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Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 won't be a major release, but will reportedly add the Start menu

The next Windows RT 8.1 update is just around the corner, along with the release of Windows 10, but already reports are detailing what we can expect to see in Update 3. According to WinBeta sources, the next release for Windows RT won't be a major one, but Microsoft will add the Start menu.

But there's a slight difference between this Start menu and the menu arriving in Windows 10. Those rocking tablets and machines running Windows RT won't enjoy the same Start menu experience as Windows 10 owners. Microsoft will be using the older Start menu from earlier Windows 10 builds. As WinBeta reports:

"I'm told the reason they are backporting that version of the Start Menu instead of the newer menu is because the DirectUI Start Menu was built on Windows 8.1 code and is not using any new API's, whereas the Start Menu found on the Windows 10 RTM is built using XAML and is utilizing a number of new Windows 10 specific API's."

It's also believed Microsoft will not be implementing windowed-mode to Windows RT. Modern apps will still open in full-screen mode, leaving desktop apps on the main plane. Other features like Continuum and the Universal App Platform also are not expected to arrive in Update 3. So while there's nothing major that is believed to be coming to Windows RT, we're sure the new Start menu addition will be a welcomed one indeed.

The update for Windows RT is expected to be out later this year, but things can change. We'll be sure to let you all know once it goes live.

Source: WinBeta

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Still something.
  • so how many really bought RT ? 100 ?
  • Me. >_
  • I did, it does everything I could want on a tablet
  • I love mine.
  • I did as well. More poweful than an iPad, which is somehow quite popular. Plus the battery life is at least 3 to 4 times better on my Lumia 2520 than on a Surface Pro 3. 
  • More powerful? The list of things you can do in Windows RT is very short compared to iPad. It isn't even a contest. Overall, the iPad is much more useful since it has an actual app store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What the crap are you talking about..
  • He just seem to never used a single RT device, surface especially. Multi windowed interface, usb port, office out of the box, file manager, he doesn't know about that all.
  • Considering that most people use the same handful of apps over and over, that's not saying much. The Lumia 2520 is a business tablet. The iPad is for surfing and playing.
  • Still use mine everyday.  Great consumption device.
  • Seven people in my family have the original Surface RT.
  • Me
  • I bought the Surface 2 and use it daily. More so then my laptop.
  • I bought the Surface 2 when it cost only 300€. I gave it to my mom, now that I got the SP3.
  • I did, I wanted a tablet, not a laptop replacement (she Pros are x2 the price almost). I still love my Surface 2. Like everyone else, as long as we have compatibility of new Win10 apps, we are good.
  • Based on the article, you won't have compatibility with the new Win10 apps.
  • who knows since MS is being quite vague with their plans with RTs. When Win10 was annouced a few months back, everyone including WC was saying there were won't be any updates for RTs...which caused an uproar. Here's to hoping more info continues to come in...
  • I bought it and love it
  • I have two, an RT one and a Surface 2, I would have bought more for my relatives if they were available locally.
  • I have one. Honestly works for pretty much everything I'd want to do with it.
  • We have 4 Surface RT's at home (one is a Surface 2, and the other three are Surface RT). We love them, we use them every day. I use it as a media consumption device and TeamViewer hub for remote access to my desktop PC and my sisters use them for homework and Netflix.
  • Me too, I bought a Surface RT and then purchased a Surface 2 shortly after it launched.
    One of the reasons I felt comfortable doing so, was because Microsoft spears to be doubling down on RT and I purchased these items for not only what they could do, but for their potential.
  • Microsoft is killing RT! What do you mean doubling down? Did you forget the /s? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 4 Surface 2s have been acquired due to my recommendations. I find your sarcasm unneeded and lame.
