The Windows Store can now find and delete spam reviews of apps

Microsoft has added a number of features to the Windows Store specifically for app developers who want to fight false or abusive reviews of their apps.

The official Windows Dev Feedback UserVoice page included a topic raised by developers asking Microsoft to put in features that would help them deal with those kinds of abusive reviews. This week, Microsoft confirmed it has now taken action on some of those suggestions:

"Several features in this request are now live including 1) respond to review, 2) public response to reviews, 3) escalate to support which in a few cases can delete the comment if it violates the policy, 4) technology to detect and remove a large majority of the spam reviews, and 5) how helpful is a comment."

Microsoft has yet to comment on the specifics behind the technology it is using to find and delete spam reviews in the store.

Source: Microsoft; Via: WMPU

John Callaham