  • It effected my 820 also.
  • Awesome. Thanks for code
  • Thank you Windows Central and Venetasoft! Got the app unlocked.
  • Yeeessss!!! I got it! Thanks Windows Central, thank u Daniel!!
  • Thanks to both parties! Unlocked mine :)
  • Damn I don't have any videos on my new 830 to test this out with. Ooh where's my cat? Lol.
  • .
  • Please see previous post about the L830 workaround
  • Yeah I saw that. Thanks.
  • In the meantime, just open the video from your phone, then click the "share" menu, and choose "Video Upload to Instagram" from the list.
  • I won't worry about it though,I'll support you and buy the full version;)
  • very nice app
  • Yes!!!
  • Hmmm..... Video upload sounds good.
  • Free code?
  • Codes? I want a code.
  • That's great about this app! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sold out! :D
  • yup it's sold out
  • Just stumbled upon the article whole resting Code? Whole world won't see this article and get a code some of us in diff time zones and need rest.
  • Awh shit, missed it
  • 199 here?
  • Missed both codes so far the plugin for movie maker previously and this one due to been late! Otherwise I am up to date. Time zone differences.
  • I've already buyed The upload plugin on movie maker 8.1. With this app, i have to purchase again?
  • Hey! Is this free code thing still working?
  • Nope its already finished too quickly. 200 codes is way to less for this forum should of left it open for an hour or something. Theirs millions of us on windows phone.
  • Dang... Missed it, sold out! Awesome looking app though... Love that gyroscope effect on the montage screen! :D
  • Noice! Want!
  • Free code
  • Damn just saw the promotion and I missed the sale f k !
  • Sold out
  • Yes
  • Am I too late??
  • Windows central you are the best thx for the code
  • It's unfair! To let 200 get a code what about the rest of us by the time we get here promo is finished :( No hate ventasoft is great and keeping the OS alive much respect. But the promos are unfair to those who didn't have the time to read updates on wpc.
  • Yeah...I was watching for the article to be updated all day since it was posted, had to go teach a class and come back an hr later and article is updated and all codes used up. :\
  • Ya. Me too feel the same. By the time I read the article after waking up at morning, here in India, all codes were sold out. So what should we do? Make the app free for those who bought movie maker 8.1 from VenetaSoft
  • Lol developers won't understand like I said in previous posts we the only OS users that pay for native app experience. MS must invest in these developers so the app is completely free and pay them. I think MS is going to lose this war, this is not wise. This platform is for those who wanna make some hard cash from us since we huge MS fans. Smh MS knows their is a serious app gap and apps drives the OS. But they will only concentrate on their in house apps
  • Very cool. Think this will be a very useful app.
  • Nice!!!
  • Code please!!!
  • code please! :)
  • Venetasoft. I don't use instragram, but I thank you! Thanks for supporting WP with quality apps.
  • Dont even use instagram, but j downloaded the app. Lol don't plan using it either. Used one of the free codes though ;)
  • Congratulations! People must love you because of this!
  • Missed it.  Good app anyway.
  • I want one!
  • I want one!
  • Not able to upload video stuck in uploading
  • Please try a soft-reset, maybe there is too much bakground activity (I had this issue testing on  L520 too).
  • Any codes still available?
  • "sold out"
  • This was 20 minutes after the article update. Nooooo sold out. My only hope is that venetasoft allow the option to users that bought the movie maker plug in to get this app for free, because here in Venezuela we recently were limited by the government in the use of our credit cards to buy online by a new regulation and I may take me about 8 months to be able to buy stuff online.
  • He does, email him for a code. He gave me one, but this app doesn't work and isn't compatibly for Lumia 720.
  • Will be with next update (new features too !!!)
  • Sold out already. Oh well.
  • Gime gime
  • sold out :( i missed :( that was the best UI i ever saw in an app :( wish it was mine forever :(
  • This is great news!
  • Woo-hoo! Can I get a code too? 
  • Missed it
  • Doesn't let me upload video on my lumia 830 (full denim) tell me to tap on "+" to get started but it looks like that "+" button is gone numb for me..tried re-installation but same issue.
  • Spoke with developer. He is aware of the issue and is on top of it.
  • Update is coming, solved :) !!!
  • Thanks :)
  • Me want
  • UK users just got screwed
  • Yep deffo damn time difference!!
  • Problem to access the Store :(
  • I'm hardly posting videos on IG, so dont really need the feaure but Rudy's work is still my go to app. not changing it.
  • Thank you for this important feedback.
  • I use Movie maker. It does the same
  • Damn, stupid thing wouldn't connect. By the time it did the codes had sold out.
  • Codeeeeee
  • Great
  • waiting for 6tag update for free uploads videos to instagram
  • Code?
  • So I can't get a code, and presumably most of the other 90 users above me? Harsh.
  • See that there was an update on it this morning but it still doesn't work on my 830
  • Wonder when will free upload of videos to instagram will actually be free on windows like the native app lol im still going to wait to see if we get codes smh it is harsh and unfair alotta users have lost out due to time diff and not been able to read the articles on time.
  • Plz got it for free :'(
  • Fantastic, this I'm excited about
  • Sold out... Sigh... :'(
  • Nice to Hear we are answering the questions on our face. . !! Wait world. . We Are Coming. .!
  • This is the mail I've received after complaining for App crashing and draining the battery: " Your phone is the problem my friend...Or Your brain, as u wrote here instead of to My support email.  
    By Venetasoft™.
  • It seems that insulting the customers is easier than solving the problems.
  • the code does not work on my 1520 windows 10 tp when i press Verify nothing happend!!?
  • Cool ! Just make Instagram better.
  • I wont pay for such a feature, that's completely free on the native app on other platforms. Doesn't make sense. It just shows how desperate we users need essential free features on native apps on other platforms but need to invest. At this rate more and more users will jump to Android and IOS. MS you are doing something wrong, rather fund these developers and provide us through them with third party apps that has feature functionality as other platforms. You guys are depending too much on third party app developers that's ripping us off.
  • Let's give it a whirl.
  • Hmmm, I must be too late for a free code.
  • No free code for me
  • I cant get it to work. Does the free trial not let me uploud 10 sec to instagram? i have tried so many times.
  • Hi, I downloaded Movie Maker 8.1. as well as Video Upload to Instagram for my WP and I stil l can't upload videos to IG, I manage to crop them but when I want to finish the edit it just says ''encoding'' and it stays like that forever and nothing really happens, It doesn't even connect me to Instagram! Help!!!
  • OK I love Skype
  • I have installed windows 10 in Lumia 535 everything is working fine but photo editing software like instagram beta unable to run always crash every software of editing....what to do now
  • None of Venetasoft's instagram upload apps have worked for a month or so now. After speaking with the developers, they expected them to be functional again a few days after my report to them. However, that was a month ago.
    All three apps, Video upload for instagram, Movie Maker+ and istagraph are not working for video upload to instagram. They are still for sale in the store, despite being useless.
  • Video Upload to Instagram, no longer works, don't waste your time & money
  • why size of instagram is raising all the time:////
    min usage now about 1G :|||||
  • Why this **** ia not working on lumia 830