  • I have a Surface 2, use it every day for several hours.   for consumption, for writing a lot of things, for doing research, reading blogs, pdfs and ebooks. use it for surfing the web without having to use the dumb mobile versions from the websites...use it for watching movies and series by connecting it to my tv through the mini-hdmi-connection. doesn't matter if netflix or streaming from possible way of getting a virus...using all of my harddrives (network and usb 3.0) for my work and research, but also all of my usb devices. use it for scanning (connect the scanner through the usb port...ready to go) or commecting it to my dslr (again...usb)... all in all: i love my surface 2 and hope to use it for as long as possible.... even though I would switch to a w10 device someday (surface 4?), I will miss being safe when doing stuff on my surface...   an incredible device... I sure hope we willget the universal apps...  
  • Device is great, indeed. Me and several people bought them after my recommendations, and now MS wants to repeat that trick with WP7 -> WP8. I remember that "you will get the experience of WP8 on your legacy WP7 devices". I still cant explain my mom what happened to her Lumia 710 so she cant use Skype anymore. If they do same to RT, I swear, many people that I know will loose faith and say "hey MS, go get the experience of my money instead of my actual money, I'm switching to apple, bye"
  • Never tried to eat it but still using it every day.
  • still i was hoping for edge and an api update so we could use the universal apps. the way it is now us early adopters of the surface/2 will not be able to profit from the new system at all. i get why they abandon the arm surfaces still it is disappointing. i would have loved to get a few more years of use out of my surface2 but i want to play around with new apps and it is obvious there wont be any of those coming to this now officially dead system.   alternatively i had hoped we get the option to install wp10 ... even if it is optimized for 8" devices. at least this way we would get to use the new appstore.
  • Ya, the new appstore would've been neat.
  • I have 2 rt and Surface 2 and they're awesome ...well for everything else I got my laptop
  • They really should prioritize W10 Mobile development.
  • I think they have a separate team for mobile, however I understand why they are more focusing on the Win10 release/RT Update as they have a release date which is very soon, so they will be making sure everything is ready and up to scratch for the consumers. Win10Mobile is still without a official deadline so I guess it makes sense to finish one thing before devoting most of their attention on Mobile. Ik what u mean thou :)
  • @unknownguns not exactly, it is one collective unit per say. However it's more efficient to get projects with least amount of code hours released first before solely focusing on a major release for another platform. Plus mobile is almost completely based of the desktop o/s now.
  • Give it a few weeks. That being said, the latest update runs great on my 640, so I'm pretty happy with how it's progressing.
  • I think it's terrible, I understand it's an alpha release but still, there is no way I could use it everyday. There is so much missing from 8.1, hopefully they polish it up soon.
  • I use it every day. I love it. Nothing is missing, it just has the occasional random reboot and battery drain is crazy
  • It is absolutely, positively terrible on an 810 and 521. It literally takes 30 seconds to a full minute to open basic apps like the store on the 521. And yes, I've done a full reinstall from scratch on them. Its waaaay laggier than the laggiest Androids I've ever used, and one handed usage is now worse than Android.
  • The latest release is pretty great, I use it on my daily driver. Lumia icon.
  • I just had to reset my phone because it wouldn't download any apps.
  • The lack of the UAP in Update 3 is really going to be a bummer for a lot of people.
  • Yep. If they can implement this in ARM based smartphones, it shouldn't be that difficult to implement in ARM based tablets.
  • Yes exactly. I have a surface RT and I was just waiting for the support for the new store and Universal apps. Really the start screen is the most useless thing they could add to win RT... Stupid me of buying a first generation MS product. Never again. They are simply the worse when dealing with the only people that actually believe in their products.
  • I keep getting played on 1st gen Microsoft anything, butforsome reason keep going back
  • Can't wait to see the first Windows 10 Mobile ports for these RT Tablets!
  • Maybe XDA guys are working with it.
  • Nah. Security needs to be bypassed, and there's just no interest.
  • Welcomed..? Pfft, not really tbh.
    I'd prefer having Windows 10 Mobile as the update instead.
  • Different things
  • Windows 10 is coming on July 29, download that.
