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The Windows Phone Web Marketplace seems to be currently down at the moment resulting in the error page above. The issues started within the hour as a number of readers and Windows Phone Daily pointed out to us, including how our Marketplace web links redirected users to the Zune:// desktop protocol instead of the site.

Ironically, since Microsoft disabled the Zune Desktop Marketplace, this leaves users with little recourse for browsing apps except for their phones.

@WinPhoneSupport said they were looking into the issue and we expect this to be a temporary glitch. Needless to say it's a massive one resulting in many users becoming frustrated.

This is the second outage this week with the last occurring on Saturday night and affecting the phone's Marketplace.

Update: Web Marketplace seems to work if you go through WindowsPhone.com and head to your localized site. Web links still redirect to Zune Desktop

Update 2: Those in the US can use this link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/marketplace?wa=wsignin1.0  Thanks, William

We'll keep you posted.

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