Windows Phone web Marketplace marches on with 22 new countries added today

Microsoft may not be dominating in the United Sates or Europe but that isn't stopping them from expanding to the rest of the planet. In their continued expansion of the web Marketplace, which we use everyday, Microsoft has added a healthy chunck of countries to the list.

Twenty-two in all were brought online today, including Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Israel, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ubiquity is the key word here and Microsoft has always been a fan of market saturation. So long as Windows Phone apps and games are available everywhere, developers will be encouraged to create new products and customers will enjoy the convenience.

Launching last September, the Windows Phone web Marketplace has continually and constantly expanded over the last few months, enabling users to browse, purchase and send apps right to their phone without any wires. Recently however, there were some problems as Microsoft makes adjustments to the backend, resulting in some unplanned downtime for customers.

To learn how the web Marketplace works check out Microsoft's tutorial (opens in new tab).

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • And still no Panama... C'mmon, Microsoft!
  • I want to see Bing rolled out to more countries. Microsoft has to be in every country that Apple & Google are.
  • True story!!!
  • And then some.
  • Dying here, waiting for the major update to Facebook 2.5.
  • everyone's waiting for that update
  • They should open markets on the moon too.
  • Troll much?
  • Ok, I am happy that I finaly got the option of having a marketplace in my country (Slovenia), but what good does that do me, if even the most basic of apps (adobe reader, 8track, 6 week training....) aren't available -_-
  • Finally is in Romania... Yooohoo
  • So, I'm from Slovenia and apparently have UK marketplace. Does that mean I can only have Slovene version if i make new hotmail (or xbox live) account and restore my phone, or is there any other way to get it? Anyway, I like UK market because it has xbox LIVE titles, but Slovene market have reviews and stuff prom people in my country ... tough decission here ...
  • UAE? Etisalat and DU have no clue what a WP is? They don't even offer 3g packages for them either.
  • It should be noted you can only buy videos in a handful of countries.
  • Is it me or did they automatically publish my apps to the new markets.
    Last time they opened up the new markets, I went in to update the catalog and had to manually click on each of the new regions. This time I went in and they were all already checked. I still resubmitted them just to be sure, but now I'm curious if I will ever need to worry about having to republish to the new markets or if it will be automated.??
    Anyone know for sure?
  • i remember some news from a few days ago saying that apps will be automatically submitted for you by Microsoft if you agree...