  • Oops they deleted the comment I was replying to
  • Guessing you're talking about updating RT to win10? I don't think its possible. Or Microsoft would have said it was. Its why they said that RT wont be compatible with the Windows 10. Maybe its bcus of the different hardware(?) but I highly doubt its possible.
  • I bet there will be a rom of Windows 10 mobile and people will try to install it on rt devices
  • I was hoping for support of the new version of universal apps ... Uh well, at least we are not losing the desktop like previous rumors indicated
  • Another Microsoft product I have bought that is being dragged to an way to early finish line.
  • You shoulda waited. I loved my rt but the new surface 3 and surface 3 pros eliminate the need for an RT tablet. It was a failed experiment.
  • That's a cop out. They have to stop bailing on everything. It would have been fine if those that wanted a laptop replacement and not a tablet, had just STFU and bought a Pro. Those idiots didn't understand the difference and their non stop crying about stuff that was apparently out of their pay grade, was the only real problem. If I want a top end sports car, I don't compare a Corvette and an Impala and bitch that the Impala is underpowered and should be discontinued because it can't keep up with Porshes and Ferraris.
  • You really think that RT failed because of bad press? Even as a tablet the people's complaint was lack of apps.  If RT was as good as people made it out to be, it wouldn't have been such a massive disaster.
  • You're right, it was due to the lack of apps which is still the issue today for S3 & SP3. Without proper modern apps the tablet experience on SP3 is far from IOS and Android, even worse with Windows 10 tablet mode. No signs of this getting better either.
  • Telling someone in hindsight to wait several years for the third generation of a product is not particularly helpful advice.. The 'experiment' failed based on the fact that Microsoft just couldn't attract companies and developers to make apps for Windows 8. The system itself was very good, but it relied on a quickly growing and high-quality selection of metro apps to sustain it.
    I feel next to nobody has bought a Surface Pro 1-3 or Surface 3 because they wanted to use Windows apps. There aren't really any worthy of note that are better than what Android and iOS has to offer.
  • Lucky... I loved that version of the Start Menu...
  • It's dead, Jim.
  • Glad I upgraded to Surface 3. Though I don't understand how hard would it be to implement UAP since it will be on smartphones
  • It seems hard to develop for a multitude of arm devices. It's why you see MS phones using only a few types of processors in the phone sphere. It's not like x86 where all the processors are essentially supported. Another example is looking at the raspberry pi 2 having win 10 support, but no other devices, even if they use the same arm v7 architectures.
  • In my opinion, I think Microsoft can do anything they want if they *really* want to. They don't want to support their customers that bought their RT products. End of story.
  • The price for being an early adopter of Microsoft hardware, I suppose.
  • Sounds just like Windows Phone 7.8. You get the new Start experience... And nothing else.
  • Yeah and how many people would know the difference between this and full win 10? I'm talking regular user's here.
  • Except you're not even getting the new Start experience here. Ask they're adding is the *old* Start menu, which means that from the desktop, it's going to be even harder to get back to the Start screen where ask your live tiles reside. For me, the biggest disappointment is no universal apps. Which effectively means that even for apps that are available on RT, we won't see much more in the way of updates, since I imagine that most developers will start converting to universal apps (if they haven't already), resulting in an accelerated demise of these otherwise very capable devices. (I can't believe I'm getting all emotional, hearing distant echoes of the original Surface "click" advertisements).
  • You know, with all this buzz about the Windows 10 UAP, I'm not sure what's so special about it actually. This isn't Microsoft's first foray into universal apps. In fact, they've already done it quite succesfully in the past. My high school graduation project back in 2011 was all about Microsoft's "Universal App Platform". Of course back then it wasn't called UAP, it was called XNA and to a more limited extent, Silverlight. For my project, I demonstrated a single app as well as a single game, both built on XNA, running universally across the PC, Xbox 360, Zune HD, and Windows Phone 7. Basically all of Microsoft's major platforms at the time. Little to no modifications were required between devices. Silverlight, while not as prevelant across platforms as XNA was, also worked well across platforms. I just don't understand why Microsoft abandoned these platforms instead of building on them.   Windows Phone 7 could've easily lived on longer, even after the 7.8 update, if Microsoft had continued the Silverlight or XNA platforms and made them the basis of the new UAP. That would mean Windows Phone 7 apps would be universal.
