Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 won't be a major release, but will reportedly add the Start menu

The next Windows RT 8.1 update is just around the corner, along with the release of Windows 10, but already reports are detailing what we can expect to see in Update 3. According to WinBeta sources, the next release for Windows RT won't be a major one, but Microsoft will add the Start menu.

But there's a slight difference between this Start menu and the menu arriving in Windows 10. Those rocking tablets and machines running Windows RT won't enjoy the same Start menu experience as Windows 10 owners. Microsoft will be using the older Start menu from earlier Windows 10 builds. As WinBeta reports:

"I'm told the reason they are backporting that version of the Start Menu instead of the newer menu is because the DirectUI Start Menu was built on Windows 8.1 code and is not using any new API's, whereas the Start Menu found on the Windows 10 RTM is built using XAML and is utilizing a number of new Windows 10 specific API's."

It's also believed Microsoft will not be implementing windowed-mode to Windows RT. Modern apps will still open in full-screen mode, leaving desktop apps on the main plane. Other features like Continuum and the Universal App Platform also are not expected to arrive in Update 3. So while there's nothing major that is believed to be coming to Windows RT, we're sure the new Start menu addition will be a welcomed one indeed.

The update for Windows RT is expected to be out later this year, but things can change. We'll be sure to let you all know once it goes live.

Source: WinBeta

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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