  • Because Silverlight = C# + managed code = dev division, all the other crap Windows and Office divisions = C++ mafia.
  • Yeah... Very similar.
  • Windows phone 7 situation all over!
  • Sold my Surface 2 about 6 months ago. Seller's remorse? Now dropped to 0%
  • So instead of giving us something usefull like W10 App compatibility they rather repead the whole WP 7.8 fiasco again. Who cares about the fucking start menu if you can't run new apps.
  • Except this time I learned. I'm done buying Windows Phone, Windows tablets-- all of it. I've been burned one too many times by Microsoft abandonware, and I no longer feel comfortable recommending Windows devices to others who used to come to me for it. They just keep screwing over and ignoring the (few remaining) people who actually still supported them. Now I understand why people are looking to Apple and Google for their computing needs.
  • Ok, so Surface RT released October 2012 and receiving an update later this year - call that approx 3 years of software upgrades iPad 1 released April 2010 and stopped at iOS 5 last updated May 2012 - 2 years 1 month. Go ride that Apple train into bankruptcy and take your misplaced hate with you.
  • iPad 2 - March 2011. iOS 9 will be released in fall of 2015 and will run on the iPad 2 - with an optimized build for that device no less. 4 years seven months if the normal October release date continues. That's a real release that actually keeps the machine's API support up to date. Not too shabby!
  • Yeah, and more people bought the iPad 2 than all Windows tablets combined so it will actually be put to use! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why bother.  The Start Menu would be low on a priority list for RT users.  If there is one thing they should add it would be the Universal App Platform.  If they can't do that in the current state of RT, they should be working to get Windows 10 Mobile onto RT devices.
  • this. a windows tablet without any programms is useless (no .exe and no new apps) also the old ones wont be updated etc...  
  • RT was a good plan, but it didn't work because it wasn't released on Windows 10 era. with universal apps and all. But there was no benefit in price and performace compared to intel. at least RT users are getting something but this OS should be forgotten and just move on. it doesn't even have many reasons so just like WP7.8 this should be ok, but it's nothing but a small update that doesn't compare to the real thing
  • I'm always a little fuzzy on what is firmware vs software specific and how that works with carriers. Does anybody have any insight into how this will be handled with the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablets that are on Verizon? Is this an example of something Verizon could or will sit on and not release, or is this something that bypasses carrier approval?
  • Sad thing. Win 10 can run on ARM CPU so it should be possible to install it on Surface 1,2. But if they do that, you will hear again that tech reporters are so confused with it, because it can not run x86 applicaiton. It looks like it's easier to pretend that win10 can not run on ARM tablet then to put some sense into tech reporters. Maybe, one day, when reporters get used to the idea that Win10 ARM phone can run universal application but can not run x86 application and that there is nothing confusing about it, M$ will be brave enough to give Win10 love to ARM tablets...
  •   no universal apps, or no windows 10 mobile apps = dead i though the surface 2 would be useful :(  
  • If the Start menu is the only thing they want to add I don't understand why they even bother to do an update. At this point they could let users decide if they want to stay on 8.1 with the current features (but with a dead OS) or if they want to update to W10 Mobile losing some functionality (desktop, full Office, multiuser, etcetera). I wonder if they can opt for this solution if they receive enough feedback. If the rumor is true, which I fear, there's no point in staying silent hoping for an update that includes Universal Apps.
  • What Microsoft should do is issue all Windows RT tablets the same Windows 10 mobile OS used on Windows 10 smart phones. The only diference would be they would not get a phone dialing system to make calls but could used all the Windows 10 mobile Apps including the new Windows apps AKA "Universal Apps. in this case The Rt Tablets would be unable to run their old apps but will run all Windows 10 phones apps. The Windows RT OS was a bad choice anyway. All Windows RT tablets and Windows smart phones use ARM's CPU's there fore from the very beginnig all Microsoft ARM's CPU devices should have used the Windows 8 smart phone OS except the ARM's CPU Tablets wound not be able make phones calls.   
  • I still don't get it. Why can't they port the mobile Version of Windows 10 for the tablets? Thy have continuum for phones, so that would be the perfect solution for RT tablets.
  • Because RT failed so badly they don't want to waste any more money on it.
  • So, they think they can save a few bucks. In exchange for quite a lot of upset users we can firmly book as early adopters or MS enthusiasts. Because they cannot afford testing W10M on a Surface?! While downplaying their competition as "scrooglers"? I come to think, this company is seriously in trouble.
  • Dozens of upset users. If you don't remember, sales of RT was abysmal. The write down was even larger than the recent Windows Phone write down. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • continnuum for phones is not supported by old hardware. None of the currently existing windows phones are even getting it.
  • That's right, but that's because they don't support Miracast or MHI. On a RT Tablet this won't be the problem, they just need to adapt it a bit.
  • I'm amazed that the RT devices aren't just getting Windows Mobile with the phone app removed.  Most of them have a resolution that matches the 930/1520.  It seems like that would be easier and keep previous purchases from getting upset.  Let's hope they simply remove the restrictions to install other OS's, and someone figures out how to get Winmo 10 running on their.
  • Not sure the start menu is needed for Windows RT... But we'll see what Microsoft has up their sleeves :)
  • Hopefully by the end of the year Microsoft will be finished with Windows 10 Mobile and update all RT devices. They need to make it clear what their plans are. This is a disappointment for early adopters.
  • Still something but disappointed with my Surface 2 left in d cold
  • There is very little technical reason that Microsoft can not be some version of Win 10 mobile on RT devices when it ships  I have no doubt Microsoft made a deal with Intel that created this arbitrary 7.9 inch ARM restriction.   FYI.....Microsoft should at least get the RT devices out of their bigger retailers.  Surface 2 still in some Best Buy stores, and with non technical consuerms mixed with employees who are are going to have people getting screwed.  It is $30 bucks off Lumia 900, Surface........  
  • seeing as phones adapt to screen size you would have hoped for the "tablet mode" of windows 10 to be ported to RT, with no desk top. Cortana would have been nice with univerisal apps!   gutted my 2520 will never see another update and probably no support either! what a waste! not even edge browser? i hate IE on the 2520! so slow!
  • Why bother? I had two RTs (sold recently) and still have a Surface 2 that my daughter currently uses. The current start screen is perfectly suited for it. Seems like they're just going to introduce new potential problems with no added value.
  • How did you sell your RT? I'm looking to sell mine when I upgrade to either Surface Pro 3 or Pro 4.
  • Well that sucks... So much for spending $800+ when the RT first came out. I purchased RT to help support Microsoft, now they return the favor giving me a whopping $100 credit towards a new one and now, giving me a start menu...
  • I bought the original RT from Microsoft to be future proof... And I still don't get it - it seems that no technical restriction is in place that would prevent Windows 10. If there is one and Microsoft says it I'll stop complaining.​
  • The original RT was far from future proof. The original PRO (which I still use) however, is. The RT could never run desktop was doomed from the start
  • Tell ya something... A lot of tablets cannot run desktop apps, including the iPad.
  • Yes, the whole point for me buying RT was the lack of the "old" architechture. As the promotion at that time was it is the new way to go for programs. And as it was directly from Microsoft I did think they will support it - especially after Win Phone 7.8. And still I see Win 10 Mobile technical capable...
  • It does slightly puzzle me how Windows 10 can run on a Raspberry Pi and apparently the new MS Band 2, yet not on a RT device which will/can be a fair bit more powerful. Then again, I'm no tech expert (quite the opposite, so please be gentle, everyone) and it could very well be the way that Windows 10 is built just won't work on the hardware RT devices use, that sounds like it'd be a likely explanation. But this is the company that managed to put backwards compatibility on Xbox One by designing an emulator from scratch - however I suppose it's not quite worth the cost, as nobody sells RT devices any more.
  • My assumtion is cost as well - but as a bonus for early adopters and avoidance of Win Phone 7.8 v2 I thought they make an effort. I still hope for something as backwards compatability of xBox 360 on xBox One - they had difficulties and brought it when its ready. But that chance is very low. But I am not an technical expert.
  • Those are exactly my thoughts.
  • Wow, sounds like they really are killing it. What a bummer.
  • We need EDGE
  • That's the only thing I really wanted on RT. The Start menu is pointless on an RT tablet since it would likely be used in full screen mode most of the time anyway. Edge would make much more sense.
  • Start menu on RT? ROFLMAO. It needs Universal apps to keep it usable.
  • the same thing as with wp 7.8. start menu and...that was it. what to say, thanks MS for another blow in the head with my surface 2! It's the last tablet I'll ever buy from MS. I don't trust them anymore.
  • That's kind of disappointing.  I was hoping RT would be getting the Edge browser.  You would assume they are going to have to update RT's music and movie apps though to keep up with the new name changes. 
  • Awesome, a fake version of Windows 10, just what I always wanted! So much for 'One' platform. Anyways, hopefully there will be a nice new esd file released with all the updates in it. :)
  • ROTFLMAO.   Reminds me of how they managed Windows Phone 7 when Windows Phone 8 dropped. Upgraded us to 7.8 and had us standing around talking about, '...seriously?'   lol.
  • Amazed that no one has mentioned it. But the 10 start menu is a SERIOUS nerf of what we have now. I've already disabled Windows update on one of our RTs. Time to hit the other one.
  • *serious buff
  • Wow. A start menu. That's like, the one feature that no one wanted on RT...
  • So just a tiny desktop with weird start menu for apps (which will apparently not include universal apps)? How is this better?
  • if windows 10 supports ARM based devices why Microsoft dasn't let the Windows RT users to BUY the full version of  windows 10 and let them to install it as an update ?
  • I can't find features in win10 that would enhance my experience with Surface RT. It still have lifetime full Office license, few games that I love, and teamviewer and remote desktop when I need to do real work on my pc/servers. It's still the "PC" that goes with me everywhere.
  • Edge. Period.
  • I capture screen and make notes with freshpaint or OneNote. Any other particular reason to use edge?
  • Edge could be useful in desktop mode, for modern real browser experience nothing else than ie.
    I'll love to have Cortana.
  • I created this Uservoice suggestion about letting user choose whether they want to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile or not.
    I think it's a reasonable solution for this problem and maybe if we send enough feedback they could hear us.
  • I voted ;)
  • Cool. I voted too!
  • Not too much concerned about a start menu as much as making Office touch friendly on RT. Office is not as useful beyond opening existing Word docs for reading.
  • Maybe for you, for me is perfect when used attached to the type cover, editing documents in a touch screen is just for spelling corrections.
  • All I cared about getting was the new Edge Browser. Wow, not even that. Well, no more Surface's for me. Not going to go through this again. My Windows phone is 2 1/2 years old and there still isn't anything better to replace it with. Looks like it's time to return to Apple.
  • Mine is about as old. What phone do you have?
  • Surface 2 here and just bought a Surface 3 128GB, but I love my Surface 2 it's virus free that's what I love about it.
  • I never worry about those in my surface, perfect to scan USB flash drives infected.
  • The x86 virus bonus was exaclty one of the reasons for me to buy surface RT.
  • Oh
  • Why don't they just put windows 10 mobile on the surface rt. It will be much better and I think hardware is compatible and powerful enough to run the continuum features on windows mobile
  • But Start Screen in Windows 8.1 was great. Of all the things on Windows 10 I would liked on Windows RT the new start menu isn't one of them. I still find more enjoyable the tablet experience on Windows 8.1 than on Windows 10.
  • Same hear.
  • +929
  • I still prefer windows 8.1 start screen to windows 10 full screen start menu. I really don't know why people are against it. It is really beautiful.
  • For me they should rather push Windows 10 Mobile for tablets for RT devices. At least this will give transition users to Windows 10 Mobile and along with new features like Cortana, Action Center, Continuum, Microsoft Edge and new Universal App (Win10 API). With this also we can give a proper and better goodbye to RT, not leaving RT users a bad taste especially for those who unfortunately recently bought one.
  • Let me get this straight. The hobbled desktop is what killed RT, and now they want to give us an obsolete start menu, the purpose of which is to launch desktop apps that RT can't even run? Why? This is like a kick in the face for early adopters, who never cared about the start menu to begin with. I'm over the desktop. I'd much rather have Windows 10 mobile with Cortana and universal touch-based apps on my 1st gen Surface, which btw I loved so much it prompted me to buy my first Windows phone. I guess Microsoft doesn't care about word of mouth from early adopters.
  • IMO I believe that Windows 10 mobile isn't the solution, we would lose full office, charm bar, and the fastest task switcher ever, as a user of both Windows phone 8.1 and Windows RT, Windows 10 mobile in the surface would be an infamous downgrade to the device. And remember Windows 10 mobile is made to be use portrait most of the time.
  • Sad news. I had a Surface RT and it was a pretty good device. Sometimes a bit slow, but it did everything I needed.
    Start menu instead of start screen on RT devices. What good for. That would be a useless feature. The new universal apps would have been great.
    Anyway, I upgraded to a SP3, because of Windows 10 and more speed.
    But still bad news for those who still have one of those devices.
  • This isn't the update they have talked about. This is an incremental update while they are still working on the bigger update coming later
  • I wish
  • Dreaming is good.
  • Mine does what I want it to do, and the upgraded start will be appreciated as that IMHO is the biggest bug a boo. I use my W7 soon to be W10 laptop for the ehavy lifting.
  • If Windows 10 succeed, Microsoft would have an empty space in their products catalog, ARM based tablets, the ones that have better battery life than x86. So shortly after that they will start a new ARM tablet project again with all the advantages of Windows 10, but they'll find out they gonna have a really big image problem ( again like the ones they had back in 2006 ), just that this time power users won't support them since they have seen the origin of the problem and beating for a third time on Microsoft ( Windows phone 7 was the first time ) would be too risky, and there is where one of their most dubbed department would have to fight to make it big -that would be a surprise- or go home with a tough lose forever, marketing.
    The new CEO likes to have a backup plan and the full ARM based Windows must be in their mind, I know business must get revenues, but a long term investment can give a lot more than expected, and as I started saying it could avoid a big problem in the future.
  • Still don't get why they don't just install windows 10 mobile on rt tablets. They're arm devices so it should run fine and would extend the life of them. It's so dumb to abandon them when a perfectly good operating system should he compatible.
  • I disagree, full desktop capabilities is a win even if people just use it for office, but wait...
    Isn't office one of their most successful product???
    It is, mobile apps, doesn't match the actual office on Windows RT.
    I'm just a happy surface user saying that I don't like that kind of "update"
  • The new mobile office apps are great!
  • Why do all people on RT not upgrade to S3?
  • seriously lol? not everyone can afford to do this on a whim. i paid full retail for my S2-so im not in a hurry to spend £500 plus on something new after such a short time. hey your car is slow... "so why dont you just buy a porche?"  furthermore,  ms's own upgrade offer is woeful and not even avaiable in the majority of territories like here in the UK. its not an option.
  • So, it is going to be like Windows phone 7.8 :/
  • So, no updated app store,  no universal apps, The touch controls going away from W10,   hmmmm,  buh by windows/microsoft.   Back to android for me.   I am prbably going to be going with chromebooks/desktop as well.   At least they have touch controls.     WOW,  NOT what I was expecting to hear.   Take everything that was awesome in WIN8 and remove it.   RT is dead,  I am guessing in a year,  W10 mobile is going to be dead,  no developers are going to go crazy over it,  and No touch for touch devices on w10.....way to go MS.
  • So RT tablets cant upgrade to Windows 10. OMG look at all those devices you ditched Microsoft. But I really dont blame them for this one. As x86 processors get more and more efficient, ARM hybrid devices will have to go someday, it's just sooner than I expected.
  • This is only 8.1 Update 3. There's still plenty of time for MS to give RT the Windows 10 Mobile update later this year. Not getting my hopes up but they should do it!!!
  • I also havew and still use a Surface RT. I bought it before the Surface Pro came out. I thoiught I knew what I was getting into but looking back I will also never buy a 1st generation MS product again. Ive been looking at Surface Pro 3 tablets as an upgrade but now with the news about the Surface 4 with similalir pricing...Ill wait.
  • If true it's really crappy :-/ I had hoped for at least Universal apps support... Same story as WP7.8. My Lumia 800, Surface RT and Surface 2... All abandoned by MS. That's one of the reasons I'm now abandoning Windows Phone/Mobile, I got burnt too many times. What's next to be axed? The Band? MS really has a bad history with anything but x86 and x86-64 :-S
  • Windows 10 runs on arm processors so why not on surface rt and 2 rt. Makes little sense.
  • Once again, Microsoft is shamefully abandoning one of its products. Released in late 2013, the Surface 2 RT (and I don't forget the ones who got the original one or the Nokia 2520) won't see universal apps support in the upcoming update. Rather, Microsoft has kindly decided to offer us a outdated and useless start menu, how great is that? That's beautiful, thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. I am tired of Microsoft, tired of their lack of commitment. Yes, Windows RT was not a great success, however, the Surface 2 was still being produced and sold a few months ago. Now? Well, this is the end. Without support for Universal Apps, the device is doomed and soon to be forgotten; exactly what happened with Windows 7.8, you know the useless update? Because, yes, this is not the first time. Back in the days, I also purchased a Zune HD. Good device, that's for sure. But well, Microsoft also decided to get rid of it as soon as it could. I am glad I decided to buy a Moto X to replace my HTC 8X a few days ago. I have absolutely no faith in Microsoft anymore: no commitment, no support. My next tablet will be an Android one.
  • agreed.  I am jumping ship for google products.   I don't care about google knowing my whereabouts.  Big Deal.  At least they support their previous systems.  I can still use my two galaxy phones from 3 years ago perfectly,  and load apps desgined now for them.   Not so with windows,  what few apps are available.   DONE.   I guess  chromebook pixel is my next laptop.
  • I am sure the situation will get better for the Windows store thanks to the Universal App program. Reason why it is even more disappointing to see MS depriving us, loyal users, from a key update. In a few months, how many developers will remain committed to the previous store? No one, which means my tablet will be obsolete and useless. And I bought it not even a year ago for 300 euros. Well, thank you. Now, take the Xbox One. It's being outsold by the PS4. Should I get one? Hell, no. I don't want to buy a product knowing its manufacturer is nowhere close from being committed.
  • Edge. Cortana. Universal apps.
  • Let me guess. The start menu from kernel 6.4?
  • Glad I never got RT and went with full Windows.
  • I bought my wife and I asus vivotab RTs.  I knew the limitations of RT,  as in,  you cannot use EXE programs on it.  BUT,  The speed, battery life, and overall functionality of these tablets are awesome.   Now,  knowing we are probably not going to be able to take advantage of the new app store,  and loose side/top/bottom swipe.....just plain sucks.   WTF is MS thinking?  I think RT products after the intial RT surface sold well.   More than people think.   These tablets are way ahead of apple's ipad in terms of overall useage and user experience.   I have to hang on and see what happens,  but if no universal apps,  and  if W10 looses all the swipe fucntions,  then I am gone.  
  • This is super dumb. I don't know why they are spending time on this versus just offering the ARM version of windows 10 as an option. If people don't want it then they don't get it. Theres no perceivable reason this thing cant run